Hello my lovelies!!! That’s right, it’s contest time! I’m officially announcing my Halloween Contest for 2014! I really enjoy these, and the response I’ve gotten has made me feel like you like them too! Every contest someone tells me, “I used to write stories all the time,” or “I haven’t written anything for fun in years and this was great!” Some even tell me they’re going to pick back up and start writing again! I love EVERY story I’ve ever gotten.

This contest is going to be a bit different. Each one of the stories has been “about” the doll I was creating for the prize, but not this time. I actually asked on Facebook what people would like me to create. I had a few ideas, a zombie animal, or a franken animal or even a classic movie monster. There were a few other movie characters that were suggested, but a few people grabbed onto a flying monkey zombie and that became one of the suggestions, and then the one that people voted for most. So, the prize will be a Flying Monkey Zombie! I will share progress pics on facebook and instagram and twitter, and will try to remember to on my G+ account too, so you should be able to find out what it’s looking like! There is a good chance that a second prize will be one of my Sugar Skulls, woohoo!


THE CONTEST PARTICULARS: This time the theme is The Bogeyman. You can also call him The Monster Under Your Bed, or The Monster In Your Closet… whichever creeps YOU out the most… Tell me a story about that monster,  IN 1000 WORDS. I haven’t set a word count before, but some of the stories are kind of long, and while I love them all, I end up reading every story at least 3 times, and the ones that are close, I read 4 and sometimes 5 times.  I’ve read some pretty great 1000 word stories, some even shorter, that are just amazing, and soooo creepy. I know you can do it!!! There are word counts websites that you can type right onto, and they will keep your word count for you.  You will have until midnight pst, the 3rd of October, 2014 to get your story to me. You can put it on the post that will be pinned on my facebook page or put message it to me on facebook, or you can email it to, just put Halloween Story Contest in the Subject line. The contest is in no way affiliated with facebook or twitter or instagram or Google+, though I will post about it on all accounts. I won’t require anyone to “like” or follow me on any of my accounts, I don’t really want to go searching through all them to find out. I WILL be posting stories on my facebook page as they come in, and will post them all here at the end of the contest, for ALL THE INTERWEBS to read!

So that’s it for now, go out and do what you need to do to write me a story, and 



Crochet and work, not all that interesting…


I  realized it was about time to add another installment of my weird life in, so here I am.

Still haven’t hired anyone at work to take the place of the old guy. I saw him last week, he says he’s up and getting better, just didn’t think he needed to work anymore, too… He IS like 83, so good on him. he can go home and hang out.  Now I won’t have to regularly apologize for someone weekly, which is lovely.  Last week I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which wouldn’t normally be terrible, but I do prefer to work  Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  I’m  SUCH a creature of habit.  Really.  I’m also a pretty big introvert, so I also like to be able to count on my “alone time” or “home time” as being at a certain time, so I know when I can re-charge.  So having a pretty set schedule makes it easier.  This week I asked to have a day off in the middle of my work days, so I’m working Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The Saturday off will be nice, AND Sunday we close at 3 pm, which is usually when everything starts to slow down for the day anyway.  I really don’t dislike my job, I just wish that people didn’t feel the need to tell me “they whys” of their lives. If you can’t pay your bill now, just say that. I don’t need to know why. Just ask for how long you’ve got to pay it, how much the bill will be by then, and we’ll end our discussion, you having NOT divulged too much info, and me not feeling like I know waaaay too much private shit about a perfect stranger.  If you need a storage unit, cool, let’s talk about the size, and you can tell me whether you want one or not, I DON’T want to know about how several people in your family have had illnesses and are in smaller places and have give you their furniture and now you’ve got to deal with it, and your kids and your husband and your sister’s cheating boyfriend… Seriously, I get to hear all this crap!  Sadly, because there is pertinent information in their stories, lost jobs, incomes, people in the families who are, say, unscrupulous, I have to pay attention,  and add stuff into their files so that everyone with account access has the same information… And some of our customers come with a new story each time they see/call us, all prepped and ready, like they’ve got  to unload it and we’re good enough.  One lady came in and asked where my co-worker was, she was having a bad day, and my co-worker always listened… I told her we’re down one person, so we’re split up, and kept typing. I was NOT going to be this lady’s therapist.  I asked her if there was any part of her account I could help her with, she said no.  I then told her that I was going to get back to the certified mail, so I could make sure it went out for the day, and that she should have a really nice day.  She looked a bit confused, but left. Huzzah!  When I work every other day, and then have 2 off, these expulsions of personal crap don’t seem to bother me as much, I get one day of too much info, and then one day to myself, it purges the system of all that nicely. I really can’t wait to go back to my regular schedule.

