Interview with A.L. Peck, Author of “Abstract Murder”.


Hello Lovelies!!!
I promised I’d get you some thing for Women in Horror Month. MY favorite month. Here’s something for you then. Sumiko Saulson interviewd A. L. Peck. last yea., A.L. Peck is the author of the amazingly fantastic Abstract Murder. If you haven’t read it, seriously, pick it up. Seriously. As well, Andie Lee (A. L.) is just a super wonderfully nice and smart lady, and it’s always nice to support an author/aritst who is lovely as well! I’ll be finding you some more women in horror before the month is over dear ones! Keep it creepy!!!

Sumiko Saulson


This interview is being included in the 2013 Women in Horror Interview Series. Every February, Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) assists underrepresented female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support.  You can find out more about WiHM here:

Interview with A.L. Peck,

author of  “Abstract Murder”

This is the first in a series of interviews with women in horror fiction.

I hope you will enjoy this interview is with psychological horror/suspense writer Andie Lee Eames, who writes under the penname A. L. Peck. Today we will talk about writing, perceptions of women and women of color in the horror genre, and why female writers would still feel a need to use a gender neutral penname 150 years after the Bronte sisters did. 

The Book:

Abstract Murder (Paperback) Abstract Murder

Abstract Murder is a disturbing psychological suspense tale told from the viewpoints…

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A Quieter Week…


Hello Lovelies!

This week was quieter than last… I wasn’t bothered by much, not too indignant about anything in particular… probably for the best… I prefer not to be too up in arms about stuff so very often, it takes away from the creativity…

Work is the usual.  We DO have auction coming up this week, so I not only get the calls from people trying to figure out if they can get their stuff out of the auction (there are lots of calls from people saying they have __ amount of money, will that be enough? There is usually a notation in the file as to what we would take… I don’t do well with these calls, and in that, I really mean, I don’t like to take those calls.  I can give them the amount of money the owner will take as long as they come up with it 30 minutes before the auction happens, but the stories, the occasional voice hitches,  always weigh heavy, and are often difficult to end.  I also get calls from potential buyers of the unit property– the auction company we use has a website, and they put up a picture of the front of the storage unit, so people can see a bit of what’s inside.  But people call, sometimes a handful, sometimes up to a dozen a day, asking if I can give them detailed information about what’s in the unit, how many units are going up for sale, how big the units are.   I think the auction process is my least favorite part of the operation.  There are some of the units that are up for auction that I don’t feel quite as badly about going up for sale… the customer took off and didn’t give us any forwarding info, maybe the person was a lot to deal with and often lied or took advantage of the services… but there are a few of them I genuinely feel terribly about… the ones who can’t seem to keep up on their bills because life is hard right now… Yes, auctions are probably my least favorite part of the business, though necessary.

The other thing is there is a rent increase, per the owner.  The owner was looking at the books, and our rates were lower than those in the surrounding area… no good, increases this year.  Luckily , my boss found ways to only increase rents about $10-$20,  but as the letters started going out– people have a month notice, the calls about why is the rent increasing, what if I don’t want to pay that…  All I could do is tell them it’s the owner’s final decision, and give them the latest date that they could move their stuff out with no penalty. Such is work…

Zombie Lucy is coming along. Here are some updated pictures. I’m kind of stuck on her clothes, but hopefully will get some inspiration this weekend. ALSO, I have Zombie Ricky to work on, so even if I don’t get any ideas about Lucy’s clothes, Ricky can come to life, as it were…

Zombie Lucy's bra, Kim's Sticks and Strings     Lucy's bra, Kim's Sticks and Strings

Image2753     Zombie Lucy Kim's Sticks and Strings

Whatta rack!

I’m also going to try to work on her shoes this weekend–I’m going to give polymer clay shoes a go…wish me luck.

AND before I forget, the lovely and very cool Jess from Knot By Gran’ma put up an interview of little ol me in her blog…she makes monsters too, you should check her out.

February is Women in Horror Month, and I’m quite sorry I’m not as prepared with lots of links and things that you can go check out, but I’m going to be. I’d like to say this next week’s blogs will have some authors, movies, and art you can check out, at least some.  It could be a month long thing.   Hey, my friend Rebecca Besser is an author, giving away 3 selections until February 4th, so if you read this before then, here’s her blog link, you can go find them

I’ve read some of her work, LOVE it and actually picked up one of the free ones, which I will read and review–please, if you read a book, especially an independent author, review it!!!  It helps SO much!!!

