Crochet and work, not all that interesting…


I  realized it was about time to add another installment of my weird life in, so here I am.

Still haven’t hired anyone at work to take the place of the old guy. I saw him last week, he says he’s up and getting better, just didn’t think he needed to work anymore, too… He IS like 83, so good on him. he can go home and hang out.  Now I won’t have to regularly apologize for someone weekly, which is lovely.  Last week I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which wouldn’t normally be terrible, but I do prefer to work  Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  I’m  SUCH a creature of habit.  Really.  I’m also a pretty big introvert, so I also like to be able to count on my “alone time” or “home time” as being at a certain time, so I know when I can re-charge.  So having a pretty set schedule makes it easier.  This week I asked to have a day off in the middle of my work days, so I’m working Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The Saturday off will be nice, AND Sunday we close at 3 pm, which is usually when everything starts to slow down for the day anyway.  I really don’t dislike my job, I just wish that people didn’t feel the need to tell me “they whys” of their lives. If you can’t pay your bill now, just say that. I don’t need to know why. Just ask for how long you’ve got to pay it, how much the bill will be by then, and we’ll end our discussion, you having NOT divulged too much info, and me not feeling like I know waaaay too much private shit about a perfect stranger.  If you need a storage unit, cool, let’s talk about the size, and you can tell me whether you want one or not, I DON’T want to know about how several people in your family have had illnesses and are in smaller places and have give you their furniture and now you’ve got to deal with it, and your kids and your husband and your sister’s cheating boyfriend… Seriously, I get to hear all this crap!  Sadly, because there is pertinent information in their stories, lost jobs, incomes, people in the families who are, say, unscrupulous, I have to pay attention,  and add stuff into their files so that everyone with account access has the same information… And some of our customers come with a new story each time they see/call us, all prepped and ready, like they’ve got  to unload it and we’re good enough.  One lady came in and asked where my co-worker was, she was having a bad day, and my co-worker always listened… I told her we’re down one person, so we’re split up, and kept typing. I was NOT going to be this lady’s therapist.  I asked her if there was any part of her account I could help her with, she said no.  I then told her that I was going to get back to the certified mail, so I could make sure it went out for the day, and that she should have a really nice day.  She looked a bit confused, but left. Huzzah!  When I work every other day, and then have 2 off, these expulsions of personal crap don’t seem to bother me as much, I get one day of too much info, and then one day to myself, it purges the system of all that nicely. I really can’t wait to go back to my regular schedule.

The upside of lots of days off together is time to stretch out chores, and I get to string together some creating time, which is cool.  I am currently working on a faerie for the lovely De’Anna.  She gave me some pictures she liked parts of, and told me she loved pink, and that’s all the constraints, yay! So here’s what I’ve got so far…


When I was creating her body, I was looking at faery pictures, but when I want to create what she is the faery of, I start looking for items, elements in nature.  The super pale pink her skin reminded me of those first flowers you see in trees at the end of winter, beginning of spring. The trees are bare, the wood is dark, everything is dead. But then, there’s this pink bud on the tree… then a few…  Then suddenly the tree is bursting with pink.  I decided she’s the First Bloom Faery.  She goes around, spreading her magic right about the time that winter is nearly done, making way for all the lovely first-blooms of spring.  The Redbud tree is one of the first trees to bloom each year, and I decided that would be her name.

Redbud Flowers redbud-blossoms-spring-13933851

I am completely enjoying making this spawn.  Her body type is a bit different than my usual work, and she’s not a monster, which is also fun.  I’m finding I even like pink some now…  After Redbud is finished, I have a quick zombie cat to make, and then I think I’m going to work on a few things that have been rattling around in my head for a bit…

Well now, that’s pretty much it… Nothing spectacular going on, though I do seem to have a burst of ideas scratching around I’d like to try to create…which means I’ll need to get back to creating. I’ve also begun thinking about some things I’m going to create for near easter, and international yarn-bomb day, June 7, 2014 will come quicker than I plan, I just know it.  So, well, that’s about that.

