Me and My Creepy LIfe.

Image935 This is all about me and my life, the creepy and the not quite as creepy, the yarny, and the less than fiber-y… the arty, and the, well, more mundane. It’s going to be about my family, husband and furbabies, my friends, my inspirations, successes, and learning experiences. It’ll be about what and who I’m reading, and absolutely what horror flicks I’m watching…


7 thoughts on “Me and My Creepy LIfe.

  1. Yes!!! I’m the first comment! Do I win a prize? 😉 Welcome to the blogging world, my friend. Excited to see you start this part of your adventure in life!

  2. Ah, so thought I’d be the first, lol but that’s ok. If I’m going to be beat I’m happy it was by Teeni 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE this Kim!!! So happy to see you’ve joined the blog world. You shall be visited and loved by many!

    • 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting, Sharon! Yes, after thought, and some cajoling by friends, not ONLY Teeni, I’ve started a blog, and am kind of excited about it, this was fun! Now I will pester the world with my thoughts, weirdness, and spawn…there are worse things!

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