My job is ending, but my business is really beginning…


Hello Lovelies! I’m here!  I’ve not abandoned my blog, though, to be honest, I had toyed with it.  I was feeling overwhelmed with life, and just the fact that there was a blog, that hadn’t been updated in a long time, was just sitting … not being updated… it mocked me.  Really, it did. But, I’ve come back. 

Quick update,  the company I work for has been purchased. For awhile, it was going to be refinanced, and then some potential buyers came by, but we were told it was a formality. I really hate being lied to, so I’ve had lots of grouchiness about working for a couple of old guys who were just trying to find a good deal for themselves, but lying to the people whose lives it would really affect.  I wish they would have owned their greediness, told the truth. It would have sucked anyway, but giving false hope really sucks.  We had hired a girl, literally 19,  to take the place of the old guy, but her life changed and she quit after 2 weeks.  Since March my schedule has been crazy, and I’ve been working most of the weekends, and it just sucked.  They finally hired another person, but now we all have to re-apply for our jobs if we want them, and I’m not sure I want to work for the new company. They expect us to “sell more” and will have quotas for us to meet, ugh. I’m thinking it may be time to look for a different job.

Just a few of the things I’ve made since my last post…

the_madness_begins shadowfaery 1klowncocooncollage 1RedBud_Goodbye_Collage


I’m taking a big step this year. I’m getting some help with my business. I want to do more than just custom orders,   I want my business to grow some, I want to grow as a person, and a business owner.

I am nearly frozen when speaking to people about what I do.  I’ve always had a fear of public speaking, as a kid, when I had to give presentations in school, all my friends told me I turned bright red, nearly glowed, there was a particular presentation in 10th grade, I was wearing yellow, and the red apparently lit up the yellow…ugh.  When it comes to speaking about my creations, you’d think I’d have an easier time, it’s what I love. But no.  Even if someone I know asks what I make,  it’s difficult for me to even get out the words “I create one of a kind art dolls.” It comes out more like “uh, I uh, you know, make dolls, usually, uh, creepy…”  Happily, there’s usually a computer around, and I log in and show my facebook page and things are better. I usually just let them scroll through the pictures and then things are easier.  I’ve never spoken to a business about selling some of my work at their shop, hell, I’ve never sold anything at a fair or convention of any type. I’m absolutely terrified. In my head what happens is a bunch of older ladies come by  and tell my my work isn’t good, and people like pretty things, what’s wrong with me. (Actually some older ladies  have said those things to me, I was working on zombies in a cafe, I used to do that some, and at different visits, there would be an older lady who would tell me that while my stitches were nice, and the work was well done, they were ugly. Clearly not my niche, and probably not going to be at a convention,  but they’re in my head, for now.  The world would not end if I sat somewhere with dolls I’d made and NOT sold one, I’d feel embarrassed as hell and it would probably feel like the end. I don’t know if I could have that happen much more than once.

BUT, I also have dreams. As scared as I am to speak to people, I am terrified that if I don’t ever give real effort to my business, if I don’t ever really try, I’d regret it.  I don’t have huge dreams of world domination…not right now at least… but I want to be able to face real people, I want to learn to market these guys, I love them, and others seem to also. I’d like to go to cool conventions up and down the coast and be excited to go and see people who will want my dolls. There are some other ideas brewing, but I’m actually going to be taking classes, and checking out different fairs and conventions in the area, once I learn to tell people face to face that I make creepy and fantastical dolls and they are going to want one.  That is my plan for this year. I’ll be sharing what’s going on with me here, at least that’s my plan… best laid plans of mice and all…

Well that’s that. I still need a bit of money coming in, so will look into another part time gig, but always looking to that time when I can say, “you know, I appreciated that you gave me a job, but my business is really taking off, and I don’t really need to work this job anymore. Thank you, and here’s my two-week’s notice.” THAT is my dream.

Keep it creepy!








Just A Short Catch-up


Hello, dear ones!

This post is just a catch-up.  I started my new job this week,  and that was pretty much my week!  I work at a storage unit facility,  customer service, so you know, new contracts, taking payments, showing units, etc.  My boss and her mum, who works there, too, are very nice, quite funny, and happy with me so far!  I only work 3 days a week, but that will allow me to keep up with the yarnspawn, as soon as I get “into the swing” of things.  I work 9-5, though it’s not hard or really all that much work, by the end of the day, and after the 40-50 minute commute, I’m wiped out!  I have a bit of downtime, am trying to take small projects to work, nothing big like Cthulhu, who is about 9″ tall.  I made a skull at work, just needed to sew in ends, so I’ll have to take wee projects, or small portions of projects, maybe.