Keep it creepy fiends!!!


A Quieter Week…


Hello Lovelies!

This week was quieter than last… I wasn’t bothered by much, not too indignant about anything in particular… probably for the best… I prefer not to be too up in arms about stuff so very often, it takes away from the creativity…

Work is the usual.  We DO have auction coming up this week, so I not only get the calls from people trying to figure out if they can get their stuff out of the auction (there are lots of calls from people saying they have __ amount of money, will that be enough? There is usually a notation in the file as to what we would take… I don’t do well with these calls, and in that, I really mean, I don’t like to take those calls.  I can give them the amount of money the owner will take as long as they come up with it 30 minutes before the auction happens, but the stories, the occasional voice hitches,  always weigh heavy, and are often difficult to end.  I also get calls from potential buyers of the unit property– the auction company we use has a website, and they put up a picture of the front of the storage unit, so people can see a bit of what’s inside.  But people call, sometimes a handful, sometimes up to a dozen a day, asking if I can give them detailed information about what’s in the unit, how many units are going up for sale, how big the units are.   I think the auction process is my least favorite part of the operation.  There are some of the units that are up for auction that I don’t feel quite as badly about going up for sale… the customer took off and didn’t give us any forwarding info, maybe the person was a lot to deal with and often lied or took advantage of the services… but there are a few of them I genuinely feel terribly about… the ones who can’t seem to keep up on their bills because life is hard right now… Yes, auctions are probably my least favorite part of the business, though necessary.

The other thing is there is a rent increase, per the owner.  The owner was looking at the books, and our rates were lower than those in the surrounding area… no good, increases this year.  Luckily , my boss found ways to only increase rents about $10-$20,  but as the letters started going out– people have a month notice, the calls about why is the rent increasing, what if I don’t want to pay that…  All I could do is tell them it’s the owner’s final decision, and give them the latest date that they could move their stuff out with no penalty. Such is work…

Zombie Lucy is coming along. Here are some updated pictures. I’m kind of stuck on her clothes, but hopefully will get some inspiration this weekend. ALSO, I have Zombie Ricky to work on, so even if I don’t get any ideas about Lucy’s clothes, Ricky can come to life, as it were…

Zombie Lucy's bra, Kim's Sticks and Strings     Lucy's bra, Kim's Sticks and Strings

Image2753     Zombie Lucy Kim's Sticks and Strings

Whatta rack!

I’m also going to try to work on her shoes this weekend–I’m going to give polymer clay shoes a go…wish me luck.

AND before I forget, the lovely and very cool Jess from Knot By Gran’ma put up an interview of little ol me in her blog…she makes monsters too, you should check her out.

February is Women in Horror Month, and I’m quite sorry I’m not as prepared with lots of links and things that you can go check out, but I’m going to be. I’d like to say this next week’s blogs will have some authors, movies, and art you can check out, at least some.  It could be a month long thing.   Hey, my friend Rebecca Besser is an author, giving away 3 selections until February 4th, so if you read this before then, here’s her blog link, you can go find them

I’ve read some of her work, LOVE it and actually picked up one of the free ones, which I will read and review–please, if you read a book, especially an independent author, review it!!!  It helps SO much!!!

Alrighty then. That’s about my week. It’s Saturday morning right now, I should probably eat something and get my day started… some chores and errands to do, then maybe come back and put on a horror flick and start Zombie Ricky.

Keep it creepy!!! ❤

Happy New Year!!!


