Hello Friends!!! Lovely to see you! What a full week it’s been!

Last Saturday I mailed away the Clay Golem to John, and he’s already gotten him! AND!  He really likes him!clay golem   clay golem face

It still amazes me every time someone really loves their spawn!  There’s a wee voice in the back of my mind that says someone is going to look at what they have, and not like it like they hoped.  It’s never happened, that I know of, but it’s still there. I feel pretty lucky to always make folks happy, and for John, 2 different dolls!  The big coolness should be happening  this next week… I”m so excited! And will share pictures and everything I”m allowed to, as soon as I can.

Tuesday I interviewed at a job, that’s always a good sign, for me.  If I can get an interview, I almost surely almost have the job…I”m pretty charming.  Completely different kind of job. I’d be an office person at one of the those self-storage units.  I’ve done office work before, and it would be easy, give my mind a bit of free time to dream about spawn, and just be something I’d most assuredly not have to take a stress test for.  I met with the manager and her mum, and hit it off straight away.  She’d asked if I minded if the dogs came out to meet me, and of course I said no problem.  They have an 11 year old pit bull and a 13 year old labrador.  The manager asked if I minded watching the dogs sometimes–she’s pregnant, due in August, and her dog likes to be at the office. Of course  I tell em I love dogs, and that’s a plus in my favor.  A few more questions and it was clear they liked me.  A couple more questions and she told me that she was sad she set 3 more interviews, but that she wanted to hire me. She gave me her card and told me she’d call me by the end of the week.  She called me Wednesday morning at 10 am to offer me the job.  I will start on the 19th, yay me!.. I wonder if anyone will ever try to leave a body in one like in Silence of the Lambs…that would be frightening…and maybe a bit cool…

In the meantime I’ve started 2 new projects.  For Emma, I”m making 10 skulls on split rings for her daughter’s birthday party, which I totally love!  She asked for “candy punk colors” especially pink, orange and purple.  Do you know I went to the candy store and looked at candy colors for a few minutes, and then ran out because I was salivating, and then went to buy thread.  And this time I do mean thread!  My base color is a pink, maybe  Starburst pink, definitely jelly bean pink.  Then I decided that I wanted really vibrant colors, and I wanted them to be different slightly, so I bought some embroidery floss to add in with the thread.  Each skull has 3 colors, there will be 9 for guests,and then a 10th with a flower, for the birthday girl, Hattie.  Here’s what’ I’ve got done so far. I’ll send them away on Monday.

skull keyrings

I”m in love with how changing one of 3 colors gives such different results.  Having the base as pink draws them all together, but changing threads makes a big difference. The second skull from the left is a light purple and orange with the pink, and the one on the end is a darker purple and the same orange…changing just one color makes a huge difference,  for those of you who don’t use more than one color at a time, adding a bit of depth is easy, just by adding a second fiber.

I”ve also been working on a wool tree for Jill.  She’s making a stop-motion movie, and needed a tree. I jumped at this! I’ve wanted to make a posable tree for awhile. My brain is fueled by every creepy movie/cartoon/book with creepy trees that moved or walked or had faces or grabbed for people.  My only restrictions?  Felted wool, and 10″ tall.  The height is the hardest thing to keep to, but then I realized that since the branches are wired they don’t have to straight up, they can be bent and hang. So, back to perfection.  The base of the trunk is weighted with a pouch of BBs and has wire that the wires in the branches will get wrapped around.

Image1522     Image1529


I started with a sketch from Jill, and then took off!  This project is so much fun!  I had a “halloween tree” which was a branch I”d cut off my tree, and painted black, and I  hung my Beetlejuice figures, spiders, and other monsters from it.  I gave it to a friend, she loved it so… THIS project makes me want to make a creepy tree forest!  I want to make them with weird faces, and branches that look like arms, and they will all be posable… I’m a bit obsessed!  I just started the third branch last night, there will probably be a fourth, then I’ll sew it together.  The bottom picture was the one I took Thursday night before nearly quitting for the day,  all my tools for the project, including my 3.25 mm hook, and the floral tape I wrapped wire with to get the right thickness for the branches, and a branch I”m ready to work on.  I”ll have it through some of next week, so next post will have pictures of the tree in different poses, all the branches have wire in them, as well as the stump I make, which WAS a former lover of the tree, but was cut down to make a bathroom… I am so very very excited about this movie!

It’s International Yarnbombing Day/Weekend this weekend, and it totally snuck up on me!  I’ve been so focused on the golem, then mailed that away, and started the tree, and and so hooked on it… So now I’m underprepared for the weekend. I”ve got 4 monster hearts, meant to have bunches, but things got away…


But on Friday, and on Saturday, I”m going to make some more 2D monster hearts…maybe a mixture of 2D and 3D monster hearts, and a trip out early Sunday morning. I’m going to put up pictures from my group in the next blog from this weekend, just like last time, so make sure you check back next week, there will be so much happening… once these 2 projects are done there will be a Cthulhu on my hooks…the 3rd this year!

This week has just been so full of good stuff.  It’s what I have to remember, when things get a bit low…they don’t always stay that way, and that sometimes I just have to hang around through the low periods, and remember they don’t last.

Have a wonderful week! Keep it creepy!!!