Alrighty then. That’s about my week. It’s Saturday morning right now, I should probably eat something and get my day started… some chores and errands to do, then maybe come back and put on a horror flick and start Zombie Ricky.

Keep it creepy!!! ❤

Just another week… some work, some rant…


Hello dear ones! 

Brainy by Kim's Sticks and Strings

Last week I was finishing Mikey the ninja turtle. He’s all done, and a few days in the mail already–He’s on his way to Ontario, Canada, so he takes a bit of time. Here he is if you hadn’t seen him.

mike the ninja turtle by kim's sticks and strings

I’ve started Zombie Lucille Ball and there will be a Zombie Ricky Ricardo.  I’ve been daydreaming about this order for a few weeks.  Jill is cool enough to give me lots of freedom in making them. She didn’t even tell me what age, or what they should wear… which, I might add, is amazing!  She’s tall, 9″ tall so far without hair and shoes… Did I tell you I’m going to make shoes? Not crochet shoes. she’s Lucille Ball!  I’m going to attempt polymer clay shoes…crazy, yes, I know.  It could go well, they could just fall apart…both have happened in my head already, so I’m prepared for either…

Have had a few new ideas for upcoming spawn. I can’t do anything about them for a couple months. which is probably good. Some of the ideas need some mulling around…  I really need to figure out a way to wake up and be  “ready to work.” I could totally use a few 10-12 hour creating sessions.  That’s not really something that I get too often, but it could be nice.


This part of my blog has strong opinions, some swearing, and a naked zombie at the end. Not safe for work, whiny people who don’t like strong language, or for those Pattern-Please bitches…

So, I know I’ve written about this before, but I’ve seen it happen lately, and it still gets me all crazed.   It’s the Pattern-Please Princesses again… That’s their new name. And Princess isn’t a compliment…she’s a sort of useless, overentitled good-for-nothing.    For you who aren’t hookers, Pattern-Please Princesses are the ones whose comment on a picture of a lovely creation that has been crocheted, or knitted, is “Pattern please,” like that makes their harpy like shrieks better. I’d like to smack them.

You are a hooker, and you have designed something SOOOO wonderful. It’s truly exactly how you envisioned it.  You put up a picture of your creation, a piece of your soul.  And some idiot comes along with “Pattern please.”  Yes, they deserved to be slapped in the face.

I don’t create patterns, I don’t work from patterns (except for socks and gloves, but then they’re patterns where I choose the yarn and needles, make a gauge swatch, and measure the hands or feet–very personal items, made for a specific person).  I realize that’s not really the norm. I don’t like patterns for most things… to me, it’s like using someone else’s words to tell my story, someone else’s skills to create MY vision.  But some hookers, knitters too I imagine, see something lovely, cute, amazing, and then instead of FIRST complimenting the artist on how much work went into it, what a wonderful creation it is, just want the instructions for themselves…ugh, they annoy me so.

Last weekend I was looking at micro-crochet to share in a community I help admin, and I saw some very amazing little creatures.  I found them on flickr, and was looking through the pictures, when I saw them… the Pattern Please Princesses.  On one picture in particular, there were 3 of these shrews, not one of them told the artist anything about how lovely, how much work went into creating them, not one bit about how they were envious of her skill. Just pattern please, and when the artist said she didn’t create patterns, they harassed her. “Why not” “When will it be up?” “Can’t you just write down what you did really quick”  One bitch kept on, asking “Can’t you just go look at it and write down some numbers for me? It can’t be that hard to count.”  She, in particular,  deserves a double slap.  What. The. Hell.

If you are one of these princesses, my opinion of you is amazingly low.  You must not know what it takes to have an idea and create a thing from just your idea.  I’m not talking about the folks who use patterns for most everything they create, I’m talking about the jerks who think everything should be a pattern, given away for free, so that you can create  everything you want.  They kind of remind me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings… I imagine them hording patterns in some filing system, stroking their preciouses.

