So I Think My Life Is A Horror Movie…YaY!

Hey, you’re back…cool… I knew you would be, I’m JUST odd enough to pique your intersest…excellent…

        So, this morning, when I got out of the shower, I happened to look back in the tub………and there was yarn…  Most folks shed hair, apparently about 100 a day is the average… we’re not going to get into a conversation about how some folks slough more or less, I don’t really want to know that you’ve counted…lalala I can’t read that… My hair is short, when I go to get it cut, the description on file says “fingerlength on the sides and in the back, a quarter inch longer on top.” That’s short, so when I shed a few hairs, it’s not that big a deal… But when there’s yarn in the tub instead of hair, I feel like something could be……off. 

        This is what I’m talking about when I say that I think my life is a horror movie.  It’s totally fitting that somehow, instead of losing a hair I lose yarn…I’ve watched those kind of movies ALL MY LIFE! Mad Doctor plays with chemicals, becomes monster, slightly off dr cuts up dead bodies  and sews them back together and reanimates the creature…slightly overimaginative creator of small crocheted monsters and creatures adds special ingredients to the creatures, a little of this and that, I’ve done my research, checked out some sites, spoken to some……we’ll call them magickal type folks…I have some very specific things I say to my spawn when I’m making them, there are some things that go into the making of my spawn, that I can’t share…some things, I’m not really even allowed to tell you about, much less write or speak the name. Suffice it to say, each and every spawn is infused with…amazingness… Those of you who have one know, there’s a certain something the spawn have… you don’t. want. to. put. them. down.  So it would be remiss of me to think that there isn’t some sort of backlash/reverb/karma to creating with the ingredients and words and thoughts that I do… So… instead of losing hair I’m going to lose yarn… maybe occasionally some thread…when the HELL am I going to lose some stuffing?  I wonder if I should start carrying around a bit of extra needle and thread and maybe a hook in my emergency kit?..I’m worried that if I fall or hurt myself at all, I might lose a stitch…I’m assuming that I’m crocheted together, which means that I don’t have to worry about ladders, but I will have to sew strengthen  any loose or worn spots, I don’t need any holes in the fabric…

     Well, I’m off to create some yarnspawn, I have to get a few things from outside…I need some random bones from something no longer alive, and I have to go to the storage locker for some…extra parts. I don’t like to keep all my ingredients here in jars. Some things need to be fresher. I also have to tell Brainy she’s going to get to meet some new spawn and give them “the talk.” Brainy gets to fill in the new spawn on their new families, and the rules of living in this world ( you know, you don’t eat your family members or animals, eating neighbors is looked down upon, keep family safe when the zombie apocalypse comes, and it will come…)  Brainy does all this for me when I’m asleep.  I used to do this, but really, it’s difficult focusing on the proper words and mindset while I’m making the spawn, I don’t have the energy or time to give them all this talk individually, which is why I made Brainy…

This is Brainy wearing Cthulhu's tentacles...she's a torso zombie, no legs...

This is Brainy wearing Cthulhu’s tentacles…she’s a torso zombie, no legs…


10 thoughts on “So I Think My Life Is A Horror Movie…YaY!

    • I usually have bits of fuzz on my clothes, but yarn in the tub! AND, as I was sorting laundry, yarn and floss IN the clothes too…is this a one time thing?.. I’m a frayed knot…baahahahaha, I kill me..

    • Oh no, Fatima! I actually think I’ve made creepier spawn… she’s my helper, I actually think she’d like to help me more, in the creating process, but she’s small, and doesn’t have legs, so she can’t really hold stuff, She’s pretty great at keeping my yarn under control, and if there is one of the spawn about getting restless, she keep them out of trouble…

  1. I agree w/Teeni, you ARE a natural blogger! – I love the theme you picked, too.
    This post makes me want a creepy creation even more!
    Ever worry that someone may try to use one as a voodoo doll? Haha! Just teasing you 😉

    The main reason I’m commenting on this… Yes! You definitely need to carry needle & thread with you at all times! I watched one of my favorite movies again the other day. From now on, to me, you will be known as “MAY”

    Peace, Love, & Necrophillia ♥

    • Gonna have to check out May, Becki!
      Glad you enjoy the blog, it’s a lot more fun than I thought, I hope to entertain you for a long time!
      You know, I thought about voodoo dolls, haven’t had too many folks actually ask about them, “if I’d mind if they used it as a voodoo doll,” but I was not really quite sure if they really meant it or were trying a bit too hard to be funny…
      And thanks for the re-blog, you know you always have permission to do that! You’re very cool!

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