Hello my lovelies!!! That’s right, it’s contest time! I’m officially announcing my Halloween Contest for 2014! I really enjoy these, and the response I’ve gotten has made me feel like you like them too! Every contest someone tells me, “I used to write stories all the time,” or “I haven’t written anything for fun in years and this was great!” Some even tell me they’re going to pick back up and start writing again! I love EVERY story I’ve ever gotten.

This contest is going to be a bit different. Each one of the stories has been “about” the doll I was creating for the prize, but not this time. I actually asked on Facebook what people would like me to create. I had a few ideas, a zombie animal, or a franken animal or even a classic movie monster. There were a few other movie characters that were suggested, but a few people grabbed onto a flying monkey zombie and that became one of the suggestions, and then the one that people voted for most. So, the prize will be a Flying Monkey Zombie! I will share progress pics on facebook and instagram and twitter, and will try to remember to on my G+ account too, so you should be able to find out what it’s looking like! There is a good chance that a second prize will be one of my Sugar Skulls, woohoo!


THE CONTEST PARTICULARS: This time the theme is The Bogeyman. You can also call him The Monster Under Your Bed, or The Monster In Your Closet… whichever creeps YOU out the most… Tell me a story about that monster,  IN 1000 WORDS. I haven’t set a word count before, but some of the stories are kind of long, and while I love them all, I end up reading every story at least 3 times, and the ones that are close, I read 4 and sometimes 5 times.  I’ve read some pretty great 1000 word stories, some even shorter, that are just amazing, and soooo creepy. I know you can do it!!! There are word counts websites that you can type right onto, and they will keep your word count for you.  You will have until midnight pst, the 3rd of October, 2014 to get your story to me. You can put it on the post that will be pinned on my facebook page or put message it to me on facebook, or you can email it to, just put Halloween Story Contest in the Subject line. The contest is in no way affiliated with facebook or twitter or instagram or Google+, though I will post about it on all accounts. I won’t require anyone to “like” or follow me on any of my accounts, I don’t really want to go searching through all them to find out. I WILL be posting stories on my facebook page as they come in, and will post them all here at the end of the contest, for ALL THE INTERWEBS to read!

So that’s it for now, go out and do what you need to do to write me a story, and 



My not so blog-worthy life…


Hello dear ones.  It’s been a long time, I know. Going to try to give you the gist of what’s been going on.

Last time was the  Halloween contest, which was fantastic!  If you haven’t read the Halloween stories, up top of my blog there are titles, one says “My Halloween Contest”–that’s all the entries for my contest.  The winner, Fatima, won my green Franken-monster. I just got a picture of Fatima and Frank, they look happy together!!!

Since then, I’ve finished my Ash CareBear.  Just in case it doesn’t ring a bell, he’s patterned after this CareBear drawying by yayzus

Evil_Dead_Ash_care_bear_by_4unt3r     AshCareBear,Kim's Sticks and Strings

He’s about 12″ tall standing, but he can sit as well.   His bloody chainsaw and “boomstick” are made of polymer clay, but the rest is yarn/thread.  I really enjoyed making him, I really do love the different things folks ask me to make.  I shared him with the deviantART artist, he dug him!

Also working on a skull pattern, one that can be closed or left open.  I’ve only made one, and she was a learning experience, but I decided she was cool enough that I needed her to be my first sugar skull of my own entire design.  Here she is

my sugar skull, Kim's Sticks and Strings


Definitely a learning experience, now I need to make a few changes, and make sure to sew in the eyes before closing the bottom.   This skull pattern has been eluding me for awhile, which bothers me.  I can make an Ash CareBear in a few days’ time but the skull keeps me at a distance. Partly because I’ve been wanting to create one that can be left open, or close it, maybe that’s harder to do.  Also, I’ve been fighting with stylistic and realistic.  At some point I want to make a realistic looking skull. I just know it will be a big labor of love, and then I probably won’t want to stuff it.  Realistic skull on the back burner, I’m sure it will take me a few weeks once I start it…back burner for sure.