That’s pretty much it! When I get home from work, my rat terrier mix Penny Crane pushes open the screen door with her head and comes out to greet me, Buster Smalls the chihuahua follows along.Image1623  166880_188376554511299_6416972_n

Apparently they’re pretty sad I’m away. Penny lies by the door while I’m at work, and “the whining” starts around 5pm–when I get off work and they like to eat dinner.

By the time it’s about 7:30 or 8, I’ve only got an hour or so of crochet time in me…hopefully that will change.

I’ve been working on a Cthulhu this week, and have a  side project of a tree. I’ve only just finished the trunk, time to add roots and limbs with wire in them. Will see how that goes.

It’s Saturday here, so I’ve got chores to do, and then later some time with my favorite green-tentacled god, oh, and the husband and the dogs, too.

Have a wonderful week, my lovelies! Keep it creepy!



Hello Friends!!! Lovely to see you! What a full week it’s been!

Last Saturday I mailed away the Clay Golem to John, and he’s already gotten him! AND!  He really likes him!clay golem   clay golem face

It still amazes me every time someone really loves their spawn!  There’s a wee voice in the back of my mind that says someone is going to look at what they have, and not like it like they hoped.  It’s never happened, that I know of, but it’s still there. I feel pretty lucky to always make folks happy, and for John, 2 different dolls!  The big coolness should be happening  this next week… I”m so excited! And will share pictures and everything I”m allowed to, as soon as I can.

Tuesday I interviewed at a job, that’s always a good sign, for me.  If I can get an interview, I almost surely almost have the job…I”m pretty charming.  Completely different kind of job. I’d be an office person at one of the those self-storage units.  I’ve done office work before, and it would be easy, give my mind a bit of free time to dream about spawn, and just be something I’d most assuredly not have to take a stress test for.  I met with the manager and her mum, and hit it off straight away.  She’d asked if I minded if the dogs came out to meet me, and of course I said no problem.  They have an 11 year old pit bull and a 13 year old labrador.  The manager asked if I minded watching the dogs sometimes–she’s pregnant, due in August, and her dog likes to be at the office. Of course  I tell em I love dogs, and that’s a plus in my favor.  A few more questions and it was clear they liked me.  A couple more questions and she told me that she was sad she set 3 more interviews, but that she wanted to hire me. She gave me her card and told me she’d call me by the end of the week.  She called me Wednesday morning at 10 am to offer me the job.  I will start on the 19th, yay me!.. I wonder if anyone will ever try to leave a body in one like in Silence of the Lambs…that would be frightening…and maybe a bit cool…

In the meantime I’ve started 2 new projects.  For Emma, I”m making 10 skulls on split rings for her daughter’s birthday party, which I totally love!  She asked for “candy punk colors” especially pink, orange and purple.  Do you know I went to the candy store and looked at candy colors for a few minutes, and then ran out because I was salivating, and then went to buy thread.  And this time I do mean thread!  My base color is a pink, maybe  Starburst pink, definitely jelly bean pink.  Then I decided that I wanted really vibrant colors, and I wanted them to be different slightly, so I bought some embroidery floss to add in with the thread.  Each skull has 3 colors, there will be 9 for guests,and then a 10th with a flower, for the birthday girl, Hattie.  Here’s what’ I’ve got done so far. I’ll send them away on Monday.

skull keyrings

I”m in love with how changing one of 3 colors gives such different results.  Having the base as pink draws them all together, but changing threads makes a big difference. The second skull from the left is a light purple and orange with the pink, and the one on the end is a darker purple and the same orange…changing just one color makes a huge difference,  for those of you who don’t use more than one color at a time, adding a bit of depth is easy, just by adding a second fiber.

I”ve also been working on a wool tree for Jill.  She’s making a stop-motion movie, and needed a tree. I jumped at this! I’ve wanted to make a posable tree for awhile. My brain is fueled by every creepy movie/cartoon/book with creepy trees that moved or walked or had faces or grabbed for people.  My only restrictions?  Felted wool, and 10″ tall.  The height is the hardest thing to keep to, but then I realized that since the branches are wired they don’t have to straight up, they can be bent and hang. So, back to perfection.  The base of the trunk is weighted with a pouch of BBs and has wire that the wires in the branches will get wrapped around.

