It’s been 2 weeks, though it seems longer for me. My last blogpost was just a blurb…life has thrown so much at me since!  

So, I’d just gotten my new job, which I do still have.  Love it, too!  I go to work happily three days a week, and the day pretty much flies by. My bosses’ dogs are in the office, a 13 year old retriever named Shadow, and a 10 year old pit bull named Knuckles…they’re my work dogs.  It’s a pretty smooth day!

Our landlord, my father in law, had wanted to raise the rent.  We were paying a discounted rate, but he decided he wanted to get full price, and more. So we had to move.  AND FAST! (He wants it available for rent August 1)  And that meant we had to be out fast.  While I was working, the dear husband went around house hunting, and got help from the FIL, as we had some needs: a place with a yard for the dogs, a place where we can have dogs, and somewhere close to work for me.  I WAS driving 40+ minutes  one way, in the busy parts of the commute, with interchanges, and well, I was going to hurt someone.

*stands up* Hi, I’m Kim, and I get road rage…  I absolutely get so mad when people aren’t paying attention, are looking for stuff, are on the phone/texting,  are driving slow, are applying makeup… I just want to hit them all… I yell (quite often obscenities), shake my fist, throw them the bird…yep, that’s me.  Stop and go traffic makes me want to drive my car off the next bridge!  AND! It’s not nearly as bad here in Sacramento as in Southern California.  I haven’t always hated driving.  I had a single car crash a few years ago, and then was rear ended a year and a half later, and I started disliking driving.  I don’t mind so much if it’s to the yarn store, or grocery store, and it’s leisurely, but it’s still not a fun thing.  Ah, anxiety…

So after about 2 days of using the agency my FIL uses to rent his houses, the husband found a place, and we took it based on the yard, and my commute, which is now at most 25 minutes, from walking out the door to reaching down to pet work dogs, though on rainy days it could get a few minutes longer.   He didn’t actually see inside until the day he signed paperwork!  We got keys on Monday July 1.

Now I work for a storage facility, and we have a truck, but it wasn’t available on Tuesday, not until Wednesday, which meant we had to load up our Kia hatchback, and move that way.1011418_681068965243987_1459262667_n

Moving house with my husband is… an experience you should all be glad you don’t have to have.  He’d like to go into each room, throw all the “small things” into a big cloth and tie it up into a pouch.  No, really.  He sees packing and moving like playing tetris. We don’t move in boxes.   We move in small crates and in bags and smallish pouches.  On Tuesday, we took 3 trips to the new place, and actually stayed there that night. We moved beds, couches, clothes, dishes, computers, a couple shelves, all Tuesday.

Wednesday, the husband had the moving truck from my work, though I was at work.  He moved BIG stuff that day. Laundry machines,  refrigerator, a portable air conditioning unit (our house is old), a small couch we had in my room I didn’t want inside but is now on our covered porch, at least until it rains, then probably the garage…not sure.  The truck has a ramp, and a dolly, so he could do all that pretty much himself, though he did have my FIL there to tell him what to do and how…oy!

Thursday we did one more big trip back to the old place, gathering last bits and drove them to the new place. Husband had forgotten if he’d closed the garage, so he rode his motorcycle back to check. It was fine, but had to do some last minute putting a few things we forgot in the garage–Wednesday night some jerks stole his lawnmower… yes, so very glad we’re out of there, tired of thieves.  While he was doing that, I unloaded the car and walked around exhausted.  Friday, I worked, he finished up, we went to a taqueria ( less formal mexican food restaurant, run by folks of mexican descent so that the food is authentic, and way yummy) and had tacos and a yummy plate of nachos. ( Nachos and taco salads are my favorite food, “almost” impossible to mess up, though there is a place in Portland Maine that makes terrible nachos–who makes nachos with no cheese??? No one good!!!)

I feel, at this time, remiss in telling you that the worst part of this move was not just that moving sucks, and the speed with which we had to do it, but that for 7 days, all of which we were packing, and organizing, and moving stuff into readiness and then into vehicles and into the new house, it was over 102 F/40 C EVERY DAY!!!   It does do that, though we don’t usually string 7 days together that warm so early in July. The culmination was July 4, it was 109.    Every day we were dehydrated in spite of drinking lots of water, exhausted, hot, and sore.  Thursday I have to add in heat exhaustion and  low blood sugar.  I’m hypoglycemic and I way overdid.


This is our new place.  It was built in 1950.  To 1950 specifications.  We don’t have central air, there is an a/c unit in the wall in the kitchen and the one we have, there is an exhaust tube that has to go through the window.  And every room has a ceiling fan.  There is central heating, yay.  The kitchen has one big sink, no dishwasher. So I will be handwashing the dishes–before you get crazy, my dear husband is the cook.  The first time he cooked for me he told me he’d cook if I did dishes, that was almost 12 years ago. Our deal still stands.  And our bathroom door opens out (it’s too small to open in), but if you want to get into the back bedroom, you have to make sure the bathroom door is closed at least part way.

BUT the neighborhood is GREAT!  We have a fig tree, orange and lemon tree, and 2 apple trees, as well as our own peach and avocado.  The house has character. AND did I mention close to my work?  Also close to our dr, the part of town I love, GREAT YARNBOMBING PARKS, good parks to take the dogs,  and our favorite places to eat. (Our favorite mexican restaurant is called Vallejo’s, and we had an apartment literally a 5 minute walk away.  There was a $10 super nachos that could feed the husband, a friend and I and there were STILL leftovers. We went there almost weekly.)



