Just A Short Catch-up

Hello, dear ones!

This post is just a catch-up.  I started my new job this week,  and that was pretty much my week!  I work at a storage unit facility,  customer service, so you know, new contracts, taking payments, showing units, etc.  My boss and her mum, who works there, too, are very nice, quite funny, and happy with me so far!  I only work 3 days a week, but that will allow me to keep up with the yarnspawn, as soon as I get “into the swing” of things.  I work 9-5, though it’s not hard or really all that much work, by the end of the day, and after the 40-50 minute commute, I’m wiped out!  I have a bit of downtime, am trying to take small projects to work, nothing big like Cthulhu, who is about 9″ tall.  I made a skull at work, just needed to sew in ends, so I’ll have to take wee projects, or small portions of projects, maybe.

That’s pretty much it! When I get home from work, my rat terrier mix Penny Crane pushes open the screen door with her head and comes out to greet me, Buster Smalls the chihuahua follows along.Image1623  166880_188376554511299_6416972_n

Apparently they’re pretty sad I’m away. Penny lies by the door while I’m at work, and “the whining” starts around 5pm–when I get off work and they like to eat dinner.

By the time it’s about 7:30 or 8, I’ve only got an hour or so of crochet time in me…hopefully that will change.

I’ve been working on a Cthulhu this week, and have a  side project of a tree. I’ve only just finished the trunk, time to add roots and limbs with wire in them. Will see how that goes.

It’s Saturday here, so I’ve got chores to do, and then later some time with my favorite green-tentacled god, oh, and the husband and the dogs, too.

Have a wonderful week, my lovelies! Keep it creepy!


6 thoughts on “Just A Short Catch-up

  1. You’ll soon get into a routine with work and crochet. If you get a lunch hour, I’m sure you can squeeze a skull or two in that time. I also work part-time; just mornings, so I have a couple of hours in the afternoon before dinner.

    I love your dogs. We’re getting a puppy who is about to be born, so we’ll pick him up after our holidays in September. Can’t wait.

    Best of luck with work and everything. By the way, how’s your blood pressure going?

    • I will get into a routine. Maybe I’ll need to have some tea in the afternoons.
      A puppy will be so fun, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a puppy, they’re so cute when they run around!
      Blood pressure is good, thanks! Some regular walks, as well as walking around at work and meds and a job now have me feeling better.

  2. Aww your dogs are so cute! Me and the other half keep saying we’ll get a dog when we own our own house, we’re just in negotations (lit: arguments lol) about what type. I love small yappy dogs, he’s more in favour of the big gallumping droolly ones…

    At least the cat is around for now lol.

    Glad to hear the job is working out. I fins it right baller balancing work and crochet, but you’ll manage it I’m sure. The spawn wouldn’t let you stop surely ;).

    • I won’t stop, that’s for sure. I’ll just get a bit less done on work days,
      I love my critters. I don’t usually have a preference, I”ve had so many dogs in my lifetime, though giant dogs are usually my least fave, though there are 2 big dogs at work and I love them. We were lucky Mr Smalls isn’t yappy, he has kind of a deep, throaty bark for a 6 lb dog!

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