This is in red, for effect.  If you are a Pattern Please Princess, yes, I do want to slap you, you deserve it.  You CAN change.  IF YOU NEED A PATTERN, and I use need loosely, because well, that’s just a crock of shit, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL YOU FIND HOLY, COMPLIMENT THE ARTIST!!!!!!  Your creation is lovely/amazing/so very cute! I’ve not seen anything I like so much/It’s just the most wonderful _______/ You are so very talented/It must have taken you so much focus to create the great detail/The stitching is so lovely… You get the idea.  Compliment the work you like so much. It doesn’t cost you anything, and obviously you think the creation is wonderful, you want to make one. THEN, after a few sentences of praise, then, you may ask if there might be a pattern.  IF THERE IS NOT, OR WON’T BE, DROP IT. Keeping at it makes people embarassed for you, you look like some jerk who just won’t move on. Really.  I’ve deleted comments because I couldn’t look at the begging anymore.  It’s desperate. And shallow.  If there’s no pattern and there won’t be, say thank you and move along.

I will always wonder about the real lives of Pattern Please Princesses. Are they so very annoying in the real world? How did they get to be that way?  Why didn’t someone just tear into them just once?  How were they never set straight by someone in their lives, a family member, a “friend,” a boss? How did they just not get told “not everything is for you.”  I probably seem a bit sensitive about it, but after coming across about a dozen creations where the Princesses just hounded the artist without properly praising first, I began to just feel so ashamed of those other hookers.  So much so I had to go looking at other art, just to find a picture of something that the comments didn’t say “tell me how you made that exactly.”

I actually don’t belong to many crochet groups, communities, because I can’t stand the Princesses, and they are in every group, looking for patterns, wanting to know why some won’t share.  One Princess told me that in order to join their community I had to share a pattern of my own creation, for free.  My exact words were “Fuck your community.”   A bit harsh, maybe.  But I’m not a Princess, and couldn’t possibly hang out with them. I just wanted her to know I don’t belong with them.  I am so. much. more than that.

So…that’s been my week. Finishing Mikey,  starting Zombie Lucy, being inspired to create some new things, being annoyed by Princesses.  Just another week…  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you  more of Lucy next time, right now she’s just a faceless zombie with underpants.

Zombie Lucy and my grinch by Kim's Sticks and Strings Zombie Lucy's pink undies, by Kim's Sticks and Strings

Have a good week, Keep it creepy!!!

My First Rant of the Year… You had to know there would be one…


Hello dear ones!!! Trying to stay on schedule, write once a week…ish.  It’s THAT time again…time for a rant!!!


My friend T and I were talking and she mentioned that she’d been thinking about unfollowing some folks on Twitter; she followed them because they were crochet accounts, and suddenly one person is tweeting about being sick, how her head is all stopped up, and then talked about her mucus.  Another one is about how her kid is feeling.  Does anyone else find a few faults?  *looks at crowd to see some hands raised* Good, some of you get it off the bat, I’m glad of that.

Let me start off by saying if your business is that you have no arms and you knit with your feet even though you have arthritis and have to wash your feet and keep them soft so you can knit, and you’ve got 2 kids to keep up with, and you sell your creations, then all of that can go in your posts, on Facebook or Twitter.  That’s who you are.   Own it. If you say you’re an artist, but then all your posts stop being about your art, then the folks who followed you for your art your art could stop following you…you’re not holding up your end.

I know  folks get sick.  I understand that there are many people who are very sick, and many with long term illnesses.  I get, also, that folks like to share something about themselves, you know, give their business a  personal touch. That’s cool.   I tweet about loving coffee, horror flicks, warm weather, my husband and dogs…and if I’m feeling under the weather, I may tweet about it, though nothing too specific.  If I’ve followed you on Twitter because of your art (music, paintings, sculptures, drawing, you’re a writer), unless your next piece of art is about or uses your boogers, DON’T TWEET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!  Unless we’re friends somehow other than Twitter, that’s more than I want to know about you. I feel my life has been cheapened by reading tweets about your boogers.  I don’t even really want to hear about my husband’s mucus, much less that of a perfect stranger, who I followed because of their cool art, which is now not all that cool, because you burdened me with knowledge of a bodily secretions.  Thank you.

Even in a small, mostly online business, one must have a certain amount of professionalism.  On Facebook, lots of people, myself included, have a personal profile, and one for business.  That’s partly so that we can control who has access to our personal information.  I am a bit different on my personal page, than I am on my business page.  *whispered* I swear on my personal page, but try to conduct myself a bit more professionally on my business page.  I’m  more reserved on the yarny page.  I don’t act at my day job, as I do at home (I swear A LOT MORE at home). Would you want to walk into a store only to hear the shopkeepers talk about being sick, and going into detail about it?  Would you stay? Would you ask for the manager? Would you want to hear about their sickness daily?  Wouldn’t you feel like you know waaaaaaaay too much information about someone you just wanted to buy something from?