I do hope everyone is coping with the return to “normal life,” I know so very many of you just went back to work yesterday, all bleary eyed, wondering why there is so much to do, and everything is so loud and crazy, why so many people want something…that’s because the world didn’t stop while you were on holiday, dearies!  I’m sure it will take you a few days  to catch up…

I had a couple extra days off, but not weeks, like some.  A few customers came in  during the holidays, and they had time off, they were enjoying themselves, nice, friendly.  Yesterday, people who came in were harried, rushed. Gone were the smiling faces, the jokes and frivolity…  awwwww, real life set in did it?  One news program said something about the first day back to work after december holiday was reportedly the day most people reported as feeling depressed, as they

~have no more holiday time

~spent too much on holiday gifts and are now broke and bills are piling up (If you can’t pay your bills because you’ve spent too much on gifts, that’s your problem, and it is a bit of a problem…)

~folks set the resolutions up and have to start trying to fulfill their  intentions…often means no drinking, exercising, dieting, and less fun than they had on holiday

For some of us, life didn’t stop, work didn’t, and so this day was just like any other, except that many of the pouty folks took it out on us.  It’s good to remember that just because YOU aren’t having a good time of it because you have to return to the real world, don’t take it out on those of us who never really left.  A lady came in to pay her bill for the month (recap–I work at a self storage facility), and it wasn’t on time, so she had $30 extra in fees; she was mad.  She swore that she didn’t get her bill or late notices via email .  I checked our record, nothing was  returned, she got iher late notice on the 23rd (she usually doesn’t pay until the $10 late notice fee comes, but then 5 days later there’s another $20 fee.  She’s stored her stuff there for years, she knows the drill).  Her face dropped. She told me she was in Cancun.  “So, you didn’t have access to email when you were in Cancun? No computers anywhere?”  No, apparently she just didn’t check her email while she was out of the country on holiday… “Well, sadly, choosing to ignore your bill isn’t something that I can waive your fees for.”  She looked like she had to take a second to process what I said, and then realized, yea. I was right. It wasn’t our fault she didn’t pay her bill, she chose to ignore responsibility.  She pulled the extra money from her wallet and  told me to email her receipt to her, turned and walked out.  I had 5 phone calls and 3 more people come in, ones who forgot their responsibilities, spent too much on fun, and were similarly disappointed that they weren’t going to have the extra fees taken off…what DO people think?  It seems like no one planned ahead.

Anyway. life is pretty normal for me, still work 3 days a week, still planning world domination through my yarnspawn.  I”m making a ninja turtle for a cool dad to give to his daughter…she’s taken his Cthulhu, and this was hopefully going to make a trade possible. But now I hear that she likes Cthulhu, and may not give him back… Love. So  much love.  And who could blame her, look at these eyes


I’ll put up a post of Mikey, the ninja turtle when he’s done. I’m starting on the back piece of the shell today.

Until next time, keep it creepy!!!!!!

Hey Look! Another Post!


Hello Lovelies!!!

So, the end of the year is here, we’re down to counting days or hours even before the end.  I’ve always liked New Year’s, endings, beginnings, old stuff is gone, we made it one more year!  I like to take stock of the year, so very much happens in one year’s time.

I never really like to think in terms of good year-bad year. Certainly some are better than others, some are smoother, uneventful, some are exciting, not always for the better…  But as I get older, I just like to look at what has happened, the good and the bad together. When you’re in the middle of the bad, it seems like forever, but looking back over the year…things are different.

This was a big year for me. I started this blog, got past, kind of, my hangups about not having anything to say that someone would read.  And look at me, some of you DO read what I write!  Kisses.  And I’ve tried to stay pseudo-regular with it, and will try to do so next year…YES, I will be continuing on next year!  I’m going to try to go back to a once a week posting, even if there’s “nothing” to post.  

I made a lot of bigger dolls this year too!  Medusa is 18″ long, Rachel is 12″ tall, and the Clay golem is 18″ tall.  There were a couple of 10″ Cthulhus, and Blue was more than 9″ tall, as well.

Image1037     Image1377     clay golem

Image697     Image2553

I stretched myself,  always trying to make things look more like the image in my head, or the image I’m working from.  Calvin and Hobbes made me work.  They’re so popular, they have a specific look, so they couldn’t just be a blonde boy in a red shirt with a tiger, they had to look “right.”  Samara, too, was a very intense doll to make. I sewed all her wee hairs in by hand, AND I really did want her to look as creepy and close to Samara Morgan as I could get her.

