Sorry inactive for so long…

So…I bet you thought that my blog had just gone inactive… or maybe just hoped, but not so…

I have found it hard to blog lately, for a few reaasons, but none “really” good.

~Still having the “nothing is really going on with me” feelings, nothing but my regular life to chat about, not a lot of outrage I need to express. And most of you who read this also facebook with me and/or we follow each other on twitter,  so you know what’s going on…  I find it hard to chronicle my day to day stuff… I’ve always wondered about blogs, why would I need one? Is my life so interesting/different/noteworthy to anyone that I need to spend time writing this down? The answer is a resounding “no” but still I try.  I was pretty good at staying on a schedule, but life makes things… happen here and there, and it did get left behind. I am trying to pick it back up, some sort of weird, random torture, but you know, different strokes and all.

~I’ve been crazy busy the last month with orders, and  there wasn’t much wiggle room for time in between.  I’m the only one to blame, I stacked myself that way. I’d like to try to give myself a bit more wiggle room in between this coming year, maybe a bit of time in between to make something that’s been in my head… Most of my deadlines are a bit self-imposed, folks pay for their spawn and wait, super patiently, so I feel like I’ve got to get them out…but this year, a few more things out of my head.

~I’ve been sleeping a bit later on weekends, when I usually blog. Now let me start this by saying that, for me, late means 6:15 or later.  I’m a notoriously early waker. I’m usually awake by 5:30, if not earlier, but bed is comfortabler than the harsh, cold-floored world.  This bit of time is usually when I read, and blogged.  *huge wide eyes* I haven’t read any books for about 2 months, I’m kind of going through withdrawls.  A consequence of not getting up that early, is that everything gets pushed back about an hour.  In the morning, I sit, check messages, facebook, twitter, look at my order calendar, wake up, and then make coffee. Reading happens before the facebook and stuff. I usually like to fill my mind with a different world, something creepy and monstrous, something different, other-worldly.  It’s like feeding my imagination.  Since I haven’t read for a bit, I feel a bit empty.  I don’t have a kindle, or laptop even, and I like to read in the super quiet, but all my ebooks are on my computer, so once the husband is up, there’s no reading to be done, the world is too busy for me to read.

The morning is my thinking time, my time for peace. I try to find things to make it a good day, something to inspire me. Staying in bed gives me less “me-time,” sad though that is.

~I also feel like I should write “an appropriate amount.”  I have no specific number of words, or amount of  things I should tell you before I can consider it an appropriate blogpost.  I seem to like to impose these irrational requirements on myself, without completely deciding perameters…I must like to keep myself guessing…good going self…  when I give myself a chance to read blogs, I read  all kinds. Not all have yarn, many are art, reading, horror… lots of horror blogs… Some are long, some are short. Very short.

~Lastly, for me, still comes how hard it is to share me.  There are still the mean voices, the nasties, the rudes, the ones that ask me why would anyone care? read? care. I tell myself I can do this, others do it, some seem to have no problem telling all kinds of stuff about themselves, whether of note, or not. They tell me that if I stop sharing, writing about what’s going on, about my life, about me, no one will care, know, care.  I say I will. I will know… and I might care.  They say no one.  I say, well, at least I get it off my chest, out of my head.  There’s so much to get out, I need to make room.  I need to get the negative out of my head, make room for the monsters the creatures I want to create, there’s no room for them AND the nasty rude voices. It’s hard to create when my mind is filled with “the badness,” so I write, to try to get them out. 

So, you know what this means, don’t you… I will have to start getting up early, reading again, and blogging again.  I can’t say as the blog will be weekly like before, but I can’t say that it won’t. Not sure what I’ll be trying this year, FOR SURE.  Though, my friend T suggested that she and I watch horror flicks this year, and we’re going to write down some trivia questions. Later on in the year, to give us time, I’ll put up some trivia questions about horror flicks, and will probably make another spawn to give away, make it like a contest.

I’ll be sharing my spawn, as well. I feel a bit odd about sharing them AGAIN, I put them on facebook, twitter, pinterest and deviantART, but I guess the cool part of it being MY blog is that I can share…

I will have an extra day or so off before the end of the year, so I’ll write one more post this year, sort of my year in review, and plans for the new year, but it won’t be before christmas.  We don’t do a lot, but spend the day together, so it’s nice.

Before I end this post, I will share a picture of something I made for fun. My friend from WORM FOOD Studios (on facebook had a contest, he wanted a picture of santa, being eaten by a worm. I didn’t win the contest, but here was my entry:

santa eaten by a worm, kims sticks and strings


If you celebrate, have a lovely holiday. And until next time, keep it creepy!!!


7 thoughts on “Sorry inactive for so long…

    • Why thank you LInda! The night before I finisned and mailed Blue, Joel from WORM FOOD Studios gave me some guilt for not entering his contest. So, though my hands were killing me, I made the worm, and luckily I had a Santa hat lying about.

  1. I do love the worm! Have to say that first since it is the last thing I saw in the post. LOL. But as to worrying about the blog, when to write, how much, and what to write, you summed it all up when you said it was “MY BLOG.” You do it on your schedule, it doesn’t have to be a regular schedule. I think you’ll be a bit relieved to know that most bloggers go through a lot of those questions themselves. Not every blogger is a prize-winning author. In fact, most aren’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say and blogging gives them a voice and a place to say it. So you just use it how you want. I don’t think you ever have to worry about anyone reading it though. I talk to you almost every day and I still come over here to check what you’ve written. 😀 And people who don’t know you will want to read to learn more about you. So, never worry. And now that I’m thinking of it, I’m signing up for email following you (I’m such a stalker). I never noticed that here before or I would have done it sooner!

  2. My dear Kim, I don’t mind how often or how rarely you write, but when you do, you never fail to inspire me and often make me laugh: that should be a good reason to keep on blogging, as I know I am not the only one who really appreciates your Art and your Writing. Please, never stop and keep being yourself.

    I too hear nasty voices in my head and often wonder why I bother to do things, even my travelling blog, as I don’t get that many comments on it, but then again, it would only appeal to a particular kind of people. The truth is I write it as a means to keep my ‘demons’ at bay. While I write about my travels, I remind myself how fortunate I am that I can do that, that I have my health and a willing equally healthy husband and a dog to come with me. On a bad day, I look at the pictures and they make me smile. It’s a therapy. Writing is therapeutic, so keep doing it.

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but if we did, this year I would say Thank you for having found you: you have most certainly been a highlight in my life this year and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. You’re great: keep writing.

    Finally, I loved that worm eating Santa. Sorry you didn’t win: it was a worthy entry.

    Merry Christmas and LOADS of creepy love.

    Your Spanish friend in England


    • Oh wonderful and lovely Fatima~
      YOU are one of the friends I am very thankful to have found this year as well! I smile every time I see your name!
      I write also to exorcise my demons. It never fails to make me feel a bit lighter, or less full of “the heaviness,” as I call it, that’s just how it feels. I almost always cry, unloading seems to be cleansing. Crying is always a way for me to know I’ve written about “the right stuff,” the stuff that I need to say, even if in written words, not vocally.
      A very Merry Christmas to you, too my friend, and loads of creepy hugs as well
      Kim XX

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