Not a Rant This Time, I Don’t Always Rant…

Hello my Lovelies!.. I appreciate so much finding out that so many of you read Monday’s blog! Lots of non-yarny folks, which is cool, and way appreciated…Usual warning, this content may not be child friendly, some horror images, and the videos are not kid-friendly. 

Weirdly enough, nothing really out of the ordinary has happened over the last few days, so I don’t really have a lot to rant about… odd  I know. That’s not to say I don’t have things I could rant about, but, well, nothing is pressing me at the moment… it’s ok, I’ll wait until the shock wears off…   Sometimes, the rant throws me off a bit, and I’m feeling pretty focused  on creating this week, I’m worried if I go looking for a rant, I”ll lose my juju…

I don’t know about you other artists, but my “creative flow” is totally affected by my mood, the mood of those around me,  how tired I am, etc… some days it’s more “fragile” than others.  I”m sure you’ve had days when you just couldn’t  pick up your medium  (whatever you use to create with), and create as easily, or at all.  I try, unless I’m sick,  to create a bit every day, even if my juju is out of whack.  Some days I’m heavy into designing a new creatures, and I hit a block… those are the days I pick up and work on something completely different, I may make a skull for a keychain or something- I use a pattern for a skull from Lion (, but I make it with crochet thread, change a few stitches, and put it on a keyring… often if I feel like I can’t create new things, if I try to work on my “current project,” I get frustrated with how stuff looks and try to take it apart, or work a bunch and then, when I’m feeling more positive, I don’t like what I did the day I was off my game… Some days I just pick up and make a zombie, there’s always one of those lurking in my head…

Image595 Image725 Image743

Since my “creative flow” is changeable, I do lots to foster it.  It’s like a “ritual” to get me in the right frame as early as possible.

I start my morning with an hour-ish of reading.  I like to read when it’s quiet, and I’m an early bird and the husband is a night owl, so the best time for me to read is the morning. Plus I get the extra added benefit of having whatever I read inspire my day, and my work.  About 90% of what I read is horror… really.  I read  super creepy, horribly scary, thrilling stories about monsters, both of the non-human, and of the human kind.  My hope is to spend a few moments each morning so focused on the wonderfully creepy story that my husband’s alarm makes me jump.  I want to read books with things that freak me out or scare me so much, I have to re-read what I just  read … yes… THAT creepy-scary.  I read a bit of lighter humored horror,  some sci-fi/fantasy too, but it’s always dark, and people always die… Yep, in Kimland, there is death every morning, as it should be…

When I jump on facebook, it’s time to seek out images to dance in my brain… yup, creepy ones.  I know you’ve seen some of them on my page, not always freaky-gory, I try to save you guys from those… Not all my friends on facebook like the level of creepy I do…though some do, and when I post super-creepy stuff that’s when they come to chat…  I  look for pictures, and movie stills , to inspire my current work.  I really love creepy dolls…  I visit a couple of pages specifically to see creepy doll art.  Odd, distressed and distorted, faces lifeless and full of creepiness.  I absolutely love this video

and also this one

My movie character dolls are heavily influenced by the movies, I usually try to talk to the customer to find out which is their favorite, I want that doll to really look like their favorite. For my Frankenstein’s monster, and for the Monster-Head bag, I watched all the Frankenstein movies, especially the old  black and white one from 1931, that one’s my favorite, and the one that I used for coloring and facial features especially.

548352_375426099200050_2063945019_n   1011120711   Image1234

For my Victor Crowley doll, I watch Hatchet I and II.  I love those movies!

green_hatchet2   My beautiful picture

One of my favorite movies, Trick r Treat, gives me the opportunity to make Sam Hain, cute, AND creepy!

trick_r_treat_film   304107_200584093350919_1488567400_n

An order for a gift for a friend’s dad gave me the opportunity to watch Trilogy of Terror again a couple times and remember how much I love it!  Yi yi yi yi yi! HIS chain WON’T be coming off!