Regular old life is keeping me on my toes, I guess.    Near the end of September, my husband, who has always had some anxiety and depression issues, but to the extent I did not know, really started to feel more hopeless.  He’s been out of work for a bit, and things haven’t felt quite right for him.  One Wednesday, while at work, I got a call from him, saying that he’s been feeling really down lately, and in the last day or so, didn’t have too many reasons to stick around.  For many years, he’s said I was the thing keeping him going at it day in and day out.  He didn’t want me to come home and find him.  But very recently, he’d had a harder time.  He went into the ER, and was there Wednesday afternoon through Friday night.  The doctors tried to get him to sign out, take home some light anti-anxiety meds, and call it good.  He still wasn’t convinced that he felt “better” and so went into an inpatient facility from Friday night through Monday.  There he got to see a doc, and a therapist daily, and was prescribed stronger meds, with a regular schedule.  Right now he’s on Klonapin,  twice a day,which is pretty strong, and Zoloft.  He’s not a fan of the Zoloft, he says it makes him feel a bit edgy, and he thinks his panic attacks have increased since being on it…there have been a few, usually when I’m not with him.  Then he takes something to help calm him, and that makes him sleepy.  He’s still getting used to the meds, though I’m hoping they’ll decrease the Klonapin a bit, he’s always has a hard time staying focused on some tasks, but lately he’s having more of the issues with walking into a room for something, and completely losing his original intent.  It’s bothering him some.

I’ve avoided dealing with it for over a month now.  It’s really easy to do.  I just get involved with day to day stuff, job 3 times a week, my crochet orders, and regular chores.  If I just stuff it away, I won’t have to really think that at one point, my husband could have decided that he wouldn’t maybe feel quite as bad if I found his body.  I didn’t know it was that bad.  He isn’t exactly forthcoming about that stuff,  emotions and feelings and whatnot.   He comes from an original family with issues, his mum shouldn’t have been a mum, his parents had problems and divorced, and his mother did what many do, threw all her rage for her husband at my husband.  She’s terrible, I’ve met her and dislike her to my core.  So, he’s got anxiety, which he used to stave off by extreme mountain biking, long ago, but after breaking his heel, that’s really not an option. He used to fish more, I think he needs that outlet again, probably next year since it’s already fall now.    He says a job will help, though with the meds, I worry.  He’s got an interview for a gig in a couple days, the commute is 2 1/2 hours, one way.  I don’t know how I feel about it, but he wants to try, so of course I’ll let him.

Daily I worry.  Some days I come home and the house is clean, and dinner is nearly ready, and he feels good.  We message back and forth, and it’s a good day.  Other days he tells me it’s an “Everyone Can Go Fuck Themselves” day, he’s struggled to get a few things done, and says he feels like an 8 year old who wants to run away.   I just have to take each day as it comes, and it’s hard.  I go to work before he’s offiically awake, so I never know what to do to try to ensure it’s a good day, and I know I can’t, but I so want to try.  And I’m tired.  I am trying really hard not to worry, but it’s what I do.  I’ve always been a worrier.  As a child I worried if what I did would cause my mother to yell, now I worry I haven’t been upbeat enough. I know rationally my worrying can’t do anything, except give me the headaches and neckaches I’ve had for a few weeks now,  but it’s something I’ve done all my life.  I’ve worried all my life about how my actions would affect/anger others, and changed myself because I was worried what could happen.  And I’m tired of it.  Other people seem to get through the day without worrying, hell, without caring at all how their actions affect others.  There has to be a happy medium for me.

