OH BLOODY HELL I HATE THIEVES!..Or, for Rupaul fans, All T All Shade!

Hello, my creepies! Hope your week has been wonderfully fantastical… I can try to hope, can’t I?  Oh, and just so you know, this isn’t really ok for the workplace…there’s no nudity, but there’s a bit of the profanity, because, well, I swear in the real world.

For those of you who don’t follow Rupaul, All T All Shade means I’m going to tell the truth, and I don’t really feel sad if someone’s feelings are hurt. It IS Kimland…

I really did mean to post up some cool stuff, I’m compiling a list of some of my favorite indie writers, and some blogs and amazon pages for you to check out. But this isn’t that post.  All the tragedies this week have me a bit down on people.  I know that not everyone is like this, it’s a small percentage. Why does it seem that a small number of terrible folks doing some really crappy things go to the forefront of our minds, when there are so many more doing good things… well, here we go…

A few weeks ago some friends who write crochet patterns and sell them found this site, where folks join, and submit a pattern to share, and then get “credits’ for that, toward a pattern they might want.  I’m sure that the idea  is to submit an originally designed by oneself pattern, but some folks weren’t playing by the rules. There were some folks who  bought patterns FROM SOMEONE ELSE,  and then submitted them as their own, now making it free for all  the other people on that site.  It even had my friend’s picture with her watermark, so folks knew who they were stealing from… AWESOME!  Because of the number of folks who had used the stolen pattern, if you searched for her pattern it came up on many other sites, way before hers.  There were many designers who were stolen from, some paid patterns, some free, but the bottom line is, people were stealing those patterns, representing themselves as the designers. It happens quite a bit, actually. I’ve seen people borrow from more than one pattern, and then write it up and call it their own, when what they should have done is write something like, ” I like Gertrude’s pattern for the body of the item, and Fifi’s pattern for the finishing, and Hortense’s bits for the details.  Instead, it’s written like a pattern of this person’s own design… REALLY?!? IT’S YOURS? BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE IT CAME FROM 3 OTHER PEOPLE  Folks are as quick to say something is of their own design, as they are to comment “Pattern Please!” when someone puts up a picture of their work.

 (I have a pet peeve about folks who comment “pattern please” when they see something they’d like to make.  If I have made something you’d like to copy, maybe you should possibly compliment my work JUST A BIT MORE before begging/demanding the how-tos.   Hell, even something so easy as, “I really love that, you did a great job.  I would love to make one for my _____. Who is the designer; is it a free pattern? or where did you buy it?”  You don’t have to write that every time, but “pattern , please” is rude, even with the obligatory “please,” which you just add so it doesn’t seem quite so rude.  Luckily for me, I don’t design patterns, so I don’t have to deal with it too often.  Every once in a while someone asks if there’s a pattern, and I usually tell them I’m not a designer, and it’s usually fine. There was a lady who tried to tell me what I do isn’t all that great and she could figure out my work… go  ahead…)

Back to the thieves!!!  It’s not like there’s a prize at the end of your life for the most patterns designed.  It’s ok to say you didn’t design it!  It’s ok to say ” I like your work so much and I want to have that exact thing of my very own.”  It’s not ok to shorten the arms on something, or change the yarn, and maybe change a couple stitches and then call it your own!  Hell, if that’s designing a pattern then every single hat and scarf I’ve ever made would be of my own design. I don’t make a hat from someone’s pattern. I pick a yarn, pick a stitch, make a gauge swatch, and then make the hat. None are like anyone else’s, but I don’t consider it that I designed a hat, I simply made something that was of a certain stitch pattern, and a certain yarn.

Folks like that make me suspicious of others… Lame right?  It’s true though.  Things like this happen, folks “design” things that are “inspired by” (read “stolen from”) others, and I start to become unsure of others asking about how I do things…  I understand that some folks are really innocent about it, I really do, and I feel like I do try to share with  folks quite  a bit.  I will tell folks stuff that I do for shaping, or how I do my hands, or how I make the dolls all top down, but I”m not going to hold someone’s hand and show them step by step, some of it is practicing embroidery, and that’s not something I can help you with.   I’ve had folks come fairly close to asking me step by step how I make certain things… and while I wanted to tell them to kiss my ass,  instead I went out of my way to find out what they do/make, praise it for what it is, and to really get them to realize they didn’t want to make what I make…it’s not THEIR vision. That doesn’t go on forever though.  You can only ask me for specific instructions on my work so many times.  Oh, and if you ask my friends for tips on how I do things, they don’t know, and wouldn’t tell you anyway, BUT, they DO tell me, and now you get nothing else, AND I won’t be nice about it.  I don’t love underhandedness. Do I do anything that others can’t? No, I don’t.  I don’t have  amazing fancy tricks that no one has learnt, but asking for specifics on how someone makes something, if there is no pattern available, is some underhanded shit, even if you liberally add how you like it…*sigh*