556594_422765527799440_237046117_n   555775_429257563816903_1372955562_n

I don’t necessarily just watch that movie while working, sometimes dolls take a bit of time…and I don’t only watch zombie movies while making zombies… I watch horror, sometimes sci-fi/fantasy, preferably one I’ve seen before, so I’m not really so much watching the movie, as it’s just in the background…it helps me tune out distractions, especially if it’s  loud.  The right movie helps me into a sort of work-trance where I just work, I don’t have any extra thoughts except the piece, I forget to drink even though I’m thirsty, and forget to eat even though it’s been hours….when I finally take a break I usually have to stretch for a few minutes, my sugar is usually low ( I’m hypoglycemic), and I have to pee like a racehorse…more than you wanted to know?..yea well… no one is holding a gun to your head to read…don’t turn around…

The husband doesn’t like horror flicks. At all. There are a handful of movies he likes, but not really likes so much as tolerates.  And he will watch an occasional movie with me, which makes me happy, initially.  Then, I remember why I don’t ask more often.  He will spend the entire movie telling me how he’d never end up in that situation, would have chopped up the slasher at camp because he has skills, and “of course she has to die soon, she just had sex.”  He likes action movies, some super-hero movies, Transformers movies, but he doesn’t like sci-fi/fantasy/horror…we’ve discussed it, and he really lacks the ability to suspend disbelief for some things.  I can walk into a quiet theater and sit down to a movie about a town full of people who’s ancestors made pacts with ancient monsters and have to sacrifice babies to a pit of pregnant mother monsters, and I’m freaked out at their plight.  He doesn’t really want to go see those movies, he doesn’t really like the unknown (monsters).  He says he lacks the imagination gene, which is cool because I really do lack the reality gene…   Since he doesn’t like horror, I often put on headphones and a movie on the computer that’s at my workspace…often, the movie is really on just for the sound…  I keep the movie pretty low, too, because the husband always wishes to share the outrages of his movie… John McClane is nearly killed in another Die Hard movie, those darn Decepticons won’t leave the Autobots alone, several racers have just crashed, he watches several different types of racing, and I couldn’t care much less about racing,the driving sounds of the cars grate on my nerves when I’m working… oh and he likes a lot of those shows where someone is videotaping another person trying to be cool except the guy being videoed  is unskilled and/or unprepared and so hurts himself, they’re most always guys, and folks sit around laughing at and discussing it…yes, he likes the  “America’s Dumbest ______”, “America’s Stupidest_____”, “Ridiculousness”, “Wipeout” and all those kinds of shows… Have you heard of Schadenfreude (enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others)…watching someone do an obstacle course designed to put them on their asses in mud in spite of the fact that they’ve just told the host how they’re so skilled they will of course win, they’re practically a ninja…that often ruins a good work mood… I can’ t help it man, that’s some funny shit, AND they volunteer for it to go on tv!  I can’t crochet well when I’m giggling, and sewing is a bad idea, I can only stick myself with a needle so many times a day before I’m done… that is usually about 3 times, especially if I’m using upholstery needles…

So, those are the regular things I do…I’ll do another post sometime to tell you  what I’m actually reading, have read, in case any of you want to check out the books. I’ve got some favorite indie writers I’ll ask if it’s ok to put a link to their books on my blog, I like to support my artistic friends…

For the next few days, I’m working on Cthulhu, finishing a grey and white cat, thinking about starting Zombie Jesus, and then a tarantula and a posable tree will follow!

Thanks friends, keep it creepy!



19 thoughts on “Not a Rant This Time, I Don’t Always Rant…

  1. Hi Kim,
    whether you’re ranting or not, you’re able to bring your subject with humour. Thank you for making me laugh! I can totally imagine you and your hubby sharing space and time, doing the stuff you love or will undergo for the other 🙂
    And thank you for sharing the videos, which I both loved!!! I wonder will you ever make a rather more Kreepy Alma? 😉
    Your approach to horror is totally different from mine lol. I often find it funny, but it could mean I’ve just got a weird sense of humour 😉 That’s the good stuff, the not so good I find boring and a waste of time, but I guess you feel the same about that.
    Looking forward to what you like to read, curious about that!

    • Hi Ellen!
      I’m glad I’m still interesting when I’m not irritated about something!
      I have wanted to make an Alma, maybe one that is supposed to be a kid and one that’s supposed to be a doll…
      I love horror that has humour, I do, and I do find it funny…but I like to work to the horror that has great background sounds, eerie feeling, somehow it gets me in tuned with making something creepier…
      I will get titles and links for what I’ve loved and given really good reviews to, I try to review stuff a bunch, it helps out!