Through all this, I have had a few friends that knew all about this, and I am SO thankful for them.  Just being able to say things to someone else is a relief.    I feel a bit eggshell-y at home sometimes, so my friends who help me through this are amazing.  I love you all, you know who you are!  Hell, my boss’ mum gets lots of love though this too!!!  Not only was she at work the day the husband called me and went to the hospital, but she asks every couple of days about him, lets me vent, and is very lovely!  The most amazing individual is my dog Penny Crane.   She seems to know when he’s having a hard time.  He usually goes to his bed and covers up, she goes to him, and lies next to him .  She’s the one individual he will attend to daily.  She kind of demands it.  She wants to play ball, like…every minute she is awake.  BUT, when she senses he needs it, goes and lies down with him, no matter the time of day, or how long.  She is amazing.  I love her very much.

PennyCrane and Brainy


So…this is what has been keeping me from blogging.  None of my work was really blog-worthy, really, in my head.  I wasn’t outraged by anyone stealing or being rude.   And my husband was having some emotional troubles and dealing with it all is hard.  Still is.  I cried while writing this entire blog. and while I know that I really need to deal with it more, I’m kind of tired of blowing my nose, and wiping my tears.  I’m hopefully done crying today, though some of you usually comment, so I’ll cry again. But it’s the weekend, and I don’t want to cry on my days off.   So know you’ll probably hear more about this.  Right now I’m gonna get some more coffee and put on a horror flick, try to get lost in yarn…

Keep it creepy!!!

Where I completely admit to being obsessed… or all the crazy little bits I put into creating a couple spawn


Hello my lovelies!

It’s been 2 weeks since the last post, and while I sit here I wonder why it is that it’s been 2 weeks, why didn’t I just sit and do this last weekend?  I was sitting her trying to figure out what it is that kept me…ooooooh… I had my creation blinders on!  With most of my projects, I can put the doll down, and pick up something else, a different project, a different activity, and I’m fine.   I can switch gears and make something else, or do something else, and the project is safely tucked away in part of my brain, I make/take notes for myself about the current state of things, and what I’d like to do next time I pick it up.  But not my last order.  I was making a Pink-toe Tarantula and Samara Morgan from the movie The Ring, for Rick, a really cool artist and tattoo artist friend.  Rick is a creepy-crawly lover, so the spider was going to be life-sized, which is slightly harder than one thinks.  Most measurements are note exact, spiders don’t seem to love to be measured, PLUS, straight leg-length is hard to get on a spider since they’re bent, in life (straight leg measurements are usually post-mortem activities)  Well with all the knowledge a non-spider person can get (at least 2 hours searching and tarantula sites) I started on the PinkToe.  They’re actually quite lovely, with long, vibrant pink hairs all over their bodies, my thoughts turned to how to get those right.  This was not going to be a project where fun-fur could be used, that would NOT be ok.  I got very shiny, very fine, polyester thread, black and hot pink, and sewed them in by hand.  Crazy, obsessed? Maybe.  But my tarantula looks quite like a real tarantula rather than a crocheted spider, even though it’s slightly larger than life-sized.

Image1861 Image1862


When I was working on the spider, I was obsessed. Possibly because sewing in the hairs on the legs and body just took a long time, but I don’t think I could have done it any other way.  The spider needed to look big and hairy, like it did in my head  I really wanted to take some forced perspective pictures of her destroying Sacramento, but my next project was Samara Morgan, and I was more obsessed.

When I say obsessed, I really mean it.  I didn’t want to work on other projects, and even upcoming projects didn’t interest me, and I always am excited about what I’ll be working on coming up!!!  I didn’t want to read, and I never seem to get enough regular reading time,, certainly not daily, and almost not at all while working on her.  If I was going to sit down, I wanted to work on her.  OBSESSED!!!