Theft doesn’t end there!  My friends who are clay artists tell me of people who buy something from them, then change the color of the clay and call it something different, and it’s “an original” with secret made up “new techniques.”  Folks make dolls and bears that are really just copies of more amazing ones they’ve seen, and suddenly it’s an original design. Some make exactly what others do, but cheapen on the materials, and charge more.   Some folks buy items JUST to figure them out. RUDE!   A guy on Facebook literally stole an artist’s picture; it was a portrait of a guy in sunglasses, and the guy the actual picture is of got on Facebook and told the thief he didn’t have the right to post it as his… He didn’t even draw a copy of the picture, he just copy and pasted the picture and called it his.  WHAT THE FUCK! That’s just blatant theft.  And the problem with all of this is that the folks who were stolen from get told to “stop whining, it wouldn’t matter/happen if your patterns were free.”

I’ve even stopped following the pages who won’t credit the artist.  There are facebook  administrators who won’t bother to find the artist, saying “it takes too long to look,” and if you tell them, they don’t even edit the post to add the artist, you CAN do that, and it doesn’t take that long… if looking for a few minutes takes too long, and you can’t properly credit the creator once that info has come to light, I can’t possibly follow that happily.  There are some pages who say they can’t find the creator, and ask for help. Cheers to them!  They’re usually happy to find out who it is, and give credit.  BONUS, the artist is happy too.

The bottom line is that STEALING SUCKS.  You don’t have to be a designer, no one says that you have to be the original creator of the design.  But give proper credit, tell folks the name of the artist whose work is so great you must make that thing, even if you change things a bit.

 Image1234    This bag isn’t my design, the original designer of this bag is BuddyRumi.  I didn’t buy the pattern, and mine is obviously different than the original, the face on mine is knitted, and everything is different, though my bag is based on her design.  I’m not going to write up a pattern so someone could make mine instead, that would really just be wrong.  I may make a couple more, and they’ll all be a bit different, I prefer it that way, and eventually they may evolve into something else, but again, won’t write a pattern and call it “mine.”

I would love to believe that a blog of mine would change things, but sadly I’m sure, folks will still steal designs, or create “their own” design from a few patterns that already exist, that they’ll claim art that’s not their own, and ask folks if they can share the secrets of others.  What I will tell you, them and everyone else, I’m not afraid to write about your pitiful practices, and I’m also not above outing thieves to EVERYONE!   Just one of the many little perks you get when you steal from others so very overtly. I label you for the thieving bag of manure you are.  

It doesn’t take much to say, “this isn’t my design, but I just love it,” or “I wish I came up with this, but the creator is_____.”  And I appreciate those people much more.

Just so you know all isn’t bad in Kimland, here’s a sugar skull I made, the pattern is not mine, but I like it. The jaw moves up and down a bit, and it will probably get just a bit more sugar skull detail, but then done!


Keep it creepy folks!


23 thoughts on “OH BLOODY HELL I HATE THIEVES!..Or, for Rupaul fans, All T All Shade!

  1. Again, you hit the nail right on the head or is that the thief? haha.. either way it breaks it down and really nobody has an excuse after reading this! Nope, it doesn’t take much to credit someone and in fact when you credit others it just opens up the crochet world even more for yourself. For those who can’t credit somebody I’ve noticed their world becomes a very small place and one that has no room for me in it that’s for sure. Great job Kim and btw, I would really hate to see your designs become patterns. Your work is very unique and should stay that way!

    • Thank you Sharon! I think maybe possibly the Grinch may become a pattern, but past that, I don’t stop to write things down, I really do wing it!
      I do hope that maybe someone will read it and think twice, if only so they don’t become next week’s blog…

  2. You already know how I feel on the subject and you really did hit all the nails right on the heads. What Sharon said is true too – never thought about it that way – giving credit allows the crochet world to open up. Being sneaky and underhanded really does close doors and you either have to hide your work or become fodder for Kim’s blog! LOL. Such a small thing makes a big difference.