The upside of lots of days off together is time to stretch out chores, and I get to string together some creating time, which is cool.  I am currently working on a faerie for the lovely De’Anna.  She gave me some pictures she liked parts of, and told me she loved pink, and that’s all the constraints, yay! So here’s what I’ve got so far…


When I was creating her body, I was looking at faery pictures, but when I want to create what she is the faery of, I start looking for items, elements in nature.  The super pale pink her skin reminded me of those first flowers you see in trees at the end of winter, beginning of spring. The trees are bare, the wood is dark, everything is dead. But then, there’s this pink bud on the tree… then a few…  Then suddenly the tree is bursting with pink.  I decided she’s the First Bloom Faery.  She goes around, spreading her magic right about the time that winter is nearly done, making way for all the lovely first-blooms of spring.  The Redbud tree is one of the first trees to bloom each year, and I decided that would be her name.

Redbud Flowers redbud-blossoms-spring-13933851

I am completely enjoying making this spawn.  Her body type is a bit different than my usual work, and she’s not a monster, which is also fun.  I’m finding I even like pink some now…  After Redbud is finished, I have a quick zombie cat to make, and then I think I’m going to work on a few things that have been rattling around in my head for a bit…

Well now, that’s pretty much it… Nothing spectacular going on, though I do seem to have a burst of ideas scratching around I’d like to try to create…which means I’ll need to get back to creating. I’ve also begun thinking about some things I’m going to create for near easter, and international yarn-bomb day, June 7, 2014 will come quicker than I plan, I just know it.  So, well, that’s about that.

Keep it creepy fiends!!!

Hey Look! Another Post!


Hello Lovelies!!!

So, the end of the year is here, we’re down to counting days or hours even before the end.  I’ve always liked New Year’s, endings, beginnings, old stuff is gone, we made it one more year!  I like to take stock of the year, so very much happens in one year’s time.

I never really like to think in terms of good year-bad year. Certainly some are better than others, some are smoother, uneventful, some are exciting, not always for the better…  But as I get older, I just like to look at what has happened, the good and the bad together. When you’re in the middle of the bad, it seems like forever, but looking back over the year…things are different.

This was a big year for me. I started this blog, got past, kind of, my hangups about not having anything to say that someone would read.  And look at me, some of you DO read what I write!  Kisses.  And I’ve tried to stay pseudo-regular with it, and will try to do so next year…YES, I will be continuing on next year!  I’m going to try to go back to a once a week posting, even if there’s “nothing” to post.  

I made a lot of bigger dolls this year too!  Medusa is 18″ long, Rachel is 12″ tall, and the Clay golem is 18″ tall.  There were a couple of 10″ Cthulhus, and Blue was more than 9″ tall, as well.

Image1037     Image1377     clay golem

Image697     Image2553

I stretched myself,  always trying to make things look more like the image in my head, or the image I’m working from.  Calvin and Hobbes made me work.  They’re so popular, they have a specific look, so they couldn’t just be a blonde boy in a red shirt with a tiger, they had to look “right.”  Samara, too, was a very intense doll to make. I sewed all her wee hairs in by hand, AND I really did want her to look as creepy and close to Samara Morgan as I could get her.

Calvin and Hobbes by Kim's Sticks and Strings     1SamaraMorgan

I learned to  do a thread joint on bear legs, and  have come up with my own skull pattern that I like to use, very good for sugar skulls.

AshCareBear,Kim's Sticks and Strings     skullgrinchcollage

There were some less than wonderful things. It took me half the year to find a job. I DO really like my job, so I’m pretty ok with it all now, but it did take forever, it seemed.  My husband did go to the hospital for about a week for depression and anxiety.  It seems like forever ago, but it was at the end of September. He’s taking his meds, and while they may not be perfect, they’re going pretty well for him right now.  I’m so very happy things weren’t worse for him, or that he didn’t really need to be gone for any longer, I was a bit of a wreck while he was gone. Onward.