The other part of my obsession is that when I’m making something that has a definite look, but more than that, an absolute look.  Frankenstein’s monster has a look, but he’s changed a bit here and there, due to artist interpretation. Samara Morgan has an absolute look, super creepy, pale blue-ish with deep black cracks and slimy grey-ish black gunk on her skin, a long dress that is blackened with slime at the hem and bottom of the sleeves, and long, hanging black hair…but it more than just hangs, it has some eerie, creepiness to it…  This was not going to be a doll that could have yarn hair, it had to be fine, and hang just the right way.  Crochet thread approached the right look, but wasn’t as shiny as I needed this to be (shiny thread makes her hair look a bit like it’s wet, like it does in the movies)

(When I start a new doll, I often give a cursory look out there at other artists’ dolls of the same characters, looking for inspiration, but rarely do I look at crochet versions, those aren’t what I want mine to look like.  Let me qualify that~ When I searched for Samara Morgan art dolls there were the plastic/vinyl/clay/porcelain versions, the ones that really tried to grasp the creepiness, really tried to get her look.  Crochet versions were pale in color, with some sort of dress, black hair, sometimes safety eyes, sometimes just a frowny face……many I wouldn’t have known they were Samara Morgan except that’s what I searched for.  I realize, I really do, that it’s MY craziness/vision/obsession.  I need my version to look as much like the thing as I can get it to.  Part of that is the details.  “Details, baby, details.”)

First off, she’s small,  Not my smallest doll yet, I think the zombie fairy I made for my friend Teeni is my smallest whole doll (I’ve made small zombie torsos, but Zombie fairy, Pipette, is small.



Anyway, Samara is just 6′ tall, and made thin. She’s also, at the suggestion of my friend Teeni, pale blue.  In the movie she always had a pale blue to her skin, and though the yarn I used  is paler than she is, it did the trick.  She also seemed to me to have a definite order, mostly for convenience, but I had to do her face first, I needed some creepiness.  I used black embroidery floss for some of the cracks in her face.  Her eyes were grey, with a line of red and tan threads under each eye, because her eyes are reddish underneath.  I also painted on, with acrylic paints, some of the black and greyish slime that covers her skin…she really is dirty from being down in the well.  While the hair, the very last thing I did was the most time-consuming, the dress is the thing that caused me the most freakouts, not big ones mind you, but ones that cause me to need another pair of eyes to tell me it’s ok…thanks T!  I don’t sew.  Ok, let me re-phrase that.  I don’t have a machine, or real sewing skills–since I’ve never had a machine of my own, I’ve never really practiced, and though I’m certain I could learn to follow fairly simple patterns, the fact remains that all my sewing is done by hand, and kind on-the-fly.   Like in most of my creations, I don’t really make patterns for the pieces I have to sew, I just do a quick sketch on the wrong side of the fabric and sew–which is a lot harder to do for the unskilled when the dress is for a 6″ doll!  UGH, TURNING THE DRESS RIGHT SIDE OUT SUCKED DONKEY BALLS!  (Disclaimer: I don’t REALLY know what that is like, but I’m sure it’s bad!  I coffee stained her dress. and used black acrylic paint to get the right color.  Then finally time to sew in her hair!  I used the same black polyester thread i did for the tarantula, it’s really shiny, and hangs just the right way.  I’d sew in 4-4 thicknesses of thread at a time, just to increase the coverage, but it still took quite awhile, since I used superfine thread.

I put her away for a day, I usually put dolls I spend a lot of time on away for a day. I need fresher eyes.  I get detail blind–I only focus on the small things…the dress probably came out a bit too dark and still smells a bit like coffee… her skin isn’t quite the right blue… her face could have been attended to a bit more…    There are always things that eat at me, sometimes way past the message that they’ve arrived and are currently being adored!  Yep, some of my dolls haunt me!   Usually once I get the message, I’m good…but there are a few of my spawn that I just…want to……leave just the way they are because they are loved, and that sheer fact amazes me every single time.  I am always so in awe that people come to me, and often tell me they’ve wanted something like this for awhile and trust me to help create their vision…  which is always always always, all in the details.