  3. If it’s the thieving site I know of, it’s even worse: people can buy “credits” with REAL MONEY and “buy” with these “credits” patterns that have been bought from someone OR even were FREE!!! So, the thieving is on two sides! It might be another site, of course, there are a lot of unfair trades.
    It’s very very hard to do something about this, other than to spread the word, as you do in your blog, and to let Google, Bling and PayPal etcetera know about this, but you have to give evidence of the large scale of thieving. And that takes a lot of work and time. But it’s (near) impossible to take such a site down. And then they could easily start another…
    I’m glad you’ve brought it under the attention of your followers, for not everyone knows about this. Thank you. Although I don’t design myself (yet), I feel for all the creative peeps out there! Also it’s a bit selfish 😉 Because I know there are designers who don’t write their patterns anymore because of the stealing 😦
    So, that’s treble thieving!!!

    • You’re right, Ellen. It’s just all around underhandedness. I’ve had lots of folks tell me to write patterns, but as much thieving as there is, it would make me so upset! I’m pretty sure its the same site. I am really just ashamed of people that do that, and I wouldn’t have a hard time telling them in person that their thieving is really just shameful, and they’re really a let-down as a person. IT’S A BITCH-MOVE!!!

  4. I think it’s interesting that women “fancywork” designers as early as the 1840’s were complaining–ever so politely, of course, it being the Victorian days–about pattern theft. Also, some of the women encouraged other women to use their patterns to make and sell items for either charity or to supplement their income, and others asked people to request permission first….Some things haven’t changed in 150 years!!! I do agree about giving credit, too–when I start to sell or give patterns I’m reworking/rewriting from the 19th century, I will credit the original source–even though it isn’t legally required, as they’re from so long ago–hoping to spark the interest of more needle-workers to seek the original sources, make new discoveries, etc.

    • I love that, Westcoast! Even after I’ve written this blog, I’ve found a few more folks who keep saying they’ve done something new, or something that others haven’t seen before… I’d like for folks to do a bit of research before claiming a new pattern. There have been times when I was looking for a pattern for something, and there were several that all came out pretty much the same, and when you came down to it, there were just subtle differences… Crediting the original artist is just the right thing to do. I do love that the Victorian women complained Ever-so-politely, I’m sure they did that too…. they’d be appalled at my language! It MIGHT just give them the vapors or something!

  5. Amen sistah!

    I’m in that lucky underground place where I’m not well known enough for people to steal my designs, but I get people I see looking and commenting regularly. So I’m not entirely sure how I’d react to a stolen design if I ever came across one – I think initially I’d feel like I’d made it (yay – validation! My work is so good people want to claim it as theirs!) and then I’d probably get warpath pissy lol.

    I must admit though one of my biggest ‘stealing-via-changing-something -a-little-and-claim-it’s-new’ peeves is when you see something awesome published that gets shared and liked and versions made etc, and then all of a sudden EVERYONE is making them, and you end up with the original, a couple of pretty good imitations, and a million and one pieces of badly designed crap. It’s happened with a few things I’ve seen recently (those big eared foxes are the one that spring to mind). It almost happened to owls too, but it seems like they’ve risen above it to become the all consuming trend of the moment…

    I’m also aghast someone would tell you your work isn’t all that great and she could figure it out herself – it must be better than she’s saying otherwise why would she bother figuring it out…? Stooooopid!

    • I think your patterns are wonderful! Don’t need validation from that, you’re way cool! If you don’t think so, see Oogie Boogie! I think I’d try to respond to someone copying my work with flattery, overtly, and be seething on the inside. And then I’d go write a blog!
      A lady told me that since I wouldn’t share patterns with her she was just going to figure them out, since I wasn’t doing anything anyone else can’t do. I told her that’s right, I’m not doing anything new. But I’m also not going to tell you exactly what I do, if for no other reason than you’re rude!
      People are crazy!

  6. Ye, every one knows my views on this. Particularly after I got branded a bully and got some very nice *snark* emails telling me to stop posting links to the original patterns on the pages wall. THEY even managed to knit a crochet rabbit

  7. I was amazed a few weeks ago when I saw in Ravelry an identical table cloth I’d made following a pattern from a magazine I’d bought years ago, but whether I quoted my source, this young lady was actually saying it was her own pattern!

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