I’m so very very glad for all the connections I’ve made over the last year. I have made some very wonderful, supportive friends, you know who you are, and I just adore knowing you! In a perfect world we could all get together somehow, but I appreciate you sharing your lives with me.  I have also become closer to some friends who I’d made before 2013, people who helped talk me through the bad times, and made me smile and laugh all year long. I feel so very lucky to know such wonderful people. You are my friends, my support, comic relief, my muses, the thoughtful people who know just what to say, people who make me think, and dream.  I thank you all.

So, what do I want for this year?   I’m still more than happy to help people realize their dreams, sometimes, very creepy, in yarn. I’m hoping to learn to build in some time to create some dolls I’ve been thinking about, and to make some more sugar skulls.

I’m hoping the job continues to be as cool and fun as it is now. I, and the husband, would like for him to have a job; he’s had some very promising interviews, so he’s just playing the waiting game.

I will work being more mindful, on self-acceptance, and remembering to cherish my loved ones every day, our time here is so fleeting.

I will get back to reading more regularly– I read every day I was off the last week, it was fantastic!  And there will be more contests this year with spawn for the prize! Maybe not story contests, I’d like to try to switch it up!!!  OH, and YARNBOMBING!!!  Yes, more of that!!!

So here’s a picture of the last spawn I will have finished for 2013.  I wanted to create something I’d not had an order for, just start making and see what happened. I started this faery… he was very therapeutic, and so much fun. More things like this will happen in the new year.  So here is Gorman, the Water Sprite, my last finished spawn for the year. He’s already got a  home, I’m so happy, and will be making his way there starting New Year’s Eve.


Keep it creepy, my lovelies!!!

I Love My Friends…


Hello, my lovelies! Glad to see you here again! This post really is about you!

It has been a particularly good week for me, nothing really out of the ordinary has happened.  I’ve been working on Calvin and Hobbes characters for my friend Danny. For those of you not from the U.S., Calvin and Hobbes were comic strip characters created by Bill Waterson, a boy and his stuffed tiger, who the boy, Calvin, saw as a quite tall, upright walking tiger, who could talk.


It was pretty popular in the mid to late 1980s, yes, dating myself, and it was in the daily paper, and there was a color half page on Sundays.

Here’s mine

Calvin and Hobbes by Kim's Sticks and Strings

Danny always makes me stretch.  He never just asks for a zombie, or something simple.   AND he orders everything as a keychain–he collects them, there’s one for most major happenings in his life. So everything I’ve made him also has a keyring on it.  But we’ve been friends since high school, and, well, I enjoy a challenge, and don’t mind putting a keyring on something…now my spawn get to be part of his giant collection.

Danny was the first to order a Grinch, and It got all  kinds of love.  His was special, he has my zombie eyes, and is wearing a hat. He’s also holding Cindy Lou Who’s dead-head…

My first grinch

Danny also ordered a flying monkey and an Oompa Loompa, from the first movie.

My Flying Monkey and Oompa Loompa from Kim's Sticks and Strings

But this post really isn’t too much about what I’ve been making, but more about all my wonderful friends, especially, the hookers.   I’ve commented to my friend Teeni of late, I am so very impressed with “our hookers.”   I’ve mentioned before that I’m an administrator for The Treblemaking Hookers,, a crochet community on facebook that promotes the love, business, and art of crochet.  So when we talk about “our hookers,” it’s about the folks who are regular participants on the page, and on our yarny pages, and you know who you are!  You are the folks I connect with daily, weekly, regularly about projects, have chat  and giggle sessions with, and who I appreciate so very much.   We have days where we celebrate finished products, and pattern designers,  and these hookers are so positive and supportive of each other, it just makes me so happy!

And this week, this same group of hookers, our hookers, MY HOOKERS, as well as my other friends, and creepy lovers, fellow artists, amazing minds have given me so much  LOVE, with the best part of it being that I was in a place that allowed me to just go ahead and appreciate it all.  Add to that with a couple of folks getting their packages and totally being so very happy, and it’s a pretty great week.  I think that I’m finally settling in, and feeling a little less crazy, and I allowed myself to just sink into how wonderful all my friends are.  I feel pretty blessed.