So here she is, I love her, I think she’s the creepiest doll I’ve made yet.  My creepy little dead girl



And here are the PinkToe and Samara leaving me Friday



I’ve since started a new project, a witch similar to one I made a couple of years ago for a very lovely lady.  The witch is a lot of fun, being much more subjective, with just some color specificities.  I love the project, am not obsessed, and it feels easier, *sigh*.  Not that I don’t like creating specific characters, I SO do!  I love working on  really specific creations, they really make me work and push myself, but I do also like a break of other creations in between.  Also, I started trying to come up with a crochet skull pattern of my very own, one that will look good as just a skull, but also will be good for creating sugar skulls with! i want to yarn bomb with some, hopefully for Dia de los Muertos!  Oh, and I need to make some more mary-jane slippers, my toes are chilly in the morning, it’s almost fall here in northern-california!

So, I guess this was all the stuff that’s been in my head the last couple of weeks.  I was really too  “all about the spawn” to even sit down and write about how much they can take over my life.  Luckily I have a really understanding husband who doesn’t mind so much that he has to remind me to come up for air and get out of my head for a bit (his words are different, same sentiment…he’s not gonna read this).

It’s September now, which means it’s almost time for me to announce my contest.   Also have to get to making those prizes.  Stay tuned for occasional pictures of those, and for the halloween story contest, I’ll be reminding folks here and on my page, and will be posting all the entries here on my blog just like for the Easter Bunny stories.  OOOO, just for what’s going to happen in the future, I’M GOING TO BE MAKING A KRAMPUS THIS YEAR, WOOHOO!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting and putting up with the weirdness! and KEEP IT CREEPY!!!

Sorry This Was Late…


Hello lovelies!  It’s been awhile, I know.

I was consumed by a tarantula…not literally, of course.  I was making a PinkToe Tarantula for a friend, and trying to find proper measurements and placement was just keeping me so hyper-focused, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything but work on it.  Mostly adding the hair.  I don’t like to work with fun fur, as my husband had asked (“Isn’t there a yarn that makes it hairy so you don’t have to do that?”)  I sewed the hair in by hand.  I didn’t want it too hairy, or the hot pink to be over-powering, so I just used double thickness, machine-embroidery thread. But I’m completely happy with her.

pinktoe tarantula


I meant to write a blog post last week sometime, and then things went crazy at work.  My boss had her baby on a Thursday, and needed help from her mum, who usually works with me.   There are two of us to answer phones, run payments, do a quick walk around the property, show and unlock units, clean the office, and just keep the office running.  She goes to the bank and also cleans the bathroom, but I do all the certified mail, run reports,  and check all the internet sites we get referrals from and contact new customers.  I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday by myself, and was exhausted.  Didn’t have any energy to work on my current spawn, Samara Morgan from the movie “The Ring,” much less any energy to write.  I”m happy to say that this week my co-worker will be back to work, though she does take her daughter to dr appointments.  I just don’t do well working by myself so much.  I end up disliking everyone that calls or shows up and wants to do business at 4:30 pm (we close at 5 pm).  I still get paid for it and all, but when I show up at 8:45 am, and don’t get a lunch break, I really, really do just want to shut out the world around 4:45 and want everyone to just leave me alone.   Most days, things go well, but there’s always that one day, where someone shows up at 10 minutes until we close, and want to see things, and mull some things about…slowly.

