Late Post, I Know…

Hello Lovelies! I know that I usually post on Monday, but I didn’t really have anything…

Last week I was supposed to take a series of tests and do my last interview before getting that job.  Everything was looking good, and then they took my blood pressure… the nurse asked if I was stressed in any way. I know I looked at her with attitude, and she kind of giggled.  No…I”m not stressed. I”m unemployed, have been for a bit, husband is now looking for work…other things, random free-floating anxiety… No, I’m fine.  Though last year when I went to the doc to get my new prescription for birth control, they mentioned my blood pressure was high, and they made me lie there for 15 minutes in the dark and then take it again, before leaving with meds… And my mother was hypertensive…both of these things I told the nurse. BUT I hadn’t had coffee that morning so it should be better. She asked me to lie down in the dark and think relaxing thoughts (it was 148/90 the first time).  To START the test, a person’s blood pressure has to be below 130/80, sitting up.

So I laid there, in the dark, trying to think relaxing thoughts, which is completely not something I do well. I just started trying to focus on slowing my pulse, which was racing, and making my exhalations longer than my inhalations. The nurse came back quietly, and asked me to sit up slowly, which made me feel worse than I had been, but I did it, and it was lower, 144/83.  Still not good enough to  take the test, but she thought if I got into the surroundings I needed to test in, maybe something would be ok…AND I had to take the test after being upright a bit.  So we walked into the other room, and she told me just to relax and people watch, and just try to do some deep breathing… just her telling me to relax was stressing me out by now.  About 15 minutes later, the nurse came back, and gave me that smile that is supposed to be reassuring, and said “I hope you had relaxing thoughts!”  Apparently I didn’t. My blood pressure was 153/93.  They couldn’t test me. I did have to go back 2 days later to get my Tb test read, so I could try again.

I drove myself  home, determined to hold it together, and I did.  I cried walking into the house, but I was good while driving.  Told my husband the story, while looking up “lower blood pressure” on the interwebs.  I found all the things I could eat, and wrote down a small list of stuff to get, and decided I was gonna do it the more natural way… I chewed on garlic cloves, drank cranberry juice, ate garlicky, cayenne peppery food, and took magnesium, calcium, and hawthorn berry. And had no caffeine. And tried to think relaxing thoughts. HA!

Friday morning rolls around, I tried to get a good night’s sleep, and at some point decided that knowing that I was unhealthy was more important than anything else…  I got to the office and was seen pretty quickly. I”m negative for Tb, yay.  Then they took my blood pressure, 148/89.  This time the nurse said “I’m going to give you one more chance, I’ll let you lie here in the dark for a few minutes and see if you can just calm a bit.  She was gone for 20 minutes this time, she thought I needed a few extra minutes.. What I’d needed were hours…it went up to 153/90.    The nurse said she’d have to send in the results for the test, and maybe my job would let me get my blood pressure taken care of, and try again.

When I got home, I instantly called the last doctor I saw when I had insurance, he was our doctor for a few years, and knew our history. Luckily the office visits weren’t as much as I’d thought, and got an appointment for Tuesday, and emailed the  company of the job I was trying to get, to find out what I could do. It was Friday afternoon, so I’d be waiting for a bit… I kept my caffeine intake down, tried to go for walks and not stress.  The weekend was pretty uneventful, and so was Monday,  no call from the company, but Mondays can be busy.  Tuesday rolls around, and I go see Dr Zheng. I got in quickly, they took my blood pressure and I got into a room to talk to the doc pretty quickly. I like him, he straight talks me and is just nice.  My bp was 148/86, which wasn’t too high, but my heart rate was pretty elevated, and I was just resting, so a bit troubling.  Now I”m on Atenolol, and I go back for a check up in a month.  THEN as I was leaving the doc’s office, the company called.  They need someone to start NOW, not hopefully in a few weeks, AND since I had such a high bp without meds, they don’t want to chance me having that job, where I might have to be maneuvering  an adult larger than myself, if not larger, and maybe my  meds were off a bit… they’re covering themselves, but I understand, and would definitely not be ready to push myself so very quickly.  I was also told that when I got my health in order, there are other positions with the company that if they ever come up I could apply for.

So I’ve taken my first med, my heart rate is noticeably slower, and it’s not pounding.  It will be cool not to have my ears pounding when I go to bed tonight. I”m supposed to give it a couple days before driving by myself, but that’s ok.

So I’m still working on my clay  golem, I”ll put up a bunch of pictures for my next blog post. I”m sure this was the most boring post, but it’s been on my mind non-stop for a week now, so it’s nice to have a bit of resolution, even though not what I’d hoped for.  But, it’s not all that bad, AND I’ll be healthier… which is cool because I gotta KEEP IT CREEPY!  (and so do you!)


20 thoughts on “Late Post, I Know…

      • It IS!!! I’ve already stopped sodas, but I have to have at least a couple cups of coffee in the morning, and and have had tea in the afternoon, but I feel not nearly caffeinated enough!!!