I’ve told you some of the negative things that go on in my head, from way back.  And also in my head are the voices that tell me I’m not that talented.  I’m sure a few of you probably hear that voice once in awhile… NEVER BELIEVE THAT VOICE!!! DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT VOICE!!!  That voice can steal your mojo, leave you feeling terrible about yourself, and is really wrong.  That voice is very counter-creative!  That voice has been pretty silent this week, which is pretty cool!

 I invite you all, hookers,  artist,  writers, readers, moms, dads, friends, to try to listen to the words of your friends, and families, and loved ones, instead of the negative things you may focus on.  Even for just a weekend…just put the negative out of your mind. I know it’s hard, trust me.  And remember, too, that you have to give back.  You have to be one of those positive voices for others; you have to help stifle the negativity.  But the benefits are amazing.  When we lift each other up, we lift ourselves up, as a whole.   With the way the world is today, all the negativity, why not set out to be a bit more positive?  Why not be one of those positive, nurturing voices for someone?  I am so very grateful to each and every one of the folks this week who has been so über wonderful!  So go ahead, tell someone something nice, give someone a pat on the back, find someone who may be having a low day, and give em a bit of encouragement.  It’s not only lovely to hear, but is so very good for you, as well.  *whispers* I love you, all my friends!


So, I’m nearly done with “the big Hobbes,” the one that Calvin sees. Then they will be off to the post. AND THEN IT’S BACK TO CREEPY DOLLS!  I really do love creepy dolls the most, though I’ll be making a few more “non-creepy” things over the next few months, and am excited about all of them!   *whispers*  Next, I’m making a  life sized Pink-toe Tarantula and Samara, from The Ring…yay for possible creepy dreams!!! Oh and some zombies, and an Ash Bear…well, it looks like I need to go put some yarn and a hook in hand, yarnspawn still aren’t making themselves…




Hello Friends!!! Lovely to see you! What a full week it’s been!

Last Saturday I mailed away the Clay Golem to John, and he’s already gotten him! AND!  He really likes him!clay golem   clay golem face

It still amazes me every time someone really loves their spawn!  There’s a wee voice in the back of my mind that says someone is going to look at what they have, and not like it like they hoped.  It’s never happened, that I know of, but it’s still there. I feel pretty lucky to always make folks happy, and for John, 2 different dolls!  The big coolness should be happening  this next week… I”m so excited! And will share pictures and everything I”m allowed to, as soon as I can.

Tuesday I interviewed at a job, that’s always a good sign, for me.  If I can get an interview, I almost surely almost have the job…I”m pretty charming.  Completely different kind of job. I’d be an office person at one of the those self-storage units.  I’ve done office work before, and it would be easy, give my mind a bit of free time to dream about spawn, and just be something I’d most assuredly not have to take a stress test for.  I met with the manager and her mum, and hit it off straight away.  She’d asked if I minded if the dogs came out to meet me, and of course I said no problem.  They have an 11 year old pit bull and a 13 year old labrador.  The manager asked if I minded watching the dogs sometimes–she’s pregnant, due in August, and her dog likes to be at the office. Of course  I tell em I love dogs, and that’s a plus in my favor.  A few more questions and it was clear they liked me.  A couple more questions and she told me that she was sad she set 3 more interviews, but that she wanted to hire me. She gave me her card and told me she’d call me by the end of the week.  She called me Wednesday morning at 10 am to offer me the job.  I will start on the 19th, yay me!.. I wonder if anyone will ever try to leave a body in one like in Silence of the Lambs…that would be frightening…and maybe a bit cool…

In the meantime I’ve started 2 new projects.  For Emma, I”m making 10 skulls on split rings for her daughter’s birthday party, which I totally love!  She asked for “candy punk colors” especially pink, orange and purple.  Do you know I went to the candy store and looked at candy colors for a few minutes, and then ran out because I was salivating, and then went to buy thread.  And this time I do mean thread!  My base color is a pink, maybe  Starburst pink, definitely jelly bean pink.  Then I decided that I wanted really vibrant colors, and I wanted them to be different slightly, so I bought some embroidery floss to add in with the thread.  Each skull has 3 colors, there will be 9 for guests,and then a 10th with a flower, for the birthday girl, Hattie.  Here’s what’ I’ve got done so far. I’ll send them away on Monday.

skull keyrings

I”m in love with how changing one of 3 colors gives such different results.  Having the base as pink draws them all together, but changing threads makes a big difference. The second skull from the left is a light purple and orange with the pink, and the one on the end is a darker purple and the same orange…changing just one color makes a huge difference,  for those of you who don’t use more than one color at a time, adding a bit of depth is easy, just by adding a second fiber.

