My First BlogPost, or My Life Making Monsters

25_15Minutes_McCollumKS_Zombies-2     261720_145632625512733_7621210_n

…So it seems that I’ve been found…well, I wasn’t really hiding, in fact there’s a good chance you followed some sort of link, quite probably one that I left…and you came anyway?..then you’re mine! No good trying to get away, I’m quite in need of the extra parts, ALL THE TIME! You see, I’m a monster maker, and parts are always shrinking, not fitting properly, and sometimes, well, just smell off, so it’s good you’re here, like I said, I always need extras… Oh yea, I’m KreepyKim, and, as you can see, I make zombies.

1011120711     166734_4283022562507_564870400_n     My beautiful picture

Zombies aren’t the only thing I make, as you can see, but I have made more than 200 of them…how many are in an apocalypse?  These are some of my favorite works, but I love all my spawn, so I can’t really label one as my favorite, but if I did, it would be…

Image1037     Image1026     Image1027

MEDUSA! I love her! I ‘d wanted to make one for awhile, but just hadn’t had any call for one, AND in my head she was always like 5’ tall, and that’s juuuuuuust a bit too big…however a friend asked me to make one for his daughter’s birthday, and I happily complied…   Now as I said, I love all my spawn equally, and it’s true. I know a spawn is about done, when I love it so much I start to regret having to send it away….

Now you’re probably noticing that I don’t have anything cutesy…that is true. While I do occasionally make bugs or non-zombie dolls, most are monsters. I’ve loved monsters since I was a child for sure (Frankenstein’s monster saved me from a burning building in a dream when I was 5!)  I will always route for the (non-human) monster, he’s always misunderstood, it’s rarely his fault, and no one’s invited him to their birthday parties or swim parties  or to be a camp counselor at the lake, or even gone out and asked “why?”  By this time you should also have gotten that I like horror. I almost exclusively read horror, with a good side of sci-fi, and my favorite movies are the same. I watch horror flicks I’ve seen while I make the spawn, it infuses me, and them, with the right feelings. If there is a movie about or with the spawn I’m making, then I will watch it at least once. I also love dark, horror art, surreal art, creepy art…yea, by now you get it…I like creepy. From time to time I will be sharing the work of others, I”ve been trying to do that in a big way this year, promote my friends who are independent artists… they are the ones who benefit directly from the purchase of their creations…

So here’s  how it all started:  A friend gave me a book, Creepy Cute Crochet, and it was understood I might be making some gifts, creepy amigurumi dolls for my friends…which was cool. The dolls in the book are death, and zombies, and some other sweet monsters, all with the rounded weeble bottoms, and all quite cute. I made a couple, not quite like the example, but I don’t like to follow patterns to a T, I never like it… (Small aside, I don’t make my spawn from patterns, and don’t have patterns for them. I have some general #s I use for creating some of my “garden variety” zombies, but every one of them is one of a kind. Even the spawn I’ve created more than once, the Grinch, the Frankenstein’s monster, or Victor Crowley, were all created with general #s to start with, but I don’t remember the exact one, on purpose. I’ve had folks tell me I should put out a pattern…maybe, but what I’ve been thinking is more along the lines of teaching folks to do what I do…but I digresss)

I decided that since my dolls weren’t exactly like the ones in the book, I might be able to branch out. It was at this time a friend asked me to create zombies from Left4Dead for his fiance, for Valentine’s Day…because nothing says I love you like undeath…


So I made these guys, and another pair of zombies, of a friend and her husband for his desk at his new job, also for Valentine’s… and then I had a few requests for zombies… AND then a vendor who was going to ZombieCon in Seattle in 2011 wanted to buy some and sell them… And things kept snowballing, and going and the spawn have  evolved some, and folks asked me to make other things, zombie care bears, zombies of their daughters and girlfriends and children, AND CATS!


I’ve made 3 zombie cats, that lego is mostly for size, and yes, the zombie legos are the same size as regular ones, so Zombie Kitty is a bit over 2″ tall…there are also Zombie Moose in the world, the Phantom of the Opera, Sam from Trick r Treat, other monsters,  and


…oh yea, Charles Manson… I work from pictures, when I’m making a doll of a person, so I had this giant picture of Charlie’s face on my computer screen, with the crazy eyes, staring at me for like a week…yea he was fun to make too… I put a feather boa on him and he felt fancy.., and did a little dance… the spawn like to perform…

Yea, I know, you have that funny look on your face, “Spawn like to perform?”  They do!  Most of my spawn have wire armatures, so they can pose, and that coupled with the movies and ambiance playing and… the “special” components used to make the spawn…well, when you’ve got one, and you leave it sitting on the shelf or table, you swear  that you left them a certain way, but they’re NOT QUITE as you left them… did you hear those footsteps, and that giggle? did you just see that one move out of the corner of your eye? Yes, and yes.

Well, that’s it for my first post,I”m sure if you read it all the way through, it’s because you’re a friend of mine, and said you would, or maybe you just love the spawn…it happens. They’re quite a bit more chaming in the fiber than they are in pictures, that much I have been told by many. I promise the posts will get probably get more interesting, there will be lots of pictures, and sometimes I might write too much about something that really only interests me, but, well, it is MY blog… But I’d like you to come back, and bring a friend ( or at least some extra body parts) and visit with me…leave me a comment, or a poem, or…your brains…kidding, I’ve already got those!.. so thanks for stopping by, and, as I like to say, KEEP IT CREEPY!!!


10 thoughts on “My First BlogPost, or My Life Making Monsters

  1. I love my two weeble bottomed zombies (Harry and Ariel) as much as I love the non-weeble bottomed zombie you made of me 🙂

    • I’m glad you love them! Ariel probably needs help so she doesn’t get pushed off the shelf! I love the one of you especially because SHE TOTALLY HAS YOUR HAIR! And hey, thanks for visiting AND reading this!

    • You’re so cool! Thank you so much! I just really like to talk, that’s all! My report cards in elementary school said “Kim is smart, and a delight to have in class, when she’s not talking to her neighbors.”

  2. Thank you for this link. I can see the comments now. I just wanted to say this is a very original, well-written and intelligent blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I love your Medusa: one of my favourite creeps of all time, as well as Frankinstein (I too always thought he was misunderstood). Fantastic pictures too!

    I look forward to you future posts. Keep them creepy!

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