International Yarnbombing Day, Jill’s Tree, and Rachel and the Golem

Hello Lovelies! So glad you’re back! This was a busy week! They’ve all been that way for a bit… more changes and craziness to come, I’m sure!

So LAST weekend was International Yarnbombing/Knitting(hooking) in Public day.  And it totally caught me off guard… even though I had written about it,  the Treblemaking Hookers had posted and planned on it… and my work on the Golem totally had me so wrapped up that I didn’t take any time for making things for yarnbombing.  I ended up with  4 3D  monster hearts and 7 green fuzzy 2D  hearts with “stitches” sewn on, not what I had wanted, but I also realized I wasn’t as into these for yarnbombs as I had been for the skulls.  I’m wondering if maybe for yarnbombing I don’t need to simplify, follow a pattern, already created, make something a bit easier, something I can go on autopilot for… THEN, to add insult to injury, my sad old phone that I used to take pictures lost some of the photos, and some went corrupt, and I can’t retrieve them… Plagued from the get-go, I must change things for the next time!

BUT, some of my friends DID do lots of yarnbombing, and I”m going to share their pictures, because I love them all so much! Here goes:


Fatima lives by the sea, and so created an ocean-based animal yarnbomb.  All the critters got sweet tags with her website and a note saying please give me a home! Wonderful!!!!!!


Denise yarnbombs regularly! She’s always taking cute wee critters to libraries and parks and out when she goes and does her errands, I love this woman!!!  This yarnbomb day happened to coincide with her 30th wedding anniversary, so she made one critter for each year, and took them to the park! LOVE!!!


My friend the Mad Crochet Scientist made the CUTEST wee safety cones, hollow like the real ones, and put them all over the playground, with notes telling kids to have a safe summer. DAMN CUTE!  I used to work with preschool aged kids, I know those cones are going to be well loved and played with!


Liz left wee bookmarks in places where they’d for sure be found, and hopfully taken quickly. I like small, swee yarnbombs like these.  I always feel like someone finds them, and maybe instantly, their load gets a just a bit lighter.


Wanda made eyes for these hats and then put them on the fence of local Community Garden. She got the granddaughter to help out. I love those hats! AND there’s a good possibility that I”ll make some around mid-fall and yarnbomb with them.


Vania, and some ladies from her knitting group each made a flower and decorated the lions! LOVELY! And I do enjoy a group project!


Linny left these very lovely butterfly hairpins in a bag, to keep them nice in the weather, and a note.  She said they were taken when she came out of the restaurant after having breakfast! LOVE!!!


Amanda left something completely lovely for her mail carrier! I’d LOVE to have been a fly on the mailbox to have seen the face of the mailcarrier!  They need love too!


Stephanie turned her stop sign into a flower, and even though the wind caused the petals not to cooperate as well as she’d liked, I love this so very very much!

This week I spent working on Jill’s tree, and stump, for her stop motion video.  It had to be wool, because it had to be felted, there will be wool characters in the movie. This project was amazing to me. I had no idea why I had not made a posable tree before!!!  Of all the movies and cartoons and books where there were creepy trees that could reach up and grab folks, why had I not made one yet???  I’ve started looking at trees, looking at bark colors, and branches, and the way the trees lean, and thinking about where eyes might go…trees may not always have a mouth, or a big visible one, but they always have eyes.    Don’t get me wrong, some trees will have mouths, big, gaping ones, small menacing ones, strange smirking ones.  But some will just have eyes.  I’ve already got my next tree on the hook.  I’ve already made the weight pouch for it–I’m kind of in love with using BBs, they’re small, and have lots of nice weight for the size.  The only other thing I might use would be fishing weights. because I can get fairly small ones, that are heavy. I eliminated, for this tree, the floral tape, and this tree won’t be made out of wool.  I’m hoping to get the branches to taper a bit more.


Image1586 Image1595

The eyes don’t have pupils. Those are just for the pictures.  These guys are going to be in a movie, so the eyes have to be able to move.  I plied the 3 ply yarn down, and crocheted wee chains and used them for tree bark, seemed important, even if I couldn’t get a good enough picture of it.

So the tree has taken hold of me. I honestly can’t tell you why so much, except every time I look at the tree I think of all those cartoons I watched as a kid, and Saturday morning shows… even the Ents in LOTR.  So now I’ve started one already.     It’s already got a bit narrower trunk, but it’s a side thing, I’ve got a Cthulhu on hooks next for someone.  And I start my new job on Tuesday. So there will be a bit less hooking 3 days  a week…a bit.


Remember these two? They’ve done their job. They’re with John F.D. Taff and his “now” fiance Debbie in New Orleans at the World Horror Convention.  In a very elaborate coup, the Golem, armed with sexiness and  a wee note in his mouth, proposed marriage to Debbie for John. She said YES!!! It was the creatures, they pushed it over the edge, I just know it!!!

So that’s my week, friends! Hope yours was wonderful, and that this coming one will be freaky, fangtastic, and as always,  A BIT CREEPY!!!


9 thoughts on “International Yarnbombing Day, Jill’s Tree, and Rachel and the Golem

  1. Such a happy, lovely, cozy, yarny-warm post! I love it! Every time I see that tree, I just about lose it! I hadn’t seen the pic of him with the spider before – awesome! I’m hoping your first week at your new job are AWESOME and that you settle into your new routine quickly. Looking forward to hearing more about Kim’s Kreepy adventures. ❤

    • The tree has changed me! Every tree now deserves a few extra looks!!!
      I think I might be hoping for fewer adventures at work, and just nice long days of not much happening, *whispers* so I can design spawn!

  2. What a terrific post and so awfully nice and thoughtful of you to share everybody’s yarn bombing displays! I love seeing them all together.

    I am also so happy for you that your tree and Golem were so successful! and who would have thought that someone would use him to propose to his girlfriend? Pure black magic, I am sure.

    And finally, many congratulations again on your new job and best of luck on your first day next Tuesday.

    Creepy and loving hugs to you


    • Thank you so much Fatima! I love all the yarnbombing pictures together, or “love-bombing” as you call it! I always smile to know that some one else is enjoying a bit of yarny love!
      I knew that John was going to use Rachel and the Golem to propose, I’ve been sitting on it since before the Golem was made, I DID NOT know the note in the mouth would say marry me, but I love it so!
      Thank you again, friend!
      Creepy hugs!

  3. I can’t believe your Golem was used to propose to someone! That is so awesome. It makes sense though – who could say no to him 😉 Loved seeing and reading about the yarns bombs, and your tree is fantastic. I can understand your new fascination with trees. When you crochet something it brings you closer to it somehow. Congratulations on the new job!

  4. Aww such a lovely proposal story! How many people can beat ‘I proposed with a crocheted Gollum’?!

    I missed yarn bombing totally – stupid busy weeks. Everyones looks ace though so I’ll live vicariously lol.

    I love the tree too – spooky trees were one of my fave things to doodle at one point so I can totally see why you’d get yarny ones obsessed 😀

    • Hi Amiguruthi!
      I totally love spooky trees! Just plain obsessed now!
      Don’t worry about missing this yarnbombing, school was important! Plus, we’ll totally do it again, so there are many chances!!!

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