I”ve also been working on a wool tree for Jill.  She’s making a stop-motion movie, and needed a tree. I jumped at this! I’ve wanted to make a posable tree for awhile. My brain is fueled by every creepy movie/cartoon/book with creepy trees that moved or walked or had faces or grabbed for people.  My only restrictions?  Felted wool, and 10″ tall.  The height is the hardest thing to keep to, but then I realized that since the branches are wired they don’t have to straight up, they can be bent and hang. So, back to perfection.  The base of the trunk is weighted with a pouch of BBs and has wire that the wires in the branches will get wrapped around.

Image1522     Image1529


I started with a sketch from Jill, and then took off!  This project is so much fun!  I had a “halloween tree” which was a branch I”d cut off my tree, and painted black, and I  hung my Beetlejuice figures, spiders, and other monsters from it.  I gave it to a friend, she loved it so… THIS project makes me want to make a creepy tree forest!  I want to make them with weird faces, and branches that look like arms, and they will all be posable… I’m a bit obsessed!  I just started the third branch last night, there will probably be a fourth, then I’ll sew it together.  The bottom picture was the one I took Thursday night before nearly quitting for the day,  all my tools for the project, including my 3.25 mm hook, and the floral tape I wrapped wire with to get the right thickness for the branches, and a branch I”m ready to work on.  I”ll have it through some of next week, so next post will have pictures of the tree in different poses, all the branches have wire in them, as well as the stump I make, which WAS a former lover of the tree, but was cut down to make a bathroom… I am so very very excited about this movie!

It’s International Yarnbombing Day/Weekend this weekend, and it totally snuck up on me!  I’ve been so focused on the golem, then mailed that away, and started the tree, and and so hooked on it… So now I’m underprepared for the weekend. I”ve got 4 monster hearts, meant to have bunches, but things got away…


But on Friday, and on Saturday, I”m going to make some more 2D monster hearts…maybe a mixture of 2D and 3D monster hearts, and a trip out early Sunday morning. I’m going to put up pictures from my group in the next blog from this weekend, just like last time, so make sure you check back next week, there will be so much happening… once these 2 projects are done there will be a Cthulhu on my hooks…the 3rd this year!

This week has just been so full of good stuff.  It’s what I have to remember, when things get a bit low…they don’t always stay that way, and that sometimes I just have to hang around through the low periods, and remember they don’t last.

Have a wonderful week! Keep it creepy!!!

The Clay Golem That Is All I’ve Been Thinking About


Hello my friends! So sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been kind of one track minded for the past couple weeks.

Since getting the news about the job being unavailable to me, and then getting my heart/blood pressure pills, I’ve had one job interview, and am waiting to hear about that job. It will be another day or so, but I”ve been doing other job hunting too. Just so it doesn’t feel too glossed over, the meds are fine.  I take my pill in the morning, and the cool thing is that my pulse is nice and low when I wake up, instead of having early morning hypertension.  I have to tell you, it was something waking up with my pulse already pounding…but not so anymore.  It’s nice and regular, even after climbing stairs.  

Mostly, I”ve been working on the spawn.  I had a large order for zombies, and I needed to get those done and out before working on the clay golem.  So for days I worked to get those little buggers out. THEN it was time to work on the clay golem, which is kind of a clay monster that is supposed to be able to be controlled.   He’s the companion to Rachel, that I made a few weeks ago.


This clay golem is in a story by John F.D. Taff as well, but it’s not a published story, so I can’t tell you anything about, it.  I can’t even tell you what the destiny of Rachel and the golem is…not yet at least.  Just so you know, part of me loves being cryptic. This part is completely out of my control.  But I have to say I absolutely adore being able to do this, it’s a wonderful project I got the pleasure of taking  up, and I had so much freedom and am just having the time of my life with it!!!