  2. I love horror too, both movies and books. I used to read a lot of Stephen King and Pet Semetary kept me awake more often than I would have liked; one of the scariest books I’ve ever read. I’d be very happy if you could recommend any unusual ones. I keep meaning to read Edgar Allan Poe, but for some reason I never get round to it.
    Funny how you read first thing in the morning and I read last thing at night! :>)

  3. My name is on the wall in the first video, and my little sister bought me a puppet when I graduated uni that looks just like me. Now I’m worried… :p

    I’m probably more amused than I should be by


    Sorry, as I was saying – I’m probably more amused than I should be by your husband being such an opposite to you likes wise. It’s nice to hear that opposites really do attract. In my house it’s usually ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on my laptop and the other half in a world of his own talking to strangers and shooting aliens…

    It’s really interesting reading about your process. Do you crochet as a day job or is this more a free time process?

    • Hi Amiguruthi!
      I love those videos, I wish my name was on the wall in the first one, and the second one makes me sad too!
      Lots of folks think it’s hilarious that he doesn’t like creepy horror… he really really doesn’t love it!
      For a bit I’ve been looking for a job, might have found one, waiiting to hear back but it’s going to be a couple weeks… When I work, I still read, and Fb before work, then once I come home I jump into creepy movie as soon as I start working on a doll, usually after dinner, after we’ve sat, and figured out what we’re doing for the rest of the evening.

  4. Your posts are awesome. Love reading about your creative process and how you set the mood. Those videos were great! So sad for the little voodoo doll! We need to make an army of those. LOL.

  5. Oh, I forgot to tell you that seeing my dad’s Zuni right next to the photo of the movie zuni is so incredible! They look so much alike. It really shows what a fantastic job you did with him. I kind of wish I had ordered two from you. I miss seeing him in my craft room. And I do think he liked being in my movies. LOL.

  6. I’ve never known anyone who loves horror more than me, and that’s saying something. I love all the Facebook stuff you share… keep it coming! I haven’t actually watched a good horror flick for a while. The last one was probably Silent Hill 2 (no where near as scary as the first one, which I loved). I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Evil Dead film and hoping they’ve done it justice. There are so many films I haven’t even ever managed to watch! Argh!! So many films, so little time.
    Literature-wise, I’ve always loved horror. I remember my school teachers being quite horrified that at the age of 10 I was reading a book called Symphony of Terror which featured graphic descriptions of someone being tortured by an evil dentist and another of someone being strangled with piano wire. He he. At the minute I’m really into Stephen King. I’m almost to the end of It and can’t wait to see the movie (another one I’ve never watched).

    • I loved It, VERY creepy!.. And the movie is a pretty good version. King is just great, so much creepiness, so much anticipation. I loved Dolores Claiborne, and Salem’s Lot. I also can’t wait to see the Evil Dead, though it will be a bit, I’m very excited…Not too many movies really scare me, so if it does I will be very happy.

      • Yeh Hedgehog says it’s good. I hope so… so many of King’s adaptations aren’t great. I loved The Stand and Dreamcatcher but the movie versions were a bit of a let down.
        I can’t remember the last film I saw that genuinely scared me. I think that film Mirrors was a bit creepy, and Silent Hill was quite scary (not so much the film itself but later my wild imagination when walking through dark streets by myself. Ha ha).

      • Silent Hill was creepy, It is creepy, Tim Curry always throws himself into a roll, and Pennywise is no exception. Most of King’s books are so very much better than the movies. They don’t translate so well. Pet Sematary was ok,.. I feel like so many horror movies are made for the everyman, not for the horror lover, so it’s diluted down to make it more for folks who maybe didn’t read his story in the first place. Sometimes I almost wish I’d seen all the movies, THEN read the books, and then would have been enchanted. How I miss the days when I was scared of movies!

  7. I just remembered the last film I watched that actually genuinely scared me and I haven’t watched it since: The Mist. Funnily enough another Stephen King adaptation. I’m not sure what it was that scared me so much… maybe it’s because there’s a kid and the end is just awful. Horrors with kids in always upset me now. Speaking of which, have you seem that movie Baby Blues? Now that IS awful. I was traumatised after seeing that! A work colleague recommended it because it’s about a woman with puerperal psychosis… I wish I’d never watched it!

    • They are very very free with what they do with that baby, I was amazed at what they were able to do to/with the baby, and that no one got upset. Sure we all know that’s not a real baby, BUT the idea that it’s supposed to be makes the entire movie just one possilbly horrible instant after another.

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