Calvin and Hobbes by Kim's Sticks and Strings     1SamaraMorgan

I learned to  do a thread joint on bear legs, and  have come up with my own skull pattern that I like to use, very good for sugar skulls.

AshCareBear,Kim's Sticks and Strings     skullgrinchcollage

There were some less than wonderful things. It took me half the year to find a job. I DO really like my job, so I’m pretty ok with it all now, but it did take forever, it seemed.  My husband did go to the hospital for about a week for depression and anxiety.  It seems like forever ago, but it was at the end of September. He’s taking his meds, and while they may not be perfect, they’re going pretty well for him right now.  I’m so very happy things weren’t worse for him, or that he didn’t really need to be gone for any longer, I was a bit of a wreck while he was gone. Onward.

I’m so very very glad for all the connections I’ve made over the last year. I have made some very wonderful, supportive friends, you know who you are, and I just adore knowing you! In a perfect world we could all get together somehow, but I appreciate you sharing your lives with me.  I have also become closer to some friends who I’d made before 2013, people who helped talk me through the bad times, and made me smile and laugh all year long. I feel so very lucky to know such wonderful people. You are my friends, my support, comic relief, my muses, the thoughtful people who know just what to say, people who make me think, and dream.  I thank you all.

So, what do I want for this year?   I’m still more than happy to help people realize their dreams, sometimes, very creepy, in yarn. I’m hoping to learn to build in some time to create some dolls I’ve been thinking about, and to make some more sugar skulls.

I’m hoping the job continues to be as cool and fun as it is now. I, and the husband, would like for him to have a job; he’s had some very promising interviews, so he’s just playing the waiting game.

I will work being more mindful, on self-acceptance, and remembering to cherish my loved ones every day, our time here is so fleeting.

I will get back to reading more regularly– I read every day I was off the last week, it was fantastic!  And there will be more contests this year with spawn for the prize! Maybe not story contests, I’d like to try to switch it up!!!  OH, and YARNBOMBING!!!  Yes, more of that!!!

So here’s a picture of the last spawn I will have finished for 2013.  I wanted to create something I’d not had an order for, just start making and see what happened. I started this faery… he was very therapeutic, and so much fun. More things like this will happen in the new year.  So here is Gorman, the Water Sprite, my last finished spawn for the year. He’s already got a  home, I’m so happy, and will be making his way there starting New Year’s Eve.


Keep it creepy, my lovelies!!!

Sorry This Was Late…


Hello lovelies!  It’s been awhile, I know.

I was consumed by a tarantula…not literally, of course.  I was making a PinkToe Tarantula for a friend, and trying to find proper measurements and placement was just keeping me so hyper-focused, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything but work on it.  Mostly adding the hair.  I don’t like to work with fun fur, as my husband had asked (“Isn’t there a yarn that makes it hairy so you don’t have to do that?”)  I sewed the hair in by hand.  I didn’t want it too hairy, or the hot pink to be over-powering, so I just used double thickness, machine-embroidery thread. But I’m completely happy with her.

pinktoe tarantula


I meant to write a blog post last week sometime, and then things went crazy at work.  My boss had her baby on a Thursday, and needed help from her mum, who usually works with me.   There are two of us to answer phones, run payments, do a quick walk around the property, show and unlock units, clean the office, and just keep the office running.  She goes to the bank and also cleans the bathroom, but I do all the certified mail, run reports,  and check all the internet sites we get referrals from and contact new customers.  I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday by myself, and was exhausted.  Didn’t have any energy to work on my current spawn, Samara Morgan from the movie “The Ring,” much less any energy to write.  I”m happy to say that this week my co-worker will be back to work, though she does take her daughter to dr appointments.  I just don’t do well working by myself so much.  I end up disliking everyone that calls or shows up and wants to do business at 4:30 pm (we close at 5 pm).  I still get paid for it and all, but when I show up at 8:45 am, and don’t get a lunch break, I really, really do just want to shut out the world around 4:45 and want everyone to just leave me alone.   Most days, things go well, but there’s always that one day, where someone shows up at 10 minutes until we close, and want to see things, and mull some things about…slowly.