I do follow people who have kids. I don’t follow anyone BECAUSE OF their kids.  If your Twitter account is “Fiona’s Fancy Crochet,” chances are I’m following you because I want to know about your damn fancy crochet. I don’t want to know that your kid is sick or can’t sleep or is teething.  I’m not saying an occasional tweet about how you’re not sleeping because your child is having trouble or is sick or something, BUT if I follow fancy crochet, I want to know about fancy crochet.  If I follow Henry’s Horror Art, I want to see horror art, I don’t really want to know about your kid’s impetigo, colic,  or eating habits. Again, a post now and again, something not too personal, is ok.  Remember, someone could favorite a tweet daily, but chances are you’re still strangers, except you both like Cthulhu art or cooking, or sci-fi/fanstasy books.

This can all be solved by having a personal account  and a separate business account on Twitter.  You can say whatever you want on your own account, talk about your boogers and  your kid’s weird skin patch, and having to pick up hairballs in the night from your cat.  On your business page, you should tweet about things being rough last night so you didn’t get sleep, hopefully it will be a good day.  If you decide to keep just one account, less is more when it comes to talking about  your personal life.  Think about it this way:  When I see someone has followed me on Twitter, I immediately go to their page, I read their description and their most recent tweets, and that’s how I decide to follow or not.  If your description says you’re an artist, and your last week’s tweets are about your foot fungus, I won’t follow you. If you’re a writer, and you’ve got blinding migraines, that’s different, what’s going on with you affects your creative process. A hooker (crocheter), with arthritis, likewise, can tweet some about the pain. Don’t make the bulk of your posts about your illness though.  It can appear that you want people to follow you because of your illness.

I need to say, too, that the same goes for Facebook.  It doesn’t cost you anything to have a business page, fanpage, etc. Do not make perfect strangers who want to purchase jewelry from you wade through the posts about your ear wax, your kid’s homework, and why you had to shave the dog.  And again, you can lightly pepper your posts with bits about yourself.  On my facebook posts I talk about my dogs, occasionally about the husband, my love of horror flicks, my health, my job… But it’s gently sprinkled in.  People don’t ask me to make them a spawn because I have 2 dogs and like horror movies.  I will  admit to having unliked/unfollowed businesses whose posts began to always talk about their families… your business page should be for mostly business-related content.  Otherwise people have to start deciding whether, or when, following you is worth having to sift through the personal stuff… and sometimes, it’s not.

I am not in any way saying that it’s not ok to be a mom who works at home and talks about being a mom and about the business. I’m not saying that you can’t be someone with a long-term illness who creates wonderful art, and talks a lot about your illness.  I AM saying that there are people who won’t want to wade through THOSE posts to get to your art.  I’m not a parent, and am really not all that interested in the children of strangers, so I’d have to decide whether or not your art was cool enough to have to put up with posts about when your kid came home from preschool the other day… maybe, but maybe not.

And by the way… Let me preface this by saying that I am not one of those people who takes pictures of their food. I just don’t get it.  I may post about having a yummy meal, but not all that often.  The husband loves to take pictures of his food and post pictures, but he also likes to cook…I do not.  There are a lot of folks who do this, celebrities, chefs, foodies, average people… If you’re a chef, a baker, food critic… this is cool, and relevant.  You just went out for a sandwich and salad and want me to see it? WHY??? I don’t care.  I don’t care what celebrities, actors, directors, famous writers, politicians, bands, or presidents eat… not really.  And if you’re a business, NOT related to food in any way, I really don’t care much.  Yes, I do occasionally tweet or post about eating or drinking something particularly yummy, but it’s not the bulk of my content. I tweet about needing more coffee, something most artists mention… we like caffeine boosts, coffee, tea, soda… what have you.  But my business is not food related, so there’s not a really good reason for me to post about food. (If I found a frog in my salad though, I’d tweet the hell out of that with pictures…BECAUSE IT’S CREEPY!)

