My Monster-Head Bag Bothers an Old Guy… Am I Supposed to Care?

     HI!  Hope your week was lovely, fun, a bit weird, and, well, a bit creepy, at least!

     This is your reminder that this may not be work-place friendly, no naughty pictures, but I do occasionally let fly with some profanity…and GO!

So if you remember last week, I said I was going to be working on a bag,   This bag, to be exact:

il_570xN.383913381_674y (1)  I wasn’t going to be buying the pattern,  this customer has adopted  spawn before, and trusted me that I didn’t need the pattern. He wanted a darker, creepier green and a slightly creepier, Kim-version of this bag. And that was going to make him a bit different from the get-go.  This guy is cute, but a bit goofy, and not quite what I love.   First the green I used is darker, Asparagus. And not cotton, in fact, something that fuzzes up (or felts) well, so mine is a bit fuzzy. AND, I knit the face; I like knitted fabric, it’s really flat, and nice to sew on.  I also told the customer I’d line the bag, since it’s not really felted completely (it’s not all wool), and he asked for purple felt. It looks lovely with the green! I surely need to get a sewing machine, I used really sharp, quite big needles, and I stuck my fingers so many times the tips of 3 of them were  sore for 2 days. Oh, and I’d not ever done a zipper…zoinks! So many new things with this bag,and was the only thing I was working on, AND it had a deadline.    I persevered, had a few moments of private craziness with some friends, thanks T&S, and  finished him, AND had enough time to mail him that he didn’t have to go next day!  Huzzah!  AND the bag has reached it’s destination, and the gifter likes it in person, so I’m stoked!!!

Here he is:

Image1234  He has a pocket inside , made of the green “skin” yarn, with what looks like a scar and some staples, just like what’s on his forehead.  I’m pretty happy with him, and now monster–head bags are in my head too…  If I make another one, I’m going with all wool so it felts and not lining it… and maybe it will be more head shaped…  I have ideas…

I put up this picture on Wednesday, it was pretty similar to the one I’d put up the day before, but this was finished, and that’s all I was posting about, really… and folks  were so nice, posting  really lovely comments about him, which  I appreciate  so much…    When I woke up  Thursday morning, I went to my page to post the pic of the day and go through last night’s notifications…there was one from some old guy from Wales named Graham “I wish I could get this annoying advertising bollocks off my Facebook.”………Excuse me?!?  I don’t pay to promote, so the only way someone sees my page is if he’s friends with someone who DOES like my bollocks, OR he clicked “like” at some point, and is now being a whiny bitch…  There’s also a message, I allow folks to message me on my page,I like to keep info about orders there. “Hey Kim’s Sticks and Strings, there’s something about this photo that bothers me. Would you please take it down?” AND he did the official Facebook request thingy where I had to say whether I complied with his request and removed the picture,  or ignored it and kept the picture up, and presented  a message to send  to him saying that I was going to keep it, it’s important to me…  It’s that picture exactly. What bothers him about it, really…NO, I mean REALLY???  This isn’t Zombie Jesus or something profane, or nude!  This is a bag of Frankenstein’s Monster’s head… Needing to come up with a reason that someone wouldn’t like that bag, besides not really liking the character, ok, whatever, I have decided he’s probably quite mentally ill, and I”m hoping that he’s not got access to eBay and credit cards…he could do quite a lot of damage! Or he is some kind of space alien who is worried about me and my spawn’s threat to their plan for global domination, since we all know that am going to take over the world…

I woke up really fast, my mind racing. Why didn’t he like it? What didn’t he like? Why did he need to say something?.. wait a minute…better questions… Who IS this guy? ( no one I know) Is he of any importance to me? (OH HELL NO!)  Why do I care what he thinks?  Pursuing one’s art can be scary…placing my work on public display for approval/criticism is a bit daunting, and something I might never have the courage to do.  I have received amazing love for the spawn, which I so appreciate. It’s one thing for me to like what I make, but on a regular basis I am amazed at how much folks seem to like them, even the ones who don’t have one! I get lots of love from my customers, fairly often from folks whose spawn/keychain have gotten some attention and love, or are still really holding together after much use. I love it when folks tell me they’ve been using their keychains for a long time now and they’re still good.  Oh, or the ones where folks tell me they’ve had their spawn on their person every time they’ve left the house for a few days now… Those are the BEST!!!  AND THESE ARE THE OPINIONS THAT MATTER, not ones of someone I’ve never heard from until today.   My friend Rick reminded me something that most artists believe: “If I have offended someone with my work then I know I’m doing a good job.”


I never really thought about my work disturbing folks, I do know some folks who are pretty happy with their spawn, but I never really thought too many people would be disturbed… I do get my share of little old ladies who look at me like I’m a murderer, who ask me why I would make such terrible things, I guess Graham from Wales just falls into that category.  There are those that ascribe to the idea that art should be beautiful/pretty/sweet and, I’m sure, that yarny things need to be pretty or cute… oh well.