So besides feeling a bit behind where I wanted to be on the spawn,  I am looking to the near future, namely halloween.  On my business page I mentioned the contest I’ll be having, so thought I would here as well.    MY PLAN  is to write a story, well, the beginning of one.  The short bit I wrote for the Zombie Easter Bunny  rekindled my love for a bit of writing.  I’m no writer, by any stretch, but sometimes a wee story takes shape, and it’s not half  bad.   My idea is that I am making a spawn for the winner of my contest, and (details left our on purpose) IT COMES TO LIFE JUST AS I PUT IT IN THE MAILBOX (more details left out).  The contestants’ portion of the story, their entry, will start at the end of my story.  Don’t write your stories  yet, you need a couple of details I’ve purposely left out.  Feel free to start shaping something up, if you’re that kind of planner.  I will have one main prize, and probably 4 or so  different keyrings~~ for the Zombie Easter Bunny stories I had to read all 28 stories like 3 times just to choose my favorites, and I had to make notes, and re-read  and make more notes~~those stories are amazing, and were difficult to judge.  I know going in your halloween spawn stories will be too!  The plan I have is to announce  the contest officially with my portion of the story mid-September, that way, I can end the contest maybe the first Friday of October, so I can  read the stories, judge,  and send prizes to the winners for them to enjoy in October!  I’m so way excited, the Zombie Easter Bunny stories were FANTABULOUS!

Well, this is currently keeping me from working on yarn, so I think I’m going to end now.  Sunday my friend from high school, a LONG time ago, is popping by, so not much yarny time tomorrow. SO, I’m off. You all have a wonderful week, and keep it creepy!!!

I Love My Friends…


Hello, my lovelies! Glad to see you here again! This post really is about you!

It has been a particularly good week for me, nothing really out of the ordinary has happened.  I’ve been working on Calvin and Hobbes characters for my friend Danny. For those of you not from the U.S., Calvin and Hobbes were comic strip characters created by Bill Waterson, a boy and his stuffed tiger, who the boy, Calvin, saw as a quite tall, upright walking tiger, who could talk.


It was pretty popular in the mid to late 1980s, yes, dating myself, and it was in the daily paper, and there was a color half page on Sundays.

Here’s mine

Calvin and Hobbes by Kim's Sticks and Strings

Danny always makes me stretch.  He never just asks for a zombie, or something simple.   AND he orders everything as a keychain–he collects them, there’s one for most major happenings in his life. So everything I’ve made him also has a keyring on it.  But we’ve been friends since high school, and, well, I enjoy a challenge, and don’t mind putting a keyring on something…now my spawn get to be part of his giant collection.

Danny was the first to order a Grinch, and It got all  kinds of love.  His was special, he has my zombie eyes, and is wearing a hat. He’s also holding Cindy Lou Who’s dead-head…

My first grinch

Danny also ordered a flying monkey and an Oompa Loompa, from the first movie.

My Flying Monkey and Oompa Loompa from Kim's Sticks and Strings

But this post really isn’t too much about what I’ve been making, but more about all my wonderful friends, especially, the hookers.   I’ve commented to my friend Teeni of late, I am so very impressed with “our hookers.”   I’ve mentioned before that I’m an administrator for The Treblemaking Hookers,, a crochet community on facebook that promotes the love, business, and art of crochet.  So when we talk about “our hookers,” it’s about the folks who are regular participants on the page, and on our yarny pages, and you know who you are!  You are the folks I connect with daily, weekly, regularly about projects, have chat  and giggle sessions with, and who I appreciate so very much.   We have days where we celebrate finished products, and pattern designers,  and these hookers are so positive and supportive of each other, it just makes me so happy!

And this week, this same group of hookers, our hookers, MY HOOKERS, as well as my other friends, and creepy lovers, fellow artists, amazing minds have given me so much  LOVE, with the best part of it being that I was in a place that allowed me to just go ahead and appreciate it all.  Add to that with a couple of folks getting their packages and totally being so very happy, and it’s a pretty great week.  I think that I’m finally settling in, and feeling a little less crazy, and I allowed myself to just sink into how wonderful all my friends are.  I feel pretty blessed.

I’ve told you some of the negative things that go on in my head, from way back.  And also in my head are the voices that tell me I’m not that talented.  I’m sure a few of you probably hear that voice once in awhile… NEVER BELIEVE THAT VOICE!!! DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT VOICE!!!  That voice can steal your mojo, leave you feeling terrible about yourself, and is really wrong.  That voice is very counter-creative!  That voice has been pretty silent this week, which is pretty cool!