So besides feeling a bit behind where I wanted to be on the spawn,  I am looking to the near future, namely halloween.  On my business page I mentioned the contest I’ll be having, so thought I would here as well.    MY PLAN  is to write a story, well, the beginning of one.  The short bit I wrote for the Zombie Easter Bunny  rekindled my love for a bit of writing.  I’m no writer, by any stretch, but sometimes a wee story takes shape, and it’s not half  bad.   My idea is that I am making a spawn for the winner of my contest, and (details left our on purpose) IT COMES TO LIFE JUST AS I PUT IT IN THE MAILBOX (more details left out).  The contestants’ portion of the story, their entry, will start at the end of my story.  Don’t write your stories  yet, you need a couple of details I’ve purposely left out.  Feel free to start shaping something up, if you’re that kind of planner.  I will have one main prize, and probably 4 or so  different keyrings~~ for the Zombie Easter Bunny stories I had to read all 28 stories like 3 times just to choose my favorites, and I had to make notes, and re-read  and make more notes~~those stories are amazing, and were difficult to judge.  I know going in your halloween spawn stories will be too!  The plan I have is to announce  the contest officially with my portion of the story mid-September, that way, I can end the contest maybe the first Friday of October, so I can  read the stories, judge,  and send prizes to the winners for them to enjoy in October!  I’m so way excited, the Zombie Easter Bunny stories were FANTABULOUS!

Well, this is currently keeping me from working on yarn, so I think I’m going to end now.  Sunday my friend from high school, a LONG time ago, is popping by, so not much yarny time tomorrow. SO, I’m off. You all have a wonderful week, and keep it creepy!!!

My Creations Make The World Die A Bit??? Now I’m Mad With Power!!!


Hello lovelies!  Hope all is well with you, and that you’re ready for another installment of the crazy-ness that lives in my brains…just a reminder, NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS!

This week I’ve felt a bit like I was running around  screaming  EEEEEEEEE in a really high pitched voice.  Work has been a bit frantic.  My boss is pregnant, due in about 2 weeks, but, well, who knows… it’s her first baby.  AND we’re having an auction at work next week~if folks don’t pay their storage unit rent on time, they can accrue fees, and if they keep not paying we let them get to 2 months usually, and then they go to auction, after all the appropriate notices have been sent.  It’s  a stressful time, folks keep calling trying to get their stuff back for cheap, and they like to yell. OH, and if my boss goes into labor early, I will have to work alone and be at the auction…EEEEEEE!

I’m also kicking it into high gear with the spawn! Making a tarantula, life sized, and Samara Morgan from The Ring


…and a bear and a dog, and so many other things, AND NOW, suddenly, I’ve got this need to start working on a skull pattern of my own.  I’ve been using Lion’s skull pattern , but I really want to make my own.  I’d like it to be about softball/grapefruit sized, with light worsted weight, so that it’s smaller with thread.  I’m currently waiting more impatiently for stores to put up Halloween items, so I can find a nice model.  Yes, totally busy, and now my brain won’t let me rest…I’ve got several different ideas for Frankenstein’s monsters, this skull, and a list… I’m not complaining, either, just helping you understand the EEEEEEEE!

I’ve also been noticing more the shortcuts we take, which I think in part is due to social media.  some stuff which is banal, and some stuff that just makes me feel like we’re unbecoming humans.

Some of the lighter stuff  is thread jacking, of which I am a complete GUILTY!  I will comment on someone’s  thread, and then start a conversation with someone, not the person who the thread belongs to, and just take off…I really should create a new conversation, or talk in a chat box, but I don’t.  It’s probably the equivalent of jumping into someone’s conversation and changing it without asking.  I do it lots, sorry if it’s happened to you.   I DO know folks who dislike it very much, and while I try not to…I also don’t frequent the thread of those people. I like organic conversations, I like to see where they go.  Sometimes that’s not always appropriate, but…I did say sorry.