Image1522     Image1529


I started with a sketch from Jill, and then took off!  This project is so much fun!  I had a “halloween tree” which was a branch I”d cut off my tree, and painted black, and I  hung my Beetlejuice figures, spiders, and other monsters from it.  I gave it to a friend, she loved it so… THIS project makes me want to make a creepy tree forest!  I want to make them with weird faces, and branches that look like arms, and they will all be posable… I’m a bit obsessed!  I just started the third branch last night, there will probably be a fourth, then I’ll sew it together.  The bottom picture was the one I took Thursday night before nearly quitting for the day,  all my tools for the project, including my 3.25 mm hook, and the floral tape I wrapped wire with to get the right thickness for the branches, and a branch I”m ready to work on.  I”ll have it through some of next week, so next post will have pictures of the tree in different poses, all the branches have wire in them, as well as the stump I make, which WAS a former lover of the tree, but was cut down to make a bathroom… I am so very very excited about this movie!

It’s International Yarnbombing Day/Weekend this weekend, and it totally snuck up on me!  I’ve been so focused on the golem, then mailed that away, and started the tree, and and so hooked on it… So now I’m underprepared for the weekend. I”ve got 4 monster hearts, meant to have bunches, but things got away…


But on Friday, and on Saturday, I”m going to make some more 2D monster hearts…maybe a mixture of 2D and 3D monster hearts, and a trip out early Sunday morning. I’m going to put up pictures from my group in the next blog from this weekend, just like last time, so make sure you check back next week, there will be so much happening… once these 2 projects are done there will be a Cthulhu on my hooks…the 3rd this year!

This week has just been so full of good stuff.  It’s what I have to remember, when things get a bit low…they don’t always stay that way, and that sometimes I just have to hang around through the low periods, and remember they don’t last.

Have a wonderful week! Keep it creepy!!!

Late Post, I Know…


Hello Lovelies! I know that I usually post on Monday, but I didn’t really have anything…

Last week I was supposed to take a series of tests and do my last interview before getting that job.  Everything was looking good, and then they took my blood pressure… the nurse asked if I was stressed in any way. I know I looked at her with attitude, and she kind of giggled.  No…I”m not stressed. I”m unemployed, have been for a bit, husband is now looking for work…other things, random free-floating anxiety… No, I’m fine.  Though last year when I went to the doc to get my new prescription for birth control, they mentioned my blood pressure was high, and they made me lie there for 15 minutes in the dark and then take it again, before leaving with meds… And my mother was hypertensive…both of these things I told the nurse. BUT I hadn’t had coffee that morning so it should be better. She asked me to lie down in the dark and think relaxing thoughts (it was 148/90 the first time).  To START the test, a person’s blood pressure has to be below 130/80, sitting up.

So I laid there, in the dark, trying to think relaxing thoughts, which is completely not something I do well. I just started trying to focus on slowing my pulse, which was racing, and making my exhalations longer than my inhalations. The nurse came back quietly, and asked me to sit up slowly, which made me feel worse than I had been, but I did it, and it was lower, 144/83.  Still not good enough to  take the test, but she thought if I got into the surroundings I needed to test in, maybe something would be ok…AND I had to take the test after being upright a bit.  So we walked into the other room, and she told me just to relax and people watch, and just try to do some deep breathing… just her telling me to relax was stressing me out by now.  About 15 minutes later, the nurse came back, and gave me that smile that is supposed to be reassuring, and said “I hope you had relaxing thoughts!”  Apparently I didn’t. My blood pressure was 153/93.  They couldn’t test me. I did have to go back 2 days later to get my Tb test read, so I could try again.

I drove myself  home, determined to hold it together, and I did.  I cried walking into the house, but I was good while driving.  Told my husband the story, while looking up “lower blood pressure” on the interwebs.  I found all the things I could eat, and wrote down a small list of stuff to get, and decided I was gonna do it the more natural way… I chewed on garlic cloves, drank cranberry juice, ate garlicky, cayenne peppery food, and took magnesium, calcium, and hawthorn berry. And had no caffeine. And tried to think relaxing thoughts. HA!

Friday morning rolls around, I tried to get a good night’s sleep, and at some point decided that knowing that I was unhealthy was more important than anything else…  I got to the office and was seen pretty quickly. I”m negative for Tb, yay.  Then they took my blood pressure, 148/89.  This time the nurse said “I’m going to give you one more chance, I’ll let you lie here in the dark for a few minutes and see if you can just calm a bit.  She was gone for 20 minutes this time, she thought I needed a few extra minutes.. What I’d needed were hours…it went up to 153/90.    The nurse said she’d have to send in the results for the test, and maybe my job would let me get my blood pressure taken care of, and try again.