I check out which posts get more attention, what content people “like.”  It’s easier to check on your insights on Facebook than on Twitter and Google+, but I still do check on things.  I wonder how often people check on things like that, how often do you look at your posts and think “hmmm, I posted a picture of my art, and 49 people liked/favorited it, but I posted that my kid is sick and I’m tired of finding boogers on my pants, and only 2 people liked/favorited it, and I was unfollowed by 4 people.”  That would resonate with me.  If you have a business account, and there are posts which no one likes… maybe you should ask yourself what it is about that post that NO ONE LIKES,  and then don’t do that again.

So, what now?  You’ve read this, and gone back and looked at some of your posts, and realized that you’ve got lots of posts no one likes? No one likes  the ones about your kids? People don’t favorite tweets about the bedsores on your bum, even though you’re a bedridden artist? Change it… or don’t, up to you.  Just know that your content is how people judge whether they’re going to follow you.  I might just follow someone who’s an artist and a parent, and some tweets are about the kid, trying to keep up with a running kid and not being able to work as much as liked, with some posts about the art generously thrown in.  I would not follow an artist whose entire last page of tweets was about a child being sick.  That’s for your personal profile.  I’m no guru,  I have no specific idea what content is best for you.  I know what posts get the most attention for my page, and I am always trying new things to see what effect they have on the number of views… Your posts are the advertisement for your business if you don’t pay to promote them… Make them count FOR you, not AGAINST you.

So, go to your pages, your favorite artists, business people…look at their content, the posts that lots of people like.., and also, look at what has no likes, no favorites… think about why, it’s good to check out what’s doing well, and what’s not.  Remember that all this is just stuff that floats around in my brain, so maybe don’t take it deadly serious… But it probably couldn’t hurt to look at what you’re posting on behalf of your business… if it is too personal or not really business appropriate, you could be driving people, customers, away.

Keep it creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!


I do hope everyone is coping with the return to “normal life,” I know so very many of you just went back to work yesterday, all bleary eyed, wondering why there is so much to do, and everything is so loud and crazy, why so many people want something…that’s because the world didn’t stop while you were on holiday, dearies!  I’m sure it will take you a few days  to catch up…

I had a couple extra days off, but not weeks, like some.  A few customers came in  during the holidays, and they had time off, they were enjoying themselves, nice, friendly.  Yesterday, people who came in were harried, rushed. Gone were the smiling faces, the jokes and frivolity…  awwwww, real life set in did it?  One news program said something about the first day back to work after december holiday was reportedly the day most people reported as feeling depressed, as they

~have no more holiday time

~spent too much on holiday gifts and are now broke and bills are piling up (If you can’t pay your bills because you’ve spent too much on gifts, that’s your problem, and it is a bit of a problem…)

~folks set the resolutions up and have to start trying to fulfill their  intentions…often means no drinking, exercising, dieting, and less fun than they had on holiday

For some of us, life didn’t stop, work didn’t, and so this day was just like any other, except that many of the pouty folks took it out on us.  It’s good to remember that just because YOU aren’t having a good time of it because you have to return to the real world, don’t take it out on those of us who never really left.  A lady came in to pay her bill for the month (recap–I work at a self storage facility), and it wasn’t on time, so she had $30 extra in fees; she was mad.  She swore that she didn’t get her bill or late notices via email .  I checked our record, nothing was  returned, she got iher late notice on the 23rd (she usually doesn’t pay until the $10 late notice fee comes, but then 5 days later there’s another $20 fee.  She’s stored her stuff there for years, she knows the drill).  Her face dropped. She told me she was in Cancun.  “So, you didn’t have access to email when you were in Cancun? No computers anywhere?”  No, apparently she just didn’t check her email while she was out of the country on holiday… “Well, sadly, choosing to ignore your bill isn’t something that I can waive your fees for.”  She looked like she had to take a second to process what I said, and then realized, yea. I was right. It wasn’t our fault she didn’t pay her bill, she chose to ignore responsibility.  She pulled the extra money from her wallet and  told me to email her receipt to her, turned and walked out.  I had 5 phone calls and 3 more people come in, ones who forgot their responsibilities, spent too much on fun, and were similarly disappointed that they weren’t going to have the extra fees taken off…what DO people think?  It seems like no one planned ahead.

Anyway. life is pretty normal for me, still work 3 days a week, still planning world domination through my yarnspawn.  I”m making a ninja turtle for a cool dad to give to his daughter…she’s taken his Cthulhu, and this was hopefully going to make a trade possible. But now I hear that she likes Cthulhu, and may not give him back… Love. So  much love.  And who could blame her, look at these eyes


I’ll put up a post of Mikey, the ninja turtle when he’s done. I’m starting on the back piece of the shell today.