John and I had a long email discussion about this golem.  First was  his size…he’s 18″ tall.  I’ve never made anything this tall.  Most of my spawn are somewhere between 6 and 10 inches tall…the size alone was daunting,  but oh-so necessary!

For a long  time, I was a bit more annoyed by him.  He looked like a potato.  A big potato.  With a nose.

golem head  golem torso

golem torso beginning of legs

He’s totally Mr Potato-Head!    I gave him a nose in the beginning so that I knew which was the front of the torso. But even with getting the abdomen ready for legs, he really hadn’t grown on me like I’d wanted, and he was huge.  Knew what I needed to do.

golem eyes

He needed eyes. Instantly I liked him more.  The eyes are made in several pieces with 2 colors of brown yarn, you just don’t see the other yarn, it’s a wee bit darker, so it’s for shading.  The dots are glow paint, which are on a spot that’s black, so they pop even more.  He still doesn’t have a mouth yet, but that’s because I need it to be able to open a bit, for the shem… more on that later.

now with legs     full legs

legs and arms, just no hands

So once he got legs, I was determined!  I made his legs at the same time, so they were EXACTLY alike. I”d work 2 rows at a time, then do the same but mirror work on the other leg, then do 2 rows on that leg.  It was tedious, but I’m happy with the results.  He’s got strong thick thighs, and funky kneecaps, which I like. *Funny side note about the legs. They have small packets of bb’s in the feet, he needed some weight. I made the arms after the legs, so while I’m working on him, his legs are resting on my lap, over my arm, on my shoulder, as I turn him– the arms are worked as part of him, so no separately sewn on.*   He has yet to get toes, that will be one of the last details.  The arms are less than exactly alike. In the story it’s obvious he’s not quite perfect, I just wanted him to look like he’s not quite perfect, a bit odd in spots.  Brainy photobombed him…she’s always a bit jealous when I spend so much time on the spawn.

nearly done golem     chest and hands


abs of clay


Here’s the golem as he is RIGHT NOW.  Later on tonight, hopefully, he’ll be done.    I decided on 3 fingers and a thumb, not really sure why, but I thought he’d have chunkier hands with only 3 fingers. He’ll have only 4 toes too.  I also decided he needed huge pectoral muscles, and some abs.  I made those and stuffed them lightly before sewing them closed.  The only work left is to work on his face, his toes, and then I want to embroider cracks all over, so that he looks like cracked clay.  I’ll take more pictures of him before I send him away. Then, once his job is complete, I”ll have a great story to tell you.

Until then, I have other things I”m working on… I’ve got a tree already in progress, and some skulls coming up, and a Cthulhu and…yea, there’s lots more for me to show you.

So I totally lied… I’ve not been ONLY thinking about the golem.  There are other things too, but the only other thing I’ve been making are monster hearts for my yarnbomb.  International Yarnbombing Day is June 8 or 9… anyway, so I’ve also been making what I call “monster hearts.”  These are the first 2, started a 3rd on Thursday, but no pictures of the 3rd one yet, since it isn’t finished.  Ok, that’s pretty much it officially…

monster hearts

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! KEEP IT CREEPY!!! 

Our Weekend of Sharing the Yarny Love…or, Yarn Bombing With Friends…


Hello lovelies! Beginning of the week post, no rants, though, just some yarny lovc. 

So, this last weekend was the Global Yarn Bomb-a-Long with my lovely group of hookers from Treblemaking Hookers,  For those of you who don’t know, yarn-bombing, yarn-storming, guerilla knitting or crocheting is all the same thing, it’s a yarny form of graffiti, which, technically, is illegal, though most don’t get prosecuted for, it just gets taken down. Projects can be big, like an entire panel to cover a pole or a tree or an Albert Einstein statue, or they can be smaller, hats on statues, bunting, cute little things hanging from trees… you get the idea.  When your piece, or what yarn bombers  call their “installation” is big, you have to plan to remove it.  People don’t always mind a yarn bomb, but old, faded and tattered yarn is, well, not good.  I have big project phobia, after a bit, no matter what it will be, I don’t like working on it, so I make smaller pieces, pretty often skulls, hearts, or flowers, all that fit in the palm of my hand.   They’re small, easy to take and “install,” AND, for me, the coolest part, always gone after a bit.  It’s kind of my way of spreading a bit of yarny love around.  I make something I love, put it somewhere that one might not normally see yarn, and, at least in my head, someone walks by, sees it, and falls in love. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  

