The Global yarn-Bomb-a-Long Weekend Is HERE!!!

Hello  friends!!!

Normally I’ve prepared something with a topic, and written and done some re-writes, but not this time….sorry.  This week has been just so very crazy-busy, and I haven’t really had time.  Along with regular old life and the yarny monsters I make, I’ve had a couple job interviews and the husband has been home a bit more, AND I’ve been preparing for the big weekend!!

Along with some friends of mine from the facebook community I belong to, Treblemaking Hookers,, I’m yarn-bombing this weekend, and I’m very stoked!  I”ve done it before, nothing big, or elaborate, but now I’m yarn-bombing with friends all over the world!  I will put my pictures up here, I think my friend Megan might come with me, yay, AND I’m asking everyone in the group to share their pictures and experiences, and if I can put some here. Hopefully my next blog post will contain my friends’ yarn-bombs from all over!

Image1300Image1324 Image1333


I’m doing skulls this time, some with flowers, some with embroidery, a couple that glow in the dark… Wanna know the cool thing? So many folks who are joining have never yarn bombed before!  Also lots of folks are doing skulls, which will be so cool!  I’m hoping it goes well, and we can do a few more events like this through the year.

Other than that, it’s just business as usual.  I’m still working on the doll I can’t tell you about.  And a Zombie Jesus, my third.  Because I’ve been sharing pictures of my skulls, I have a few orders for some of those, very exciting.

OH!!!!!!!   My friend Scott from Triple-S Studios,, had an art giveaway, AND I WON!  Instead of having him draw a picture of boring old me, I had him draw a picture of Brainy, my resident zombie. I love it so much!



So……….yea. That’s about that. My whole week has been about the upcoming yarn-bomb, I’ve been getting more excited  every day! Next post will be about the weekend, so I hope you’ll all come back and check out my friends’ work!

Have a lovely weekend, and KEEP IT CREEPY!!!


10 thoughts on “The Global yarn-Bomb-a-Long Weekend Is HERE!!!

  1. Good luck with your yarn bombing where you are. I’ve been making a flower garland to go on the bus stop nearest our house. I’ve never done it before, so I’m really excited. I hope it won’t rain (it’s been forecast) so that I can take good pictures.

  2. I’ve realized this Sunday is the birthday of Sir Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series. So my Rainbow Skullz will be dedicated to him too, as one of the main characters in the DW novels is Death, and PTerry is all for euthanasia. He will be 65! And still writing, although he suffers from Alzheimer’s!

  3. Can I take a ball of yarn and just wrap it on stuff? Could that still be yarn bombing? I lack those skills but I love the concept. Can you make little acme bombs of yarn and leave them places next time? That would be hilarious!!

    • ACTUALLY, twinsie, that’s kind of my plan for the next one. International yarn bomb day is June 9 and I want to make wee acme dummy bombs that look like they have a lit fuse, but in non-bomb colors, in case. Maybe sticks of dynamite too. Would send you a couple if you’d bomb your town for me, anywhere of your choice!

      • I will most CERTAINLY do that for you. If you have time to make extras, I’ll bomb it up and send pics. That’s freakin awesome.

      • I will totally make bombs for you Twinsie! I love the idea of sending you some to decorate your neck of the woods! I’ll even get with you and find out if there’s a certain yarn bomb you’d like me to send! X

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