This is my lamppost right on the edge of the property.  They’re actually all over the neighborhood, but I’ve pretty much decided this is mine, and will be yarnbombed.  It may take some time, but I will put something on that post!!!  I might just ask for help.

My yarn, and Brainy and all her friends have been packed away, I felt kind of sad. My friend Denise sent me a wee package, she made a minion in a Mad Crochet Lab ( experiment, and I said I loved it. Denise makes sweet stuffies and yarnbombs parks and libraries and occasionally Home Depots with them for people to find.  Brainy was so excited to meet her new friend, Sally Minion. I love CraftDee Creations (  The pink bunny was an easter gifty from Denise as well. Brainy loves Dee Bunny.


It is Saturday, and I should be doing stuff. But the husband is sleeping late, and he’s done the lion’s share of  moving this week.  And made sure I ate something.  And I just feel like being lazy since it’s been well over a week since I have been, AND it’s finally cooled off so it was a bit cool this am…and it’s Saturday!!!  I hope to unpack a bit, organize, move some yarn out to my work area (next time I’ll show you my yarn closet), and maybe watch a horror movie and maybe touch yarn some.  We do have to go shopping for some stuff for the new place, but I’d like to remember the wonders of sitting in front of a horror flick crocheting.    I’ll have lots of cool things on hooks soon…a special (s)carebear, a dog, some zombies, another Cthulhu, a spider,  Samara Morgan, Calvin and Hobbs, some monster mashups… oh and a creepy garden for myself.  So many plans!!!

Well, looks like we’re caught up enough. There will be more to tell you next time.



16 thoughts on “SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!

  1. Hehehe, you sound like youré gonna pop!! Glad to hear it’s over as far as transporting your entire lives. I’ve moved 5 times in four years and it’s hell. I’m glad you found a nice liitle place for all your creature *g* comforts! I find it truly amazing that you have a house in Cali that doesn’t have AC but it does have heat?!?! I’ve never been to Sacramento, though, so maybe that all makes sense and I just don’t get it! Thanks for the post! i love reading about what’s happening with you!

    • I felt like I would pop….there was so much else, but I didn’t want my readers’ heads exploding…no one would read, it would become an urban legend, they’d make a movie out of it…
      Back in the wayback, there were fewer creature comforts. So much are add-ons. The house may not support a/c. We don’t have too many grounded plugs, those were added, but only a couple. Our back porch has a slanted roof, and then they added a security door, and had to notch the roof for it to open, well, that sagged some, so the back security door only opens about half way. Out here, many folks would want a/c and amenities, and would just buy a new place…at some point trying to put it in would maybe cost more than they’d want to pay. It’ s not bad though, we’re ok with it!
      Thanks for reading. Love knowing not everyone is bored! X

  2. Nothing as stressful as moving when you’re under a deadline! Looks and sounds like a great place…all those fruit trees…wow. And nice streetlamps. Hope you’re happy there!

  3. What a week, my darling! So happy you are in a better place. You’ve also got me craving nachos….

    Ps. Love the Eeeeeeeeeevil Minion!

    • I’m pretty happy as well, Sweet Kitty! All the cool stuff keeps adding up, and the other stuff just makes me creative, yay!
      Nachos have long been my favorite food, you almost can’t mess them up. Bare basics, chips and cheese are usually ok, it’s my “fallback” food when we go places and nothing sounds good. Also, I’m a big fan of finger food. Taco salads, are as good, flour tortilla and nacho fixins with a bit more veggie, love it!!!
      I love Sally the Eeeeeeevil Minion too!

  4. Wow, what a crazy week! Moving in a hurry is no fun. We once had to do that after our landlord tried to evict us for not paying the rent (he was refusing to do some essential repairs so we refused to pay up until they were done). We knew that the moment we were out of the house he would likely go in and change the locks. Fortunately we already had our next house lined up, as it was my uncle’s house that we were planning to move into the following month anyway. But when that happened we had literally 24 hours to move. It was awful! My whole family came to help us move. And of course we had to move 14 or so cats and numerous kittens too! It’s quite funny looking back, but it wasn’t much fun at the time. 🙂
    Glad things worked out so well for you. X

    • Gaaaah! That sounds terrible!!! It’s cool that you had so many helpers, and that you can laugh about it now! Agreed, moving in a hurry went well! and thank you! X

  5. Congratulations and well done to you both. We’ve moved a few times and know very well how stressful it can be. Glad you found a place you like. I hope you’ll be very happy there (that goes for the spawn too). I wish I could help you with the lamp yarn bombing! This is our 3rd day in France and my first internet contact since Thursday. Will be in touch whenever possible. Kep safe and creepy. XX

  6. I hate moving house soooo much! I like the unpacking and getting things in the right rooms, but I hate packing and travelling it all. I think next time I’m gonna do like you and spend a few days at work while other people load the truck lol. Your new house looks really cute – and that lamppost is actually gorgeous lol.

    I’m appalled at the idea of Nachos without cheese.

    • Moving is just bad, you have to unearth and move…I’d make a terrible nomad! And going to work DID have it’s advantages!!! I was in the a/c all day!
      I might put a wee band of stars on the lamp post this weekend!
      And nachos without cheese is like torture!

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