This And That, And A Few of the Authors I Like To Read…

iHola, dear ones! Thanks for coming back, I really do appreciate it!

This has been kind of a hectic week, what with all the stuff in the news, the bombings ( I live in the US, it’s all that was on the news all  last week). It was disheartening, and it really messed with my creative juju.  And that is not ok, because I have things to do… monsters don’t just make themselves.

SPEAKING OF WHICH!!! I made a doll for someone, it’s what he looks like dressed as a zombie.  He does movie makeup, he works on The Walking It’s this doll.

ZombieMan holding his bloody sickle and the head of his latest victim.

ZombieMan holding his bloody sickle and the head of his latest victim.

He happens to have friends who are actors, and own a production company.  As a thank you, and because he likes to help promote small businesses, he made me a commercial. Let me re-phrase that. He wrote, and got friends to act in and produce this really amazing commercial I just love to watch! Check it out

LOVE IT!!! Hope you did too!  I smile instantly when I watch it!


I had decided to post some of the authors I’ve read recently, I try to read every day, it doesn’t always happen, but I do try to read a few minutes in the morning. sort of my morning inspiration. I do read almost exclusively horror.   Really.  Some Sci-Fi/Fantasy too, but at the end of my reading session, usually at least one person has died, and not happily, in their sleep.  It would be too long a blog to try to add everyone I’ve read lately, but I messaged some of them, the wonders of the interwebs, I can talk to the author of a book I’ve just read and talk about it! AND be friends too, and I will tell you what I’ve read, and give you a couple links, and you can check out what you want to.  This will have to be an on-going bit, I’m always reading new folks, but here are some I have loved recently.

Jerry McKinney  I became friends with Jerry before knowing he was an author. Finding out that he writes horror made me so happy, and happily, he  let me read a short story of his, and I was STOKED! He writes horror the way I like to read it!  Some unexplained stuff, not quite sure how it happened, but this is the way it is. He doesn’t explain his monsters, just assumes you know there are more than just regular old people out there.  Jerry writes short stories, which I love because I can read a story in a sitting and have it to fuel my day. I have Jerry’s book  Nightsound, and absolutely think if you like to be disturbed, and a bit disgusted, you might like what he writes. ( My favorites are Lie Canthropy, Patchouli, and Takers)

Rebecca Besser Rebecca is a woman of horror, and there aren’t as many of those as you’d think. And, while things are getting better and easier for women horror writers, progress is a bit slow.  Rebecca wrote Nurse Blood, a book about body snatchers and organ harvesters, and let me tell you, I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!  The book starts off right in the middle of  “a job” and the action never stops!  Through it, though I knew Sonya would just as soon harvest my organs if I wasn’t valuable to her, I cheered for her, and was worried for her life when it was in danger.  It’s a lot harder to safely and securely harvest organs and not get caught…  The creepiest part about the book is that it actually happens. Body-snatching and organ-harvesting are so very prevalent today.  There are countries where prisoners are expected to be organ-“donors.”  Rebecca also wrote a short story I read, Hall of Twelve, AWESOME! Alternate dimension beings snatch people up, and let the roll of dice decide each person’s fate…only one is good.  There isn’t a link to Nurse Blood  right now, but here’s one to her blog,  and to her author page on facebook.


R Phillip Roberts  Another awesome writer of short stories, Robert’s stories always have something unexpected, something you didn’t see coming.  His writing is very much like reading a “Twilight Zone” episode, there’s the twist, and that’s just how things are.  Read Something in the Road  if you love those trips that don’t quite end the way you thought they would, but are just as great!


John F D Taff  I met John on twitter, he followed me, and at the time his book, Little Deaths was 99 cents, cheap by book standards, so I bought it, and LOVED it! I reviewed it the morning I finished it, and he tweeted my review within minutes! John writes short stories, and they’ SO CREEPY!  Not always with the blood, and the killing, in fact, sometimes no one dies in a story, but you know that there is at least one person who wishes he did. ( My favorites are Bolts,  But For A Moment,Motionless, The Tontine, and the Mellified Man[so creepy])  Here’s a link for John.


Michael S, Gardner  I met Michael through some  writer friends, and his book Death In The Times of Madness, a book of short stories about death was 99 cents,   and was reviewed by a mutual friend, another writer, and he said it was great. It is!!!  It’s creepy and wonderful and I could read one story in each sitting and inspire my day. AWESOME, but, he’s written more! Seller of the Dead (Working Class Zombie) is a new storyline I”m a fan of. I’d given up reading zombie stories for a bit; they were all similar, and I like lots of different monsters. But I gave this one a shot, and I’m hooked! The first installment is told from the point of view of a zombie, who’s not too ravaged by his undeath to try to get a gig with a human family. He goes to a seminar that sets him up to be purchased by a family who will keep him, if he passes all the tests. Nobody wants to buy a zombie that will eat them, so he has to undergo all manner of testing to see if he will give in to his baser need to eat flesh… I”m waiting for the second installment…he’s still not done… is it ready yet? Honestly, this different take on zombies may incite me to read zombie stories again!  Here’s Michael’s blog

As I said, this will have to be an on-going bit of my blog, I”ve got so many authors to tell you about, and books I’ve enjoyed, it won’t fit in one post, so give these guys a look if you like horror!


Last bit before I go. This weekend is the Global yarn-Bomb-a-Long with my group from Treblemaking Hookers ( I’m making some skulls, as are quite a few of the members! The part that excites me is that is was just an idea floating through my head a couple weeks ago, and now all these lovely people are so excited! There are hookers who haven’t yarn-bombed ever and are excited! It gets me giddy! I’ve already put out the idea that I”d love to share their pictures and experiences, so my blog NEXT Monday should be all kinds of happy and yarny!

yarn bomb skulls

yarn bomb skulls

Here are 2 more of my skulls. The one on the left glows in the dark, so I will put on a tag that says so.

This week I will be working on my yarn-bombs and a couple new projects. I’m making a tree with posable limbs for a friend, no taller than 10″ including the branches all the way up… It was asked that he be made in wool, as he’s for a supersecret bigger project of my friend’s…will let you know more later on.  One of the authors I listed above has a project for me, he’s got me making a character from one of his stories. I can’t tell you much more, she’s part of a super secret happening, too, but this one will happen sooner. I will post pictures on my facebook page daily, but not allude to who she’s for or what she’s for, I don’t like to give away secrets…

SO, have a wonderful, smooth week. And, keep it creepy!!!



6 thoughts on “This And That, And A Few of the Authors I Like To Read…

  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I’ll keep this post and will look into buying some of them. I watched a movie called Dirty Pretty Things’ about illegal organ selling/snatching: terrifying.

  2. Wonderful to share the good authors you have found and like. Even cooler that some are your friends now! I know I read Hall of 12 thanks to you! And it really was creepy in a cool way. That roll of the dice had me on the edge of my seat. I’m sure I’ll be reading some more of the ones you recommended too and I thank you for raising my awareness to the awesome indie authors out there! Artists supporting artists is a beautiful thing.

    • I had a hesitation about indie authors, but remember indie artists of all kinds are talented! This helps friends find something to read maybe, and my other friends find readers!

  3. I’ve just read your review on Amazon of ‘Something in the Road’ by R Phillip Roberts and bought it. I look forward to reading it, as we spend so long on the road ourselves. Will let you know my thoughts on it when I’ve finished it. Thank you for recommending it.

    Creepy hugs always.

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