 I invite you all, hookers,  artist,  writers, readers, moms, dads, friends, to try to listen to the words of your friends, and families, and loved ones, instead of the negative things you may focus on.  Even for just a weekend…just put the negative out of your mind. I know it’s hard, trust me.  And remember, too, that you have to give back.  You have to be one of those positive voices for others; you have to help stifle the negativity.  But the benefits are amazing.  When we lift each other up, we lift ourselves up, as a whole.   With the way the world is today, all the negativity, why not set out to be a bit more positive?  Why not be one of those positive, nurturing voices for someone?  I am so very grateful to each and every one of the folks this week who has been so über wonderful!  So go ahead, tell someone something nice, give someone a pat on the back, find someone who may be having a low day, and give em a bit of encouragement.  It’s not only lovely to hear, but is so very good for you, as well.  *whispers* I love you, all my friends!


So, I’m nearly done with “the big Hobbes,” the one that Calvin sees. Then they will be off to the post. AND THEN IT’S BACK TO CREEPY DOLLS!  I really do love creepy dolls the most, though I’ll be making a few more “non-creepy” things over the next few months, and am excited about all of them!   *whispers*  Next, I’m making a  life sized Pink-toe Tarantula and Samara, from The Ring…yay for possible creepy dreams!!! Oh and some zombies, and an Ash Bear…well, it looks like I need to go put some yarn and a hook in hand, yarnspawn still aren’t making themselves…


Just A Short Catch-up


Hello, dear ones!

This post is just a catch-up.  I started my new job this week,  and that was pretty much my week!  I work at a storage unit facility,  customer service, so you know, new contracts, taking payments, showing units, etc.  My boss and her mum, who works there, too, are very nice, quite funny, and happy with me so far!  I only work 3 days a week, but that will allow me to keep up with the yarnspawn, as soon as I get “into the swing” of things.  I work 9-5, though it’s not hard or really all that much work, by the end of the day, and after the 40-50 minute commute, I’m wiped out!  I have a bit of downtime, am trying to take small projects to work, nothing big like Cthulhu, who is about 9″ tall.  I made a skull at work, just needed to sew in ends, so I’ll have to take wee projects, or small portions of projects, maybe.

That’s pretty much it! When I get home from work, my rat terrier mix Penny Crane pushes open the screen door with her head and comes out to greet me, Buster Smalls the chihuahua follows along.Image1623  166880_188376554511299_6416972_n

Apparently they’re pretty sad I’m away. Penny lies by the door while I’m at work, and “the whining” starts around 5pm–when I get off work and they like to eat dinner.

By the time it’s about 7:30 or 8, I’ve only got an hour or so of crochet time in me…hopefully that will change.

I’ve been working on a Cthulhu this week, and have a  side project of a tree. I’ve only just finished the trunk, time to add roots and limbs with wire in them. Will see how that goes.

It’s Saturday here, so I’ve got chores to do, and then later some time with my favorite green-tentacled god, oh, and the husband and the dogs, too.

Have a wonderful week, my lovelies! Keep it creepy!

Late Post, I Know…


Hello Lovelies! I know that I usually post on Monday, but I didn’t really have anything…

Last week I was supposed to take a series of tests and do my last interview before getting that job.  Everything was looking good, and then they took my blood pressure… the nurse asked if I was stressed in any way. I know I looked at her with attitude, and she kind of giggled.  No…I”m not stressed. I”m unemployed, have been for a bit, husband is now looking for work…other things, random free-floating anxiety… No, I’m fine.  Though last year when I went to the doc to get my new prescription for birth control, they mentioned my blood pressure was high, and they made me lie there for 15 minutes in the dark and then take it again, before leaving with meds… And my mother was hypertensive…both of these things I told the nurse. BUT I hadn’t had coffee that morning so it should be better. She asked me to lie down in the dark and think relaxing thoughts (it was 148/90 the first time).  To START the test, a person’s blood pressure has to be below 130/80, sitting up.

