Happy New Year!!!

I do hope everyone is coping with the return to “normal life,” I know so very many of you just went back to work yesterday, all bleary eyed, wondering why there is so much to do, and everything is so loud and crazy, why so many people want something…that’s because the world didn’t stop while you were on holiday, dearies!  I’m sure it will take you a few days  to catch up…

I had a couple extra days off, but not weeks, like some.  A few customers came in  during the holidays, and they had time off, they were enjoying themselves, nice, friendly.  Yesterday, people who came in were harried, rushed. Gone were the smiling faces, the jokes and frivolity…  awwwww, real life set in did it?  One news program said something about the first day back to work after december holiday was reportedly the day most people reported as feeling depressed, as they

~have no more holiday time

~spent too much on holiday gifts and are now broke and bills are piling up (If you can’t pay your bills because you’ve spent too much on gifts, that’s your problem, and it is a bit of a problem…)

~folks set the resolutions up and have to start trying to fulfill their  intentions…often means no drinking, exercising, dieting, and less fun than they had on holiday

For some of us, life didn’t stop, work didn’t, and so this day was just like any other, except that many of the pouty folks took it out on us.  It’s good to remember that just because YOU aren’t having a good time of it because you have to return to the real world, don’t take it out on those of us who never really left.  A lady came in to pay her bill for the month (recap–I work at a self storage facility), and it wasn’t on time, so she had $30 extra in fees; she was mad.  She swore that she didn’t get her bill or late notices via email .  I checked our record, nothing was  returned, she got iher late notice on the 23rd (she usually doesn’t pay until the $10 late notice fee comes, but then 5 days later there’s another $20 fee.  She’s stored her stuff there for years, she knows the drill).  Her face dropped. She told me she was in Cancun.  “So, you didn’t have access to email when you were in Cancun? No computers anywhere?”  No, apparently she just didn’t check her email while she was out of the country on holiday… “Well, sadly, choosing to ignore your bill isn’t something that I can waive your fees for.”  She looked like she had to take a second to process what I said, and then realized, yea. I was right. It wasn’t our fault she didn’t pay her bill, she chose to ignore responsibility.  She pulled the extra money from her wallet and  told me to email her receipt to her, turned and walked out.  I had 5 phone calls and 3 more people come in, ones who forgot their responsibilities, spent too much on fun, and were similarly disappointed that they weren’t going to have the extra fees taken off…what DO people think?  It seems like no one planned ahead.

Anyway. life is pretty normal for me, still work 3 days a week, still planning world domination through my yarnspawn.  I”m making a ninja turtle for a cool dad to give to his daughter…she’s taken his Cthulhu, and this was hopefully going to make a trade possible. But now I hear that she likes Cthulhu, and may not give him back… Love. So  much love.  And who could blame her, look at these eyes


I’ll put up a post of Mikey, the ninja turtle when he’s done. I’m starting on the back piece of the shell today.

Until next time, keep it creepy!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. I had to admit I had a rude awakening going back to school: some of these kids are just so unpleasant! Don’t they teach good manners at home anymore? I hope Father Xmas didn’t leave anything nice for them, but on second thoughts, that might be the reason why they are so angry now! Back in the day, we were pleasant and polite towards our teachers, now we have to put up with a lot of hassle. I don’t take it out on anybody else and I do enjoy my job, but there is no denying that some parents just haven’t got a clue as to how to bring their kids up. Why do they bother to have them in the first place?????
    And I always pay my bills on time! 20 years ago, we were late paying the water rates and ended up having to pay an extra £40: I haven’t been late ever since. One learns by making mistakes.

    • I was just talking to a customer of mine, she’s been a teacher of all grades for over 30 years. She said the same thing, so many kids these days without manners, fewer polite children, so many fewer that say please and thank you. They grab at things, snatch them away, and spit out rudness. Besides not being taught proper manners, they learn from their examples. Just sad.
      We do our best to be timely with bills, and truthfully, I don’t have a storage unit. We have moved enough times that I couldn’t imagine having so much stuff I had to store some of it elsewhere. Quite a few of our customers have something happen in their lives, as we all do, and their storage rental falls down the list of stuff that’s important to take care of, and they end up with huge fees, and suddenly they’re behind a month, or more, and have $95 in extra fees, and it’s hard to come from so far behind. It’s definitely not a bill I need to have!
      Well, here’s to a new year, new challenges, and LOTS of oppotunities to create happy memories!

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