Sorry This Was Late…

Hello lovelies!  It’s been awhile, I know.

I was consumed by a tarantula…not literally, of course.  I was making a PinkToe Tarantula for a friend, and trying to find proper measurements and placement was just keeping me so hyper-focused, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything but work on it.  Mostly adding the hair.  I don’t like to work with fun fur, as my husband had asked (“Isn’t there a yarn that makes it hairy so you don’t have to do that?”)  I sewed the hair in by hand.  I didn’t want it too hairy, or the hot pink to be over-powering, so I just used double thickness, machine-embroidery thread. But I’m completely happy with her.

pinktoe tarantula


I meant to write a blog post last week sometime, and then things went crazy at work.  My boss had her baby on a Thursday, and needed help from her mum, who usually works with me.   There are two of us to answer phones, run payments, do a quick walk around the property, show and unlock units, clean the office, and just keep the office running.  She goes to the bank and also cleans the bathroom, but I do all the certified mail, run reports,  and check all the internet sites we get referrals from and contact new customers.  I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday by myself, and was exhausted.  Didn’t have any energy to work on my current spawn, Samara Morgan from the movie “The Ring,” much less any energy to write.  I”m happy to say that this week my co-worker will be back to work, though she does take her daughter to dr appointments.  I just don’t do well working by myself so much.  I end up disliking everyone that calls or shows up and wants to do business at 4:30 pm (we close at 5 pm).  I still get paid for it and all, but when I show up at 8:45 am, and don’t get a lunch break, I really, really do just want to shut out the world around 4:45 and want everyone to just leave me alone.   Most days, things go well, but there’s always that one day, where someone shows up at 10 minutes until we close, and want to see things, and mull some things about…slowly.

So besides feeling a bit behind where I wanted to be on the spawn,  I am looking to the near future, namely halloween.  On my business page I mentioned the contest I’ll be having, so thought I would here as well.    MY PLAN  is to write a story, well, the beginning of one.  The short bit I wrote for the Zombie Easter Bunny  rekindled my love for a bit of writing.  I’m no writer, by any stretch, but sometimes a wee story takes shape, and it’s not half  bad.   My idea is that I am making a spawn for the winner of my contest, and (details left our on purpose) IT COMES TO LIFE JUST AS I PUT IT IN THE MAILBOX (more details left out).  The contestants’ portion of the story, their entry, will start at the end of my story.  Don’t write your stories  yet, you need a couple of details I’ve purposely left out.  Feel free to start shaping something up, if you’re that kind of planner.  I will have one main prize, and probably 4 or so  different keyrings~~ for the Zombie Easter Bunny stories I had to read all 28 stories like 3 times just to choose my favorites, and I had to make notes, and re-read  and make more notes~~those stories are amazing, and were difficult to judge.  I know going in your halloween spawn stories will be too!  The plan I have is to announce  the contest officially with my portion of the story mid-September, that way, I can end the contest maybe the first Friday of October, so I can  read the stories, judge,  and send prizes to the winners for them to enjoy in October!  I’m so way excited, the Zombie Easter Bunny stories were FANTABULOUS!

Well, this is currently keeping me from working on yarn, so I think I’m going to end now.  Sunday my friend from high school, a LONG time ago, is popping by, so not much yarny time tomorrow. SO, I’m off. You all have a wonderful week, and keep it creepy!!!


2 thoughts on “Sorry This Was Late…

  1. Brilliant Tarantula! I can’t believe you sewed the hair by hand! I am not sure I’d have the patience. Good on you.
    I’m really looking forward to your Halloween competition. I think I’d better start thinking creeeepy again. I wait for instruction.

    Big creepy hugs.

    • Hi Fatima!
      Thank you so much for the spider love! I did go a bit nutty about the hair, I think that, in my head, she looked a certain way, and I couldn’t leave her any other way!
      Very excited about the stories I’m going to get from you all, so many great ones last time! YAY!
      Big creepy hugs!!!

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