      • I’ve tried to have tea in the morning…it just doesn’t seem to taste like coffee…I ADORED soda!!! I love the carbonation and the sweet happines, and the caffeine… But I”ve been told for awhile I should quit…so I finally did. I miss it so, but am pretty much just quitting and will get used to tea again. *sadly wave bye-bye to soda*

  1. Sorry my friend… Funny that you had that happen, I went to the doc on Fri last week and also had high BP (usually I am at 116/68) it was at 153/78… hmmm something is afoot!

    • Oh my!!! Hope that gets taken care of Heidi!!! I used to have really great blood pressure, it was 120/70 forever, and if I got sick it was low. NOW, not so much. Please take care of yourself!!!

  2. I am so sorry about that, Kim. I know you are a pretty determined girl and I am sure you will be just fine in not time at all. I am glad that your prospective employers are willing to wait for you and offer you a different position when you BP in in the clear. That’s something wonderful to look forward to.

    My dad had a stroke when he was only 51 (I was 11), so from that point onwards, we had to cook with very little fat, hardly any salt and, of course, he had to give up drinking and smoking. I have kept those habits to this day, as I never want to find myself suffering from a stroke and I would hate my husband and son to go through what we went through when my dad got ill.

    I am right behind you on this one, today and always, so easy on the salt and fatty food and you will conquer!

    Lots of love


    • Thanks, Fatima!
      Second day on my meds, so far so good. I’ll be going back to the doc in a month. The only thing I’m not doing is driving for a couple days, warning says not to for a few days, I’m ok with that. And, truly, I would rather know about my physical health and take care of it, and then find a job!
      Creepy love to you!!!

  3. Not an easy post to write, I’m sure – reliving all that anxiety and opening up about it. But I give you enormous kudos for being smart about everything – putting your health first! That is the priority. It was worth a try to go the natural route and kudos to you for trying that too, but sometimes we need additional help and I’m so glad you got it! Everything else will fall into place, my friend. Let go of the things you can’t control and continue looking for the flowers in the weeds. Love you!

    • Aww, Teeni, you’re so wonderful!
      The health part is a bit odd, I feel a bit more aware of every small thing, and am trying to just relax about stuff that is “less important.” It’s a bit humbling. Probably a good thing.

  4. I agree with Teeni that it is very brave to open up like this!
    Apparently it’s not yet your time to go back to work. You have other things to do: crochet spawn and taking care of yourself.
    Less salt is okay, but when you’re on meds that lower your Bp, you’ll lose too much salt. You may try to refill the necessary levels by taking foodstuff with Potassium. That’s salt too, but GOOD 🙂 I know of cooking salts and table salts that contain more Potassium than Sodium (the BAD salt) and I know bananas and raisins contain it. Otherwise you will feel dizzy and lightheaded and you don’t want that.
    To help your nerves relax more, take Valerian. It’s a natural thing and not addictive at all, as valium is. It will help you feel less anxious and more rested.
    Helping your Bp lower even more, in a natural way, you could try tea made of nettles or fennel. Normal (black) teas also contain caffeine, these don’t. And they help your body getting lower your Bp.
    I hope these tips will help you to become healthier and more relaxed on your way to a new job that will suit you!!!

    • I’ve worked for that company before, and you didn’t use-to have to, but over the years they probably have had folks unable to do the job, and somehow they needed to start. Plus, that job is with adults who have special needs, and, well, occasionally those folks maybe decide that they don’t want to do something and lie down in the street…yep, had it happen before. She needed to be carried, partially naked, from the street to the van. It was embarrassing, and a lot of work!

  5. Don’t burst out in laughter here, but… have you ever tried to meditate?
    Not cross-legged & chanting oohmm, but, even trying to get some peace in a hot bath can help. In today’s world, I can’t see how anyone ISN’T stressed.

    And – glad you don’t have TB 😉

    • S.G.~ I’m glad I don’t have Tb too!
      And I used to be better at meditating, and used to do it really regular… I have a hard time, my brain wants to make dolls instead, then I want to write down ideas. It’s pretty distracting, in a good way… When I’m home I can always find a bit of music that distracts me some, but in the office getting my physical, it was impossible. Strangely, when I went to My doc’s office, it was lower, not good enough to take the stress test, but better. He was more concerned about my heart rate, which is much lower after 2 days of meds. He figured with my mother having hypertension, I was probably going to also.XX

  6. I think being told to sit in a dark room and think relaxing thoughts would make my blood pressure spike anyway. Shame they didn’t give you a crochet hook, it always relaxes me right down!
    Shame it’s cost you the job but it’s probably safer in the long run. And it’s good that they’re positive about the future too, that’s always nice to hear. Hope the meds kick in for ya 🙂

    • I thought about asking for a hook and yarn, or if I could bring some. But I’d rather be healthy, too. The meds are just fine, my pulse is a lot slower,and fewer stress headaches!

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