So I laid there, in the dark, trying to think relaxing thoughts, which is completely not something I do well. I just started trying to focus on slowing my pulse, which was racing, and making my exhalations longer than my inhalations. The nurse came back quietly, and asked me to sit up slowly, which made me feel worse than I had been, but I did it, and it was lower, 144/83.  Still not good enough to  take the test, but she thought if I got into the surroundings I needed to test in, maybe something would be ok…AND I had to take the test after being upright a bit.  So we walked into the other room, and she told me just to relax and people watch, and just try to do some deep breathing… just her telling me to relax was stressing me out by now.  About 15 minutes later, the nurse came back, and gave me that smile that is supposed to be reassuring, and said “I hope you had relaxing thoughts!”  Apparently I didn’t. My blood pressure was 153/93.  They couldn’t test me. I did have to go back 2 days later to get my Tb test read, so I could try again.

I drove myself  home, determined to hold it together, and I did.  I cried walking into the house, but I was good while driving.  Told my husband the story, while looking up “lower blood pressure” on the interwebs.  I found all the things I could eat, and wrote down a small list of stuff to get, and decided I was gonna do it the more natural way… I chewed on garlic cloves, drank cranberry juice, ate garlicky, cayenne peppery food, and took magnesium, calcium, and hawthorn berry. And had no caffeine. And tried to think relaxing thoughts. HA!

Friday morning rolls around, I tried to get a good night’s sleep, and at some point decided that knowing that I was unhealthy was more important than anything else…  I got to the office and was seen pretty quickly. I”m negative for Tb, yay.  Then they took my blood pressure, 148/89.  This time the nurse said “I’m going to give you one more chance, I’ll let you lie here in the dark for a few minutes and see if you can just calm a bit.  She was gone for 20 minutes this time, she thought I needed a few extra minutes.. What I’d needed were hours…it went up to 153/90.    The nurse said she’d have to send in the results for the test, and maybe my job would let me get my blood pressure taken care of, and try again.

When I got home, I instantly called the last doctor I saw when I had insurance, he was our doctor for a few years, and knew our history. Luckily the office visits weren’t as much as I’d thought, and got an appointment for Tuesday, and emailed the  company of the job I was trying to get, to find out what I could do. It was Friday afternoon, so I’d be waiting for a bit… I kept my caffeine intake down, tried to go for walks and not stress.  The weekend was pretty uneventful, and so was Monday,  no call from the company, but Mondays can be busy.  Tuesday rolls around, and I go see Dr Zheng. I got in quickly, they took my blood pressure and I got into a room to talk to the doc pretty quickly. I like him, he straight talks me and is just nice.  My bp was 148/86, which wasn’t too high, but my heart rate was pretty elevated, and I was just resting, so a bit troubling.  Now I”m on Atenolol, and I go back for a check up in a month.  THEN as I was leaving the doc’s office, the company called.  They need someone to start NOW, not hopefully in a few weeks, AND since I had such a high bp without meds, they don’t want to chance me having that job, where I might have to be maneuvering  an adult larger than myself, if not larger, and maybe my  meds were off a bit… they’re covering themselves, but I understand, and would definitely not be ready to push myself so very quickly.  I was also told that when I got my health in order, there are other positions with the company that if they ever come up I could apply for.

So I’ve taken my first med, my heart rate is noticeably slower, and it’s not pounding.  It will be cool not to have my ears pounding when I go to bed tonight. I”m supposed to give it a couple days before driving by myself, but that’s ok.

So I’m still working on my clay  golem, I”ll put up a bunch of pictures for my next blog post. I”m sure this was the most boring post, but it’s been on my mind non-stop for a week now, so it’s nice to have a bit of resolution, even though not what I’d hoped for.  But, it’s not all that bad, AND I’ll be healthier… which is cool because I gotta KEEP IT CREEPY!  (and so do you!)