some of my skulls

some of my skulls

more skulls

more skulls

A couple weeks ago, I asked the group how many might be interested in an impromptu group activity, and got a great response!  There were so many who hadn’t before, but wanted to, and I have to say I am absolutely impressed with all my hookers!  So many made such lovely items, all with the intent of  the yarny bits of love being taken, it makes my heart smile even now.  We’re from all over the world, and just happen to love yarn, and hooking, and, well, sharing.

anne bombs anne yarn bombs Anne Crafted Whimzies anne yb

Anne’s children helped her yarn bomb! The youngest helped with tags and the oldest helped install. I didn’t put tags on mine, but a wee note telling people to take a bit of yarny love home with them makes me happy! The tag says “Give this whimsie a good home”– Awwwww!

crochetcraftsbycarole     This was made by Carole, and her husband helped her install at night! She said they had a great time, and laughed lots! Incidentally, when they got home, a fire had started in a neighboring home, and because they were just getting home, they saw it, and her husband put the fire out… how cool to go from yarn bombing to being heroes!

KatieMcCollum Crepe Myrtle Bracelet   Katie made a very lovely bracelet for a Crepe Myrtle!  I love this! Beautiful and springy, it makes me smile to think of decorated trees!  I”ve never done this type of yarn bomb before, but I do love it!

tracyreynoldsyarnbomb   Tracy made a sweet Bo Peep and some sheep that she fully expected to be taken, which made me wonder where she lived so I could run over there and see people smile at the cuteness, and watch for the person who was finally brazen enough to walk away with them…SO CUTE!  Her neighbors should feel lucky!

Denise 2   Denise library   denise niemann

Denise likes to do this on the regular! She makes cute little stuffies, names them and then leaves them all over town while doing her errands, LOVE HER!  She left her yarn bombs with tags AND NAMES at the library in different sections, and an elephant at Lowe’s. Makes you want to go to the library, doesn’t it!

fatima   Fatima braved the weather to put lovely bunting up on this sign. She said it sprinkled a bit, but the lovely garland was still there later on when she went to take sunny pictures. Flowers are a lovely sign of spring, and Fatima is helping spring along!

dreamcatcheryarnbomb Dreamcatch dreamcatcher maella   Dreamcatcher made wonderful bookmarks with cute tags and placed them all over!  How wonderful to be walking along and see  a very cute bookmark with a tag that tells you to take it!  Every time those folks are reading they will remember that day!

kimlapsleywooleytoons    Kim made the cutest little Tin Man, he even has an axe! And those wee things hanging from the barbed wire?.. Hearts! What else would the Tin Man be climbing barbed wire for?  The hearts are teeny AND crocheted as well!

mad crochet   The Mad Crochet Scientist made a skull and a small note saying that he needed a new home.  She went back a bit later to the bench where she placed him, but he’d already found a new home within an hour…cool.

Amandacrictchletslug Amanda itchy crochet itchy crochet   Amanda decorated a park near her with lovely bunting and snails.  She had her brother and his friend help her, and they played on the playground, so not only did they spread love, but also had fun! And they were all gone when she went back, so someone has cute bits of yarny love from an anonymous wonderful person!!!

deannaskull owl at th court house deann deannasnake rentabike   De’Anna and her kids went about placing some yarny love about town, and they had a parade and a band at their yarn bombing…I’ll have to schedule that for next time!  The owl is at the court house, and the skull in the tree was placed there while a police officer was in his car just a few feet away… she wasn’t arrested, thankfully. And look, rent a bike, get a snake!!!

320766_473182852751411_817174126_n 945330_473183219418041_370507796_n linny   Linny yarn bombed some people she knew, and some random people too… One person got yarn bombed AND candy…win-win situation, thank you very much!!! And who woudn’t love a heart on their windscreen wipers?