Until next time, keep it creepy!!!!!!

Hey Look! Another Post!


Hello Lovelies!!!

So, the end of the year is here, we’re down to counting days or hours even before the end.  I’ve always liked New Year’s, endings, beginnings, old stuff is gone, we made it one more year!  I like to take stock of the year, so very much happens in one year’s time.

I never really like to think in terms of good year-bad year. Certainly some are better than others, some are smoother, uneventful, some are exciting, not always for the better…  But as I get older, I just like to look at what has happened, the good and the bad together. When you’re in the middle of the bad, it seems like forever, but looking back over the year…things are different.

This was a big year for me. I started this blog, got past, kind of, my hangups about not having anything to say that someone would read.  And look at me, some of you DO read what I write!  Kisses.  And I’ve tried to stay pseudo-regular with it, and will try to do so next year…YES, I will be continuing on next year!  I’m going to try to go back to a once a week posting, even if there’s “nothing” to post.  

I made a lot of bigger dolls this year too!  Medusa is 18″ long, Rachel is 12″ tall, and the Clay golem is 18″ tall.  There were a couple of 10″ Cthulhus, and Blue was more than 9″ tall, as well.

Image1037     Image1377     clay golem

Image697     Image2553

I stretched myself,  always trying to make things look more like the image in my head, or the image I’m working from.  Calvin and Hobbes made me work.  They’re so popular, they have a specific look, so they couldn’t just be a blonde boy in a red shirt with a tiger, they had to look “right.”  Samara, too, was a very intense doll to make. I sewed all her wee hairs in by hand, AND I really did want her to look as creepy and close to Samara Morgan as I could get her.

Calvin and Hobbes by Kim's Sticks and Strings     1SamaraMorgan

I learned to  do a thread joint on bear legs, and  have come up with my own skull pattern that I like to use, very good for sugar skulls.

AshCareBear,Kim's Sticks and Strings     skullgrinchcollage

There were some less than wonderful things. It took me half the year to find a job. I DO really like my job, so I’m pretty ok with it all now, but it did take forever, it seemed.  My husband did go to the hospital for about a week for depression and anxiety.  It seems like forever ago, but it was at the end of September. He’s taking his meds, and while they may not be perfect, they’re going pretty well for him right now.  I’m so very happy things weren’t worse for him, or that he didn’t really need to be gone for any longer, I was a bit of a wreck while he was gone. Onward.

I’m so very very glad for all the connections I’ve made over the last year. I have made some very wonderful, supportive friends, you know who you are, and I just adore knowing you! In a perfect world we could all get together somehow, but I appreciate you sharing your lives with me.  I have also become closer to some friends who I’d made before 2013, people who helped talk me through the bad times, and made me smile and laugh all year long. I feel so very lucky to know such wonderful people. You are my friends, my support, comic relief, my muses, the thoughtful people who know just what to say, people who make me think, and dream.  I thank you all.

So, what do I want for this year?   I’m still more than happy to help people realize their dreams, sometimes, very creepy, in yarn. I’m hoping to learn to build in some time to create some dolls I’ve been thinking about, and to make some more sugar skulls.

I’m hoping the job continues to be as cool and fun as it is now. I, and the husband, would like for him to have a job; he’s had some very promising interviews, so he’s just playing the waiting game.

I will work being more mindful, on self-acceptance, and remembering to cherish my loved ones every day, our time here is so fleeting.

I will get back to reading more regularly– I read every day I was off the last week, it was fantastic!  And there will be more contests this year with spawn for the prize! Maybe not story contests, I’d like to try to switch it up!!!  OH, and YARNBOMBING!!!  Yes, more of that!!!

So here’s a picture of the last spawn I will have finished for 2013.  I wanted to create something I’d not had an order for, just start making and see what happened. I started this faery… he was very therapeutic, and so much fun. More things like this will happen in the new year.  So here is Gorman, the Water Sprite, my last finished spawn for the year. He’s already got a  home, I’m so happy, and will be making his way there starting New Year’s Eve.


Keep it creepy, my lovelies!!!

Sorry inactive for so long…


So…I bet you thought that my blog had just gone inactive… or maybe just hoped, but not so…

I have found it hard to blog lately, for a few reaasons, but none “really” good.