There are people who’ve just completely lost all their social niceties.  Maybe they didn’t have any to begin with, maybe they’re rude as hell in real life, and I’m lucky enough not to have to see it.  I know I mentioned in on Facebook, but it could do with some expansion…  I’ve seen, and had a few, negative commenters lately, and I wanna know  WHAT THE HELL!?!  People come right out and say “I don’t like that,” “The colors are off,” “You need photography lessons,”  “That would be better in blue,” “Why don’t you make those hats you made last year,” “When are you going back to making things like you used to?” and I saw someone say “Hey, I can make those, I can have a shop and make things and sell them too!” I got a pm the other day, “You know you’re not a real artist, don’t you?” to which I responded “You know you’re not a decent person, don’t you?.” right before blocking them.  And then someone did send me a message that said “When people are no longer interested in ugly or creepy things, they will realize you aren’t talented at all. Your “work” isn’t beautiful or thoughtful. A bit of the world dies each time one of your dolls goes out.”  A BIT OF THE WORLD DIES?!? REALLY?!?  REALLY REALLY???

I totally had no idea my creations had so much power…MUAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAH!

Now. to just put all those people together into one group, and just respond to them en masse:

DEAR BITCHES… What the hell?  As creators, ARTISTS, makers of wonderful things, we don’t care if YOU don’t like it.  If it wasn’t made for YOU, you can kindly shut it, because you’re not only making yourself look like a tactless dolt, but it really is just plain rude.  Folks don’t like it when people question their mamas but here goes nothing:  Didn’t your mama teach you if you don’t have something nice to say, then SHUT THE HELL UP YOU IGNORANT ASS!  The world, and all it’s kabillions (actual term, means lots and lots) of people are NOT here to please YOU!  If you don’t like the art,creation, picture, comment, don’t click the like button!!! Wow so simple!  Actually going out of your way to tell an artist you don’t like their work is rude/stupid/shitty/mean/hurtful/pathetic/means something more about the person who left the comment.    It means I wouldn’t like to know you as a person.  There are many pieces I’m not into, and pass up without clicking like.  I don’t always click the like button for yarn crafts, so you know.  I’m not a mum, so chances are I won’t click like for anything baby, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.  I click the like button for friends, their works, especially ones that they’ve really been working at, for the effort, and, well, a bunch of other reasons, as well as that I like it.  I click like for some cute  stuff, depending on whose work it is, if I really like it, or if  it inspires me to think about a creepy version (sometimes I see your cute work and I want to make the monster/zombie/creepy version, that’s inspiration too!)  But if I don’t like it, I just don’t click like.  That’s all.  IF someone is asking for critiques, just so you know, “I don’t like it” really doesn’t cut it.  I’m sure, after being shocked by your straightforwardness, the artist doesn’t care about your opinion again.   If I walk into a store, and let’s face it, our facebook pages are our “virtual stores (and hangouts),” I wouldn’t look at something and tell the proprietor “I don’t like this.”  It’s rude, inappropriate, and chances are that person will SAY something like “Well, take a look around, maybe we’ve got something else you like better,” but WHAT THEY WANT TO SAY IS “Turn the hell around and march your happy ass out of my store you rude bitch, there is nothing here I will sell you!”  Now, when you buy from an online store, that is really a facebook page, things are a bit less formal.  You are greeted by a cover photo, maybe some info from the artist, there are usually photo albums to look at, and you have the options to click the like button and leave comments, if you like stuff, or, if you don’t like it, YOU SHOULD JUST LEAVE THE PAGE! If you don’t like something, leave.  Don’t go back to that page!  Try to act more mature than a gradeschooler!

When it comes down to it, leaving a negative comment says more about you than you know.   It says you’re rude, that you think you’re owed something in life.  You “think” your opinion matters, should matter, to most, because “it’s a good one.” Leaving negative comments says you’ve got sour grapes about something in your life…you could have made this, you wish you had time/the ability/felt a creative spark.  It says you’re narrow-minded and controlling…did I mention I don’t want to know you?  Did I mention if I ever happened to know someone who wanted to tell an artist they didn’t like something or to change the color or some kind of shit I’d kick them straight in their bung hole as they walked away!!!  I’d do it!