12 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEK!!!

  1. Hugest congratulations on the job – they sound lovely to work with and DOGS! Always a plus lol. It it just general admin, checking stuff in etc? (And admit it – a tiny small part of you totally does want someone dropping off a body :p)

    I love the skulls. The tricolour mix looks excellent, makes each one so unique too. I hope the girls like them 🙂

    I ballesed up yarn bombing weekend. Had a super busy week and totally forgot about it so I’ve not made owt and won’t really have time now either. I might have a dig round the shelf see if there’s anyone I’m willing to part with. x

    • Thanks so much! It is just general admin work, checking payments, maybe showing a unit, taking the dogs out for a wee…easy peasy! If there’s a body, I’ll let you know!
      The skulls are making me really happy, and want to play with color more!
      I KNOW I’ve got a few things I”m willing to part with, and I’m just going to try to be more prepared next time…we should maybe give ourselves some time…!

  2. Love all your stuff….love original 😉 but I want one of your hearts! but will have to wait for results of my test! id like either a red heart with a scar! or a healthy red one with a smiley face, but lets have fingers x’d that I wont be asking you for a kidney…..why does it take so long for results =[ altho saying that I feel fine and I look in rude health…so surly this counts for summit hey!?. I am so pleased you got a job Kim mawaaa enjoy and Im sure you will have some intresting stories to share with us as you find your way around!…..like maybe some unexplained body fluid leaking from one of the containers hey! lol

    • Thanks Tracy!
      I could do a heart with a smiley face on one side and a scar on the other!
      If there are any units with weird smells and body fluids or strange comings and goings I will totally tell you!!!
      Crossing my fingers on the results!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On getting the job (maybe after some time you can bring a yarn project too to fill in the quiet hours) and on giving birth to the Golem. He is a very handsome one and I’m in love with him 😀
    I love the skulls too! Those colours work very well. What age is the birthday girl? They’ve asked the right person for something like this hehehe. Like the hearts and the tree as well. You’ve been very busy!! I don’t know if I have time to make something for the yarnbomb, had to finish some other things and do several chores… :-[
    Looking forward to your next Cthulhu 😀

    • Thanks Ellen! I’m hoping I can get into a rhythm and bring some yarn in too, It’s only 3 days a week, 9 am-5pm, with some filling in here and there the other days.
      Golem was pretty cool, I hadn’t made something like him before, so he was totally on the fly, and lots of fun!
      I have been busy, but I’ve got all these intriguing projects, and I love them all so much.
      The girl is going to turn 13, they’ll be part of the invitations to her slumber party I believe. She’s seem them and loves them so far, which makes me very happy!
      yarnbomb weekend just snuck up on me, maybe the next one should be farther away!

  4. Congratulations on getting that job! I am really thrilled for you. I am sure you’ll be a great success, as you seem pretty determined and focused on things.

    I love the idea of using embroidery fibres in various colours for the skulls. Another great tip and something I might try in future just to see the effect for real.

    The Golem is great, as always. How could anyone fail to love him, especially when it’s made with so much care and just for you!

    Very well done on all your achievements this week.

    Creepy hugs.

    • Hi Fatima!
      Thanks so very much! It’s nice to have a job again!
      I keep trying crochet with new things,I’d like to try wire sometime, just to see what it does! Could be fun!
      I have special love for most of my creatures, but the Golem is pretty cool, I wish they’d make me small movies of their new lives!
      Creepy hugs my friend!

  5. Wow – it really has been a crazy week (and even more than that) for you lately! I’m so excited about the Golem and his special job. He looks fantastic and I’m sure he will be loved for so many reasons, not the least of which is the wonderful job you did on him. The skulls are great – as you know- I’ve already named them since they look so tasty to me. LOL. And I couldn’t be happier for my good friend to have a job where she will be appreciated,not have to work her fingers to the bone or tax her physically and emotionally. I do hope it turns out to be just that way. Sounds wonderful so far and it’s always a good plus when you feel they like and want you enough that they don’t even want to bother with the other interviews! A nice little ego boost which I think couldn’t have happened at a better time! 🙂 Okay, I will stop typing now before I create a whole post of my own here. ❤

    • ❤ Love you mucho, Teeni! As much as I'd love to just be able to stay home and make the spawn full time, we're not quite there yet. so having to have a job is just a neccessity. I'm pretty stoked about this job, and if it turns out to be what it says, then even better!
      Golem was pretty cool, I need to do some more "inspiration gathering," get a bit more adventurous, projects like this are just so much fun, and totally dfferent than most of the others, I do love stretching my skills!
      And thanks for naming the skulls, they're quite proud!

  6. So glad you got a job hun! That’s great news.
    Those skulls are amazing! I may have to have one of those in the future. I love them! And the creepy tree! So cool. I love creepy trees… I keep wanting to get a tattoo of one. I don’t know what it is about them but they’re just so eerie and spooky. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

    • Thanks so much all around!
      Ever since I was a kid, all the movies and cartoons I loved had creepy trees, and then gong to places where the trees invoke that feeling kinda reminds of how they felt so long ago..I always did love walking in places where it looked like the trees wanted to reach out and grab me!
      You let me know when you want a skull, will make you exactly the color(s) you want!

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