I need to toughen my skin a bit. My initial response was to be upset with this guy…old criticisms about  not being a “real” artist…  It’s a bit funny, really.  I create monsters,  creepy creatures, I love horror and to watch scary movies and read books so scary I’m rolled up in a ball on the couch, but, like my monsters, I have a soft squishy center, and don’t really want to hear that folks don’t like my work…2 weeks in a row, too!!!  According to Rick, I must be doing pretty good if folks are talking smack every week!  I don’t usually hear from folks that they don’t like my work, my page usually just has one less like the next day…  This  been fodder for my amusement, too.   It makes me giggle trying to figure out what exactly it is that bothers him so much about my green monster bag…not like I care. There’s nothing he can tell me that will make me take it down.  He could say that he and his wife tried for many years to have a baby, to no avail. One night, they visited the local witch and she asked for money, and a few personal items and did a ritual and told them they would conceive a baby, but he ‘d  have a block head.  And after some surgeries on his brain, he  had a zipper-like scar on his head and when he got sunburnt one year, his skin turned greenish, and my bag reminds him of his son,who is  now dead… OH how I wish that would happen, but I wouldn’t take down the picture of my KNITTED AND CROCHETED FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER BAG!!!  In all of this it is hilarious to me me, that my yarny bag has outraged someone…*gigglesnort*

I think what I take from all of this is that, once again, some will like what I do, some won’t, and folks aren’t always kind or gentle about their opinions.  But I also don’t have to give a rat’s ass about their opinions, especially if they just pop up out of nowhere to tell me they hate my work… Ok, fine with me…

For the upcoming week, I’ve got a cat in the works, some zombies, and I have this plan to make a fairy or two… I’ve been inspired by Brian Froud lately; his characters were inspirations for characters in the movies Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal… we’ll see what happens…oh, and I feel another conjoined twin zombie coming on… I think connected at the head… *squee*

Have a really great weekend, and KEEP IT CREEPY!!!


14 thoughts on “My Monster-Head Bag Bothers an Old Guy… Am I Supposed to Care?

  1. Damien Hirst, Salvador Dali, or artists who make their art with excrements (and get loads of money for it), Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol,…..
    Our museums and our lives would be almost empty if we listened to the likes of other people with the same opinions as one Graham from Wales!
    I think, getting such reactions is part of being a true artist. So, if you ever doubt that again, think of Graham of Wales and gigglesnort along with the project you’re working at! Please, keep it as kreepy as YOU like!

    I am in anticipation of what your interpretation of Brian Froud’s creatures will be!!! I admire his work and love his characters in the movies and his drawings too.

    And, last but not least, one advice: if you get a sewing machine, please take some (at least one) lessons, zippers are hard to do when you don’t know how 😉

    • Thank you, as always, wise and wonderful friend Ellen! I will take lessons, there are in-laws who would give me a good lesson or two! And you are correct, if all yarn was pretty and sweet, we would never have yarny monsters or red haired McFeegles…if art was always beautiful we wouldn’t have Dali, or Basquiat, or Clive Barker!
      And I can’t wait to make a Froud-fairy!

  2. Ummm. This whole post is frickin’ awesome. You really can’t (and won’t) please everyone with your art. It’s amazing that people are so miserable in their day that they’ll go out of their way to try to make someone else feel bad too. It’s the internet, so dude… if it offends you, don’t look.

    I thought your bag turned out wonderful.

  3. I love your attitude. While negative criticism initially can be painful, I’m glad you saw it for what it was – just ONE person’s opinion who doesn’t have a clue about 1 – how facebook works, and 2 – about good manners. In the end, you turned it into creativity – even this post was a creative way to deal with it but I’m glad to also hear that you are going to be making more fairies and wonderful spawn. I wouldn’t have you any other way than the way you are – well, one thing I’d change is that we’d live closer. ❤

  4. Your bag is amazing and looks better than the original one in my opinion. In life there are always people that will try to put you down for the sake of keeping the society and in the boring and un-original “status quo”, where everybody behaves in the same way and there are not surprises. That kind of people is dangerous. Not only because they think that what they are doing is completely correct but also because they can destroy the imagination and the courage of very brilliant people, for me it is some sort of bullying. They are like vampires that feed up of discouraged people that give up their convictions and ideas to please the regular system. One thing is clear as water though… you will not stop and we all crochet, knitting and fiber artists will not give up to trolls.
    Keep it creepy KIM!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so very much for your wonderful and inspiring words, Jen! I will not stop, and I’m glad to have met wonderful folks such as yourself along my journey! ALL HAIL FIBER ARTISTS!!! I WILL keep it creepy!!! You do the same, friend!

  5. Christ woman I barely get comments from people who LIKE my work never mind two people in a row I’ve offended. I WISH someone would take offence to my cute things. I’m just gonna have to jack it in and start making head bags…

    Seriously though, some people have way too much time on their hands and no idea how to use the scroll bar or the hide post function. Next time, link to the comment on Treblemaking Hookers and we’ll all go yarnstorm the people trying to make you feel bad 😉 x

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