When I got home, I instantly called the last doctor I saw when I had insurance, he was our doctor for a few years, and knew our history. Luckily the office visits weren’t as much as I’d thought, and got an appointment for Tuesday, and emailed the  company of the job I was trying to get, to find out what I could do. It was Friday afternoon, so I’d be waiting for a bit… I kept my caffeine intake down, tried to go for walks and not stress.  The weekend was pretty uneventful, and so was Monday,  no call from the company, but Mondays can be busy.  Tuesday rolls around, and I go see Dr Zheng. I got in quickly, they took my blood pressure and I got into a room to talk to the doc pretty quickly. I like him, he straight talks me and is just nice.  My bp was 148/86, which wasn’t too high, but my heart rate was pretty elevated, and I was just resting, so a bit troubling.  Now I”m on Atenolol, and I go back for a check up in a month.  THEN as I was leaving the doc’s office, the company called.  They need someone to start NOW, not hopefully in a few weeks, AND since I had such a high bp without meds, they don’t want to chance me having that job, where I might have to be maneuvering  an adult larger than myself, if not larger, and maybe my  meds were off a bit… they’re covering themselves, but I understand, and would definitely not be ready to push myself so very quickly.  I was also told that when I got my health in order, there are other positions with the company that if they ever come up I could apply for.

So I’ve taken my first med, my heart rate is noticeably slower, and it’s not pounding.  It will be cool not to have my ears pounding when I go to bed tonight. I”m supposed to give it a couple days before driving by myself, but that’s ok.

So I’m still working on my clay  golem, I”ll put up a bunch of pictures for my next blog post. I”m sure this was the most boring post, but it’s been on my mind non-stop for a week now, so it’s nice to have a bit of resolution, even though not what I’d hoped for.  But, it’s not all that bad, AND I’ll be healthier… which is cool because I gotta KEEP IT CREEPY!  (and so do you!)

A New Contest Is Coming…and other things…


Hello lovelies! Hope all is well in your world!

So many things going on for me lately!  Did someone wish that I never have a boring life? I certainly don’t!  

First, there was the Rachel doll I made for John F.D. Taff. She is a character in his story “Bolts”  in his book of short stories called “Little Deaths.”  (
Image1377  Image1380 
She was  the girlfriend of a collector of movie memorabilia, who, sadly, died, and he couldn’t bear to be without her… hey, why not try those cool bolts from the Frankenstein movie… The results weren’t quite what he’d hoped for.
Rachel was the first doll I’d made a REALLY good butt and boobs for.
935273_465734260169233_477282737_n  Image1365
Rachel has a very important job, can’t tell you quite yet… she needs a friend to help her. And yes, I’m creating him too.  I’ll be sharing more about him soon, I promise!  Let me just say as Rachel was my tallest standing doll at 12″ tall, she will now be dwarfed. Her companion will be 18″ tall, and stocky….hope you’re intrigued!!!
So now to the contest. I’m still in the finalizing stages, but my good friend Jerry McKinney, who wrote “Nightsound,”
has offered me a copy of his book to give away!!!  He totally rocks!!!  It’s an awesome book, I have it on Kindle and got a copy for him to autograph, LOVE IT!!!  And now I will be giving one away, so I’m having folks help me come up with a contest.  When I finally come up with one I will post the requirements on my facebook page, , as well as here. I realize not everyone does the FB thing, and will give options to send a story to my gmail account.  Yes, this will be another contest where people will be writing stories, I very much loved all the Zombie Easter Bunny stories, and am very excited about getting more stories… I really just want material to read!!!  If you have an idea for story themes,  you can feel free to leave them here or on my facebook page!
Also possibly getting a job soon, last interview and test are Monday… I will get my tb test read on Wednesday, and hopefully hear by Thursday or Friday.  A quick positive thought sometime this week would be appreciated, nothing elaborate, just a quick “I hope Kim gets that job” would do.  🙂  The job is working with adults with moderate  developmental disabilities.  I’ve done this work before, with more severe adults, and with kids.  It’s very rewarding and makes me happy.  It also helps feed my creative outlet, I can lead some art activities… possibly thinking about ways to include them in my yarnbombing at a later date, provided I get the job.
Also gearing up for International Yarnbombing Day, June 9, which I will also document in another post, all my Treblemaking Hookers seem to be excited, I know I am!!!
 See, LOTS going on!!!  There hasn’t really been a quiet moment for the last week.  Well, that’s it for now. I have to go work on projects, try to think positively about getting the job, do some laundry, and spend time with the dear husband and my critters.  I wish you a wonderful week! Just remember to stay tuned for so many updates, and