*sigh* There are some days that all the political blaming and crappy negative on my facebook newsfeed drive me to only look at the art posts. most of which I’ve got on a list, so that I go to that list, and only see those posts.  But when idiots leave rude comments I want to hug the creator, and kick the offender.

ARTISTS OF ALL GENRES: It is completely ok to hide the comment, and block that person. There is no need to subject yourself to that. All negative comments are immediately hidden, I often leave a pearl of wisdom, and then I block that person.  I don’t need them in my virtual if I wouldn’t have them in my real life!

Really, people don’t re-read what they’re posting, I swear.  I sometimes type out things, and when I re-read, I may not like how it comes off…so I don’t post it…hell, you CAN delete it too.  I think I’d like to know that folks consider what they’re releasing out into the world before they do it.  I’ve gone back later and not liked something and deleted it.  We’ve got the ability to constantly re-evaluate ourselves, and make things better, make things “right” or even to change them.  I know there are people who already think they are amazing, and don’t need to change a thing… I don’t want to know those folks.

So, I told you I was going to let you in on the crazies, didn’t I?  It may not be much of anything, the stuff I blog, but the pressure release valve is back to “normalish” again.  A semi-peaceful state has been returned to the Kimdom, and all will live creepily after!  Seriously, blogging helps sort my head, the creatures scratching around upstairs feel less stressed, and…crazily enough to me, some of you read this and comment!!! I love you!!!  Ok, have to go, things to do, parts of the world to kill with my creations!


Just Another Week, and Some More Hooker Talk…


Hello friends, lovely seeing you here!  

Just a quick note, swearing abounds when I start talking about pattern thieves later on…they really get my goat!

Am settling into a routine at work, getting the hang of it.  I’ve been spending a bit more time alone at work, my boss is pregnant and due in a month, and her mum, who works there with me, has been taking her to some dr appointments, classes, etc.  It’s been a bit odd to get used to: I have their dogs in the office with me, and when I leave the office, to show a unit or use the facilities, I have to lock the office doors, but unlock the childgates that keep the dogs in, one gets separation anxiety and will hurt herself trying to get through the gate.  There is a good chance, since one of the dogs gets such separation anxiety that I might have to dog sit when the baby comes, they don’t do well alone for more than an hour or so (they’re 11 and 13, so they need good schedules and things they can rely on).  They’re very good dogs, my work dogs, and I suspect that when I said I didn’t mind having the dogs with me while I work, that’s part of what helped me get the job.

So anyway, work was good, the 8 hours goes by quickly, and I can get a wee bit of crochet done, not usually a spawn, for those I usually have lots of bits and wire out and pliers and scissors, and well, too involved for work, since I don’t take  a lunch break.  I’ve been trying a 2D  sugar skull.  I looked at a few pictures of crocheted ones, and knew I could do that.  Here’s my first one, ready for some embroidered hearts and designs.  They’ll probably be slightly different looking, I’d like to try ones with different flowers in the eyes, or hearts.



I spoke a bit about hookers stealing patterns, or changing a few things and calling it their own.  It’s been quite a topic for conversation amongst hookers this last week.  I likened it to recipes, you can’t take Gordon Ramsey’s famous recipe, add a pinch of salt, a half cup of shallots, and cook for 5 minutes more, and call it your own, and publish it in a book.  BUT, before the internet and things, folks used to do that, minus the publishing part.  They’d take recipes, alter to taste, and then call it “Jenny’s special recipe,” sharing that recipe with friends and family as their own.  With the internet, and the ability to share being so easy, we now know that Jenny’s special recipe was not her own, but a recipe someone else created from scratch, and now Jenny is claiming credit.  Well, hookers are doing the same thing.  Some lazy hookers find patterns, change a few stitches, and then call it their own, even sell it, knowing that they didn’t do “the work” involved in creating a pattern from the bottom up (or top down as some of us create).  There are supposed percentages one can change a pattern and claim it as different, I call bullshit.  BULLSHIT!!! It’s not a new, different pattern, it’s the same original one with modifications.