922684_599802436696774_386417723_n 931409_599800380030313_1810646819_n 942284_599799866697031_123428760_n   Ellen was away for the weekend, at a sci-fi/fantasy fair and took her yarn bombing with her!  Her multi colored skulls made even the dreariest places way better, and bathroom yarn bombs make me giggle every time!!!

chris quirky   Chris made a bunch of things for her yarn bomb, and wrote her story~

APRIL 2013

After a week or 2 of gathering ammunition to launch in our *global* yarn bomb weekend (27/4/2013), the day arrived and I was ready for attack. 

I had a plan. In our main city there is a small, infrequently visited, historical site that now houses a few shops and a few little flats, but it is so out of the way in the city centre that not many people visit and the owners of the shops there often suffer from lack of custom. Three of the shops there are actually *craft* shops, one selling all manner of leatherwork gear and supplies (where I get my leather supplies for belts, bags etc), one a *trinket* type shop and the other a yarn shop. 

My plan was to *bomb* the place, get people talking about it and hopefully more would go and visit the area to see the yarn graffiti and at the same time pop into the little shops there. But alas, I could not get into town this weekend and so I had to think of somewhere else. 

So it was off to the supermarket for supplies and as we drove into the car park I 
remembered that the Metro Station was there and BINGO found an ideal place. 

So Gomez (the hubby, hehe) said off you go, I’m hiding in the supermarket. (such a chicken). 

I proceeded to tie on my little bits of soft shrapnel hoping that I would be able to get them all on before a train came in so that I could go back and sit in the car and watch what happened. Unfortunately my timing was bad and a train came along just as I was almost 

A quite *mature* lady came to the fence near the tree and said with a grimaced look that said I was in for a scolding, “Erm, what’s all this in aid of?” Honestly, I felt like a naughty little school kid and thought I was in for a right blasting though I don’t know why. Lol 

I explained what a yarn bomb was and told her that this was part of a *global* bombing by a group of friends on the internet and we are helping to put smiles back on people’s faces. 

She never once smiled throughout this conversation, which worried me a bit, and then she said in a rather gruff way, “Well don’t you think it’s a bit silly, people will take them away?” I replied “Oh yes, well that’s the idea, there will be a note saying “If this made you smile today and you see anything you like, please take it.””. Her face still showed no emotion. Lol. She then said, “Oh well there’s not many like you out there today.” I said “Thank you, and feel free to take one if you’d like one.” “Oh, well what have you got?” she said. After giving her a list she went away with a butterfly and said, “Oh and it did make me smile” but it must have been a secret one because I still didn’t see it, lol

I loved that story so much, and still love it after reading it for the 4th time.

donna   Donna is new to our group, but joined in!  She made these super cute owls and a sign that told people they were up for adoption and please come get one… such cute owls, and what a lovely idea!

164281_10151881998984951_698032141_n 168851_10151881998654951_813161533_n   Danielle braved the rain also to put up a bit of yarny spring love out for the world!  These are so very cute! Great job Danielle!

486703_578786632154578_826179675_n   Wanda spread wonderful yarny love all around too!  I copied her by putting a skull at the gas pump, gas is so expensive that it’s nice to get a little something back after filling your tank  and emptying  your pocket!!!

Ok, this next picture isn’t yarny at all. My friend Ken makes wonderfully creepy dolls. Werewolves, zombies, vampires, creeps and ghouls, all amazingly creepy!  He happens to follow the Hookers, and got so excited about our yarn bombing weekend that he made a special doll to put out at a local park.

KenShoenebaum  I love this so much! Ken, you’re more than welcome to Creepy-Doll Bomb with us June 9 for International Yarn Bombing day! This is SO VERY COOL!!!!

Oh yes, International Yarn Bombing Day is June 9 this year. I’ll be participating. So will many of my hookers, they said they so very fully enjoyed this that they can’t wait!  AND I know we’ll be adding a few more folks, some have already expressed interest in joining,which just increases the yarny happiness.

So, that’s my post. I love each and every one of these people so much, pouring their time and energy and love into their projects, ones that went out into the world to find homes with completely random people.  I’ve been grinning from ear to ear while typing, hope this put a smile on your face too.

Have a really great week, so very much love to all my hookers! And, as always, KEEP IT CREEPY!!!!!!