~Still having the “nothing is really going on with me” feelings, nothing but my regular life to chat about, not a lot of outrage I need to express. And most of you who read this also facebook with me and/or we follow each other on twitter,  so you know what’s going on…  I find it hard to chronicle my day to day stuff… I’ve always wondered about blogs, why would I need one? Is my life so interesting/different/noteworthy to anyone that I need to spend time writing this down? The answer is a resounding “no” but still I try.  I was pretty good at staying on a schedule, but life makes things… happen here and there, and it did get left behind. I am trying to pick it back up, some sort of weird, random torture, but you know, different strokes and all.

~I’ve been crazy busy the last month with orders, and  there wasn’t much wiggle room for time in between.  I’m the only one to blame, I stacked myself that way. I’d like to try to give myself a bit more wiggle room in between this coming year, maybe a bit of time in between to make something that’s been in my head… Most of my deadlines are a bit self-imposed, folks pay for their spawn and wait, super patiently, so I feel like I’ve got to get them out…but this year, a few more things out of my head.

~I’ve been sleeping a bit later on weekends, when I usually blog. Now let me start this by saying that, for me, late means 6:15 or later.  I’m a notoriously early waker. I’m usually awake by 5:30, if not earlier, but bed is comfortabler than the harsh, cold-floored world.  This bit of time is usually when I read, and blogged.  *huge wide eyes* I haven’t read any books for about 2 months, I’m kind of going through withdrawls.  A consequence of not getting up that early, is that everything gets pushed back about an hour.  In the morning, I sit, check messages, facebook, twitter, look at my order calendar, wake up, and then make coffee. Reading happens before the facebook and stuff. I usually like to fill my mind with a different world, something creepy and monstrous, something different, other-worldly.  It’s like feeding my imagination.  Since I haven’t read for a bit, I feel a bit empty.  I don’t have a kindle, or laptop even, and I like to read in the super quiet, but all my ebooks are on my computer, so once the husband is up, there’s no reading to be done, the world is too busy for me to read.

The morning is my thinking time, my time for peace. I try to find things to make it a good day, something to inspire me. Staying in bed gives me less “me-time,” sad though that is.

~I also feel like I should write “an appropriate amount.”  I have no specific number of words, or amount of  things I should tell you before I can consider it an appropriate blogpost.  I seem to like to impose these irrational requirements on myself, without completely deciding perameters…I must like to keep myself guessing…good going self…  when I give myself a chance to read blogs, I read  all kinds. Not all have yarn, many are art, reading, horror… lots of horror blogs… Some are long, some are short. Very short.

~Lastly, for me, still comes how hard it is to share me.  There are still the mean voices, the nasties, the rudes, the ones that ask me why would anyone care? read? care. I tell myself I can do this, others do it, some seem to have no problem telling all kinds of stuff about themselves, whether of note, or not. They tell me that if I stop sharing, writing about what’s going on, about my life, about me, no one will care, know, care.  I say I will. I will know… and I might care.  They say no one.  I say, well, at least I get it off my chest, out of my head.  There’s so much to get out, I need to make room.  I need to get the negative out of my head, make room for the monsters the creatures I want to create, there’s no room for them AND the nasty rude voices. It’s hard to create when my mind is filled with “the badness,” so I write, to try to get them out. 

So, you know what this means, don’t you… I will have to start getting up early, reading again, and blogging again.  I can’t say as the blog will be weekly like before, but I can’t say that it won’t. Not sure what I’ll be trying this year, FOR SURE.  Though, my friend T suggested that she and I watch horror flicks this year, and we’re going to write down some trivia questions. Later on in the year, to give us time, I’ll put up some trivia questions about horror flicks, and will probably make another spawn to give away, make it like a contest.

I’ll be sharing my spawn, as well. I feel a bit odd about sharing them AGAIN, I put them on facebook, twitter, pinterest and deviantART, but I guess the cool part of it being MY blog is that I can share…

I will have an extra day or so off before the end of the year, so I’ll write one more post this year, sort of my year in review, and plans for the new year, but it won’t be before christmas.  We don’t do a lot, but spend the day together, so it’s nice.

Before I end this post, I will share a picture of something I made for fun. My friend from WORM FOOD Studios (on facebook had a contest, he wanted a picture of santa, being eaten by a worm. I didn’t win the contest, but here was my entry:

santa eaten by a worm, kims sticks and strings


If you celebrate, have a lovely holiday. And until next time, keep it creepy!!!