The U.S. copyright office says patterns “MAY  BE” able to be copyrighted,  and that one may be considered copyrighted as soon as it is written down or put onto an electronic device that allows one to view it.  Of course, none of us have/can seem to find a copyright lawyer friend, so no one knows for sure.  It is not copyright protected until you actually go do the paperwork.  You CAN do the work after someone steals it,  but they can always say it was written before yours, and then try to counter…it’s a mess.  There is a link to an article that says patterns are not generally copyrightable: , which throws all kinds of other things out.  There are folks who are considering NOT creating anymore patterns because of some ASSHOLES.  I’d call them assholes to their face, that’s probably the nicest thing I’d call them. I’d throw in lazy, lame, untalented, and pathetic.  I know there are many, many bear patterns, but I swear, if you just start looking at what IS out there, you can come up with something that isn’t.  I do it all the time.  When I start a new project, though I’m not working up a pattern for it, I look at what has been made before, and make sure that my work is completely different.  I’ve never had a hard time doing that, and so I really can’t come up with a good reason for anyone else to do it.  If someone else has created the perfect pattern for something you like, use it, contact that designer if you can and tell her/him, spread the love.  That will get you many more positive reactions that for ONE PERSON to find out you’re a pattern thief.  And if I find out, you’re pretty much ruined… I’m not shy about telling folks “this person fancies herself a designer but is nothing more than a lame, talentless hack.”  I’ll blog about it, tweet it, facebook it, put it on pinterest and deviantART, I have friends who will do the same.  I’ll put it on reddit, we all know how things go viral there…

I just want to shake these people.  They’re causing real designers, real hookers with real talents, to possibly quit doing the thing they like. No one wants  to create a pattern for something,  only to have someone else claim it as their intellectual property.  Thieves are stifling actual talented folks!  That makes me so mad!!!  Again, it’s part of why I don’t create patterns.  I’m not so very gracious as to share what came from MY brain with someone else who couldn’t possibly create anything like that…  Bitchy?  Maybe, but at least I’m truthful.  Of course if good designers stopped sharing their ideas the thieves would have less to steal from, or maybe have to actually use their brains and create for themselves…ooo, actual work.

I really am so very irritated by these people.  I’d love to know this is reaching at least one person who steals, or someone who knows someone who does.  I’d love to know that someone reads this, and then when a friend offers to “share” a pattern she paid for, says “Nothanks, that’s stealing. I’ll buy it myself, it’s well priced.” (or ‘I’ll design one for myself that I really like”)   I’d love to know that someone reads this and becomes outraged when someone they know tries to claim credit for a pattern they just changed a bit.  This isn’t just about thieving. It’s about the artists, the creators, THE PEOPLE.  I don’t want to know those thieves.  They aren’t good people.  Someone who is willing to lie, and claim credit for someone else’s ideas, even if “changed” isn’t a good person.  Not someone worth knowing, and I’m actually sad that they know how to crochet. I like to think of hookers, or those who crochet, as good people, but this just lets me know there are some asshole hookers out there I might like to smash the fingers of…oh yea, I’m hard core!!!

I still wish for and look for a good forum to reach folks. I will also blog about it on occasion, so you’ll read about it more.  Probably until folks stop doing it.  No artist wants their creations stolen.  I’m sure if the crocheted sandal was on the other foot, and they finally created something on their own, the thieves wouldn’t want someone else to claim credit.  That’s how we have to think, would we want this to happen to us?  Even if your patterns are free, it’s nice to hear “Wow, thanks for this pattern it’s amazing, just what I wanted!”


So, I’m making Calvin and Hobbes for my friend Dan


Hobbes, the stuffed version,  is next.

Well, that’s what I’ve got… working on spawn, outraged by hacks. Loving my new home, my short commute, my job, the husband and dogs and cat.  It’s about time for me to put in a creepy movie and start hooking. I’ll see you next time!

Keep it creepy!!!