Gonna Yarn-Bomb With Some Friends, Yea, I Do That Too Occasionally…

Well hello, my little creepies!  Hope your weekend was lovely, and of course creepy!

Lately, I’ve been interested in street art.  I’ve always loved street art, of all kinds. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, just something other than the mundane world.  I’ve been inspired by all manner of things left out in the world, be it painted graffiti, wheat paste, legos, wee people, or, of course, yarn-bombing.  Street art still has many critics, as to whether it’s art,  but I love it! It’s art for and by the people.  Who’s to say what is art, exactly?  Is it art because it’s in a building and beautiful?  Is it crap because it’s spray painted on a wall by someone with no “real training?” Is it “just crafting” because it’s made made by someone using hooks or needles and yarn, who could possibly have anything to say with yarn?  What does someone who makes sweaters or doilies or hats or socks or amigurumi or blankets possibly have to say?..  Let’s not go down THAT road, you don’t like the monsters you’ll have to fight on that road…

Slinkachu creates wonderful scenes in minature

Slinkachu creates wonderful scenes in minature

In Paris, France

In Paris, France




Being a hooker/knitter, yarn-bombing is the street-art form of choice for me.  I love the idea of a a piece of yarny love being out in the world, somewhere you don’t normally see yarn… I don’t make amazing or big pieces. I’m not very cool like that. Usually it’s hearts or skulls.  Sometimes plain, sometimes embroidered on.  Always in some place you don’t expect to see yarn.   Almost always gone quickly–the green heart I put on the poop sack box at the park was there for a long time… hmmm.

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Recently, I became one of those Treblemaking Hookers (www.facebook.com/TreblemakingHookers). It’s a  community on facebook promoting  the business and art of crochet.  We have days where we pr0mote pattern designers, folks who have shops and create finished products for sale, etc.  I have become quite fond of this group of folks, many were already friends, but now we get together and chat about yarny stuff.  On weekends we post pictures of yarn-bombing and other fiber-art… we’ve been doing this now for a few weeks, and I just love searching through all the pictures, trying to pick just a few that might be interesting to our cro-mmunity.

This past weekend I was finding some pictures to post, and suddenly I had to yarn-bomb again.I don’t know why all of the sudden, but I just felt like I needed to.  I didn’t want to do it “alone,” though, and it’s far too long to wait until International Yarn-Bombing Day, June 8,2013,  for all who don’t know off-hand.  As it’s only mid-April,  I talked to a co-conspirator, T, and we decided we’d ask folks who in the group would  be up for a quick Global Yarn-Bomb-A-Long …AND SO MANY WERE!!! There are hookers of all skills in the community, and quite a few folks said they were excited!  They also seemed like they were interested in doing it sometime soon, so we chose the weekend of April 27 & 28.  We figured a weekend to do their work and snap a picture for posterity would be good.  I’m going to make at least a dozen skulls, either in some light colors, or an off-white, with some enbroidery, and maybe a small-sh flower, a la  sugar skulls. I’ll post pictures of my bombs, as well as any of the folks in the community who give me permission.   There are some folks who’ve never made something for a bomb, so I’m excited to see their pictures and hear their stories!

Here are a few tips for new Yarn-bombers, it’s always nice to have a few tidbits of info:

  • Acrylic yarn is best, the most colorfast, and least expensive!
  • Make sure to leave long tails to sew with!
  • It’s a good idea to have a few plastic canvas needles to sew with, easy to put in your pocket, you’re not too sad if it gets lost, and it’s really hard to hurt yourself with one.
  • If you’re planning on putting something in a private area that doesn’t belong to you, or in a VERY PUBLIC AREA, eg a statue in the middle of a square, someone else’s property, you should think about getting permission.  IF it’s YOUR job, your boss may just let you keep it up if you get permission rather than taking it down straightaway.
  • Know your bomb will probably be taken, especially it it’s small, you might consider a small tag with your name, or a short note, or even “take me.”
  • If your piece is big, make sure you visit, and have a date for retrieval.  If your piece will see lots of weather, rain, wind, snow, it will deteriorate quickly. If it ends up on the ground, even quicker.  Very few folks are a fan of wet, squishy, dirty yarn.
  • Most street art is considered vandalism, which is why they do their art at night.   Yarn-bombing is technically illegal, though as the installations are temporary, folks are rarely prosecuted for the “crime,” which is why folks often install during the day, but just know someone might come to you and tell you it’s illegal. It’s maybe a good idea to find another place… or wait until a darker, less observed time… did I just say that?

I’m considering sending some yarn-bombs in the mail with orders, for folks who maybe don’t crochet or knit but would be willing to hang up a yarn-bomb for me in their home-town and snap a picture… I’ve actually had that idea for a bit, but have only done a few… it might require me to make sure that I have a few on hand always, in case I don’t have time to make one up with each order…

IF you’re reading this and aren’t part of the Fb group, but want to participate, feel free! You don’t have to join the group, just yarn-bomb in solidarity with us all over the world, send me a picture, and I’ll put your picture on my post…I may make up a few extras and send them out to folks who would yarn-bomb in their town for me, that would be cool…

So in a few weeks you’ll see a post with lots of hand made items, made by wonderfully creative folks, placed somewhere out in the world. I hope you’ll love them just like I know I will!!!

Have a good week folks, Keep it Creepy!!!


4 thoughts on “Gonna Yarn-Bomb With Some Friends, Yea, I Do That Too Occasionally…

  1. I have a box with some flowers that I made a while ago. I’ve always pictured a whole bunch of flowers hanging from the same tree…could be cool looking, especially if there were a whole bunch!

  2. Now you’ve got me all raring to go with this post. And if you want some skulls placed in my area of the woods – you just let me know. I’d